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π as an ideal ratio of space warp?
08-14-2016, 12:19 AM
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Dear Everybody,
I have 2 stupid questions related to mathematics and physics. Would anyone clever give me an answer to them in a very simple language?

Question 1.
The circle formula is 2πR, while that of a sphere volume is 4/3πR3, which means that every R unit change entails a respective change of the circle or sphere by the respective number of πs. Can we draw a conclusion that π is an ideal ratio of space warp?

Question 2.
Can a sound propagate in the atmosphere in a sine-shaped way, as respective instruments register it, which implies a unidirectional motion, or, logically, it propagates as a volume in a spiral way and the sine curve is just a diagram presentation, as it happens with letters that are graphical presentations of sounds in the language? For example, “i” and “y” represent sound [ai] with minor exceptions. I just mean that graphical image of sound and sound as such is not the same thing. In other words, doesn’t π function as a ratio of the sound sine-shaped propagation?

P.S. I apologize for the silly questions, but I am a certified idiot in physics being only a translator having come to the conclusion that at the grammar and phonetics levels all the languages are identical. It is like in mathematics, where 2х2=4, while 2 cows multiplied by 2 goats ≠ neither 4 cows, nor 4 goats, which does not mean that mathematics is not a proven or useless science.
If you still decide to answer my questions, please, try not to mock me. As someone from ancient Greeks said, “I know that I know nothing…”

I would be very grateful for your explanation,
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