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A General Overview of Psionics
03-15-2017, 03:14 PM
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(03-15-2017 01:34 PM)Rubygirl Wrote:  What system or guide is available to help people exert influence if it can't be used for spell casting, or can it?

Micro-pk is the psionic equivalent to manipulate an event outcome, similar to spell casting. If you are interesting in this, I would search for micro-pk.

There are several different branches of psionics that were popular in the late 90's and early 2000's. My main exposure is to Anka's psionics, which did not focus much on micro-pk. So the answer is that yes it can, but the approach will vary widely depending on which system you approach the issue from.

From Anka's perspective, you could create a ball of energy made of psi (energy of a certain frequency generated by your body, you do not tap into external power sources), and then program it to draw in your intended result.

(03-15-2017 01:34 PM)Rubygirl Wrote:  I read that bioelectricity was considered "witch power". Is this the same thing?

I do not think that bioelectricity is a common term in the psi communities, so I am not sure what that person means. If I had an opportunity, I would ask them to produce an energy ball using that energy source for me to scan to see if I could identify it as something using my own terminology.

I'm sorry, I am sure that answer is not very helpful. My observation is that magicians tend to wield a number of different types of energies: some may be internally generated, but it may also be from an external power source (a ley line in nature, a star, power granted by a deity, the options are myriad).

Anka's branch of psionics tries to eliminate the use of all other power sources to hone your ability to use one energy type: psi. In doing so, you can improve your proficiency in psychic abilities and energy manipulation. Psions of this branch argue that you can do everything with this one energy type as with the others, and that by selecting this focus you can master psi work.

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