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A new epic story . Took one hour to write.
12-11-2016, 04:06 PM
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In a magical Mooo* kingdom lived a 'king'. ' King' was not really loved , but, well, 'king'
is 'king'. Often he was pissed off about something . Sometimes unicorn would eat
apples in 'king's garden and king' was like understand :' I am pissed off !" Other times
if someone knocks on 'king' s door loud , 'king' would be seriously pissed off.
'King' had serious belongings , artifacts of very old age , but no one would buy
those and king' , well, would be very, very pissed off . His friend and adviser was
a young wizard , someone already with fame and influence . King' requests wizard to
come and so wiz comes . Both finding out that an evil army are about to invade a
kingdom . King' is seriously pissed off . Wizard talks a million good things to a'king'
and 'king' blesssedly smiles . Wizard looks closer and seeing a smile and wide open
eyes finds out that 'king', King' is mad ... Now whats worse an evil army or a mad
king' ?
Wizard suggests that a humble ragtag /team of heroes could save kingdom from evil .
King' inquires who are those . Wiz explains : ; those are mage , monk , rough peasant
and elven archer , and a guide someone fast and knowledgeable . King' gives his blessings
and wizard leaves .
Wizard finds a fairy and said :' you ! freakish fast , speed of light , here there ,
everywhere . I ask you to be our guide !" Fairy said :' my fellow wiz thats a
priviledge ." Then wiz finds a monk :' Hey ho ! Stop the prayer , pick a sword
we are going to defend kingdom from evil army." Monk said :' why me? Church fits me more
than a battlefield . What authority ?" > " in the name of a 'king' !" . ' Ehm , ah , not
sure ..." " In the name of the king of kings !" .Monk said :' Thats real ." Later
wizard visits local elves and asks for someone like Legolas to fight for the good
of kingdom . Few elves showed up and wizard picked one with a magical emerald bow .
Wiz said :' slay the evil .We trust in your arrows ." Elf nodded :' but only if
those are monsters ..." And the last but not the least was a big sturdy peasant who
lived , well , in a peasant hut . His job was to throw trash and shit from big animals
into a big hole . Peasant was fast at his job . Peasant joins gladly , kingdom's
bussiness and a break from job suited him fine . Heroes assembled !
Some time was still available and wizard was helping to kingdom's heroes .To peazant
he said :' go wash your dirty filthy body in a fountain , and after you done , get
some weapon from armory ." peazant agreed. To monk he said :' go visit the good witch
of The west and the Hall of dead where the ghosts moaning and crying , you have
to be more open minded for the task ahead . Monk agreed hesitantly . Wiz then
looked at mage and wanted to say something to him but mage was solid and wiz simply
tapped him over shoulder and said nothing . And the last but not least there was an
elf archer . Wiz said :' well go practice with human archers , do it ." elf smiled
and said :' i am much better than any of those archers ." Wiz was adamant :' practice.
Go to local inn and brawl with those men ." Elf hesitantly went there .
When our heroes finished their practice , Wiz asked of fairy to do scouting :" go, fly
locate enemies and lead them to a big greenish field where leprechauns live .Fairy
nodded and flew on her mission .
Battle . Fairy located an enemy force and led them to a great green clover field .
An enemy was a solid group of zombies , few leeches, some skeletons and a wraith general .
Wiz asked an elf and a mage to start shooting . Some skeletons were destroyed , a leech
was damaged , and other leeches decided to call for reinforcements . Cuz local graveyard
was nearby , a legion of skeletons no less . Wiz saw fearsome dreaded wraith and
decided to call for reinforcements too . He said to fairy :' call forth an Angel ."
Fairy sent thelepatic call to Shining angel , and angel descended from heaven for
Great legendary battle .
Far away at king's residence a mess happened , local ghosts came , and were moaning
and screaming . King' was shocked and said :' i d be damned i am so pissed off ."
Battle,part 2. Angel came but so is legion of undead skeletons and undead black knight.
Angel challenges a black knight , and oh sad fortune , a black knight wins , with
a dark metal sword he pierces angel deep Somewhere roared a bone dragon . Wiz was
concerned . He screamed :' go for the leedar/leader ." Our heroes approached a wraith
Wraith outmaneuvered our heroes and screeched :' too slow , try our skeleton warriors
first ." Heroes of kingdom started to beat , crack and smash undead creatures .
Meanwhile wizard leaves a field and sits under the ancient everlasting tree and relaxes.
A fairy guide flies to him and inquires why wizard rests and relaxes while his troops
are edged and possibly slaughtered . Wizard smiled :'my strategy is good . Just wait.
Leprechauns soon will be concerned about what happens on their field . They sleep
usually plenty but when wake up they are masters of this green clover field . just
relax like me here and wait . leprechauns will come . Deep in the lairs leprechauns,
creatures of great magic heard a lot of noise of their heads . They asked each other:
' What a hell is going on ??" Quickly assembled they came upon surface and saw their
green clover blessed field being consecrated by zombies and skeletons . They also
saw few cornered humans but concern was a Legion of undead . Soon magical Rainbow
was shining , soon a great magic was invoked , some skeletons trembled and fell , some
were entangled by nature's growth , some were shot by magic blasts . Heroes of
kingdom quietly left field . Angry leprechauns smashed undead forces , leeches
hardly escaped but wraith general did not escape , Great Rainbow reached an evil
spirit and an evil spirit was no more . In a distance wizard was flirting with a fairy
under the branches of ancient sacred tree . Kingdom was saved . Happy End .
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04-15-2017, 08:23 AM
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