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A new story , part one .
12-29-2016, 11:48 AM
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Wizard finds a quiet place near to waterfall . was quiet , wizard happily whistles ,
and notices a familiar angel descending . Angel held shining weapon of Justice .
'quiet no more !' smiled wizard . - " Anajinn , what brought you here ?? you were
promoted for defeating demons and diablos ....Arent you ?' Anajinn was now
standing like a human , but shining with divine light . " Angels amuse me anajinn ,
do you have something to amuze me ? Stories from High Heaven ??" Anajinn told
him to leave nonsense behind , " Heaven requires you to investigate the darkness
of lovely emma watson . Wizard smiled :' she is lovely indeed ." anajinn , the Angel
waived the shining weapon , wizard sighed . " Don t they fail to understand up there
that is not good to interrupt a promising wizard . For 20 years i was cursed and
was suffering from demons and other evil and now the voice of High Heaven
finally acknowledged me as a good one , why i should help to angelic cohort ??"
Anajinn said :' it is all neatly organized and planned in Heavens . Congrats that
Heavens acknowledged you , thats very rarely happens ." Wizard pretended that
he wasn t there , Angel slapped him on a cheek softly . " oh ! that s pain ! fine i
i awaken myself and will see what i can do . Now i already see the plan , events
unfolding ... Will understand the truth about emma watson darkness if we bring
her to land of darkness . all will be revealed . "Angel left .
Someone was perspiring and cursing , and going through forest . " I can do it ! I can do it !
I caan doo it ...." Our familiar hero felt someone or something was there . A great
voice thundered :' Who tz there ??" What he saw took his courage away . It was
big white evil wolf . Wiz felt that would be good to say nice words to that doggie, so
he said original nonsense :' soo cute !' Evil wolf did not attack , was strictly
territorial , but was not leaving either . Wizard realized someone had to leave .
Someone who had no sharp claws and vicious power . Wizard was cursing like
usually and left seeking other route .
A road was curvy , the land was seriously f%$#d . Dirt , trash , all messed up .
Wizard felt wisdom coming to him :' Reality ... Reality .... Can't avoid it . Simply can't."
He saw some big broken castle far away . Wiz came closer and saw fallen warriors .
In a midst of mayhem was a powerful warrior woman holding mighty atlantean axe .
-" A warrior princess ??" inquired wizard . " No , i just a warrior . I felt the castle was
clearly not good for this land and so i work on its destruction ...."
Wizard could still not get it :' But you are a woman and castle is very huge , tall
building ... How could you break it so well ??" Warrior woman smiled :' Very simple !
I used a ladder . " Wizard was shocked :' some people use a ladder to build
something , but the warrior woman used a ladder to destroy ... Oh my ! "
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12-31-2016, 12:51 PM
Post: #2
I noticed that many people viewed my new story . Here is continuation of the story where Wizard embarks on a
quest given to him by Angel Anajinn >>
a walking open minded wizard walked towards destination . " She must be somewhere
within a big busy city . Out of woods i go !' Then a horrible thought came to wizard s mind
:" what if she is not there ? What if there is no chance to find her ?! A different
approach must be taken !" He sighed , cursed and stopped . When he stopped , he
suddenly understood :' It s said that if you don't think of it , if you don t push it , if you
don t tapper with it > It happens . So maybe , maybe i should not try the way i wanted
to try ! " Happy , wizard picked a random road and whistled .
Some elf with his kin senses heard a whistle . He came towards our walking hero and
said :' Sire , i heard your whistle , i have to say it was hardly a whistle at all . Very
shallow sound , low frequency . " Wizard was upset obviously :' are you trying to
tell me that my whistle is no damn good , how dare you ??" Elf said :' sorry , i hurt
your feelings . Your whistle is amazing !" Wizard peacefully :' Let s see if you have
a right attitude , a right set of feelings . " Wizard said melodically :' Laa ! " Elf
at the same moment said :' La Laa ! " Wizard welcomed elf s understanding and in a
friendly way offered a ' High Five " , which an elf gladly accepted . Wizard inquired
about Emma Watson , Elf had nothing to say . Wizard said Good Bye and moved on ,
elf whispered :' He thinks of Emma W..... Childish ....." However wizard who was
whistling again would not hear a s^%$t.
Wizard knew about Ancient and Terrible force . Perhaps an Answer , answer to his
questions . One time he meets fierce Vampiric warrior . It was a massive undead , with
a necklace of shining ruby , in knightly armour , and red cloak . Creature said :' I am
a duelist . I have yet to find my equal ! " Wizard smiled :' i am not your equal ....."
Vampire warrior was aggressive and wizard backed down . On other occasions he
saw other undead and some necromancers , he had to back down each time . He knew
well answers could be found within a darkness . He persisted , stayed stubborn for
the Mission . He had to walk away from undead creatures only to try again . Wiz
knew :' they possess power and wisdom greater than ordinary people . I Need their
knowledge .... "A good moment came , a most unlikely encounter ...
It was a lady of Night , Liliana . She was dancing with her undead partner . Oblivious to
anything else she danced while wolves were growling and snakes were hissing .
Someone said :' Ahh ! Hello !" Liliana said :' you interrupt , you die !" Wizard said :' I am
the living dead , i know of you ... you could become an angel ." Liliana , the necromancer
said :' that suits me not , i am not naïve , i choose different path . Speak , i may spare
you , you found a right type of necromancer , your luck indeed ...."
Wizard said :' I am wiz . Wizard . Wizard . of , lands . I am seeking Emma Watson to fulfill
a quest , a mission given to me by angel Anajinn !" Liliana s red eyes were shining
unnaturally . She seemed to be deep in thought, tried to invoke some
subtle magic . She smiled , Wizard noticed her eyes now shined yellowish .
-" it well may be that your Emma Watson is enchanted white wolf . You have to
seek enchanted white wolf . " Wizard was slightly perplexed :' I have seen
such white wolf in one of the forests of Elflyandia ...." Liliana was looking
somewhat friendly , with those yellowish eyes , she dismissed wizard with words
:' then be on your way , and i will dance with undead , i am unlike other necromancers,
I know Fun , i know pleasure ...." Wizard happily whistled and left .
the end of part 2 .
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