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Aliens in his Universe, contacts, scenarios, curriculums and cluster F*&*ks
06-30-2017, 05:42 PM (This post was last modified: 07-01-2017 02:13 AM by HushieRaiden.)
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1.lady fishes

The Contact began with me floating in space infant of a spaceship front windshield. I could see inside…there was a room.Along the windshield, there were computer consoles lined up with a person working on the console. Then a glass canister appeared to my right and inside next to the person sitting on the consoles. He pressed something and a black cat materialized inside the glass canister. Then a second and third people entered the room and they started working on consoles around the room. Then i was soul mating a woman that was going through corridors in the ship, she then entered a room to the left and lie face down on the bed. Then I saw two huge cylinder tanks one on top of the other…filled half way with water to the right. And finally, she looked down her legs… she was sitting but her tights were covered with fish scales in sapphire colors.

2.white disciple aliens

The contact commenced with a vision of deep space where an individual was sitting cross-legged like a monk in that galaxy. It looked like a little girl in white. Then I was in a pure white ship.Everything was white walls ceiling floor, I was wondering the halls then I saw a door and went through it. In there was the little girl all in white and white as a shit of paper. I started conversing with her and was bringing the topic of soul mating to her. She then took a tablet and was walking with it. The technology was white. Then They separated us in different rooms. We were starting to get to know each other when suddenly a huge male white alien intercepted us and starting seeing bossy…when that happened a female grown up white alien came and with teleportation removed the grown up male aliens private parts. I died leafing. Then they showed me a planet and further in a junction corridor with pipes along the ceiling where a worker was working on a ladder on the pipes. My reaction to this is to think that he is working on the planet's shields so i started bothering him to disrupt the pantry shields. Then they told me that it takes billions of years to upgrade their teleportation and they were gone.

3.blakies aliens

The blakies aliens contact commenced in their spaceship bridge. The bridge was illuminated on by lights from space. It was designed on levels I was on the top level where the captain should have been on the second lower level there were two consoles and then on the first level close to the windshield of the bridge there were even more consoles. I was soul mating an alieness. Then the walked away from the bridge passing through a door and wondered the spaceship which was dark like the bridge. then she entered a room and jumped on the bed face down. She reached to the left and took a book from the night cabinet.She then started to browse the book which it turned out to be a comic book. I was holly shit you have comic. Then we were again on the bridge and I saw the captain. I had a small talk to him and told him I was tired of being in women and soul moved into him. The second I touched him he destroyed the ship. Then the next thing I was showed was a Star Wars Senate. With allot of alien races. And in the middle of the Senate a black spaceship descended.Then we traveled with the blakie alieness to the left and she showed me a vision of a huge black king sitting on a throne. When we arrived in her kingdom. Where everything was black I saw a circle of black alienesses. I got interested and joined them. Then they were gone.

4.warlord aliens

The contact commenced with an alien hacking another ship with his ship…he looked like the dog egyptian god and he was kind of orange in color but what was characteristic about the whole picture was that there looked to be something on his back as if there were another spices in symbiosis with him.Then he shows me with dots how he travels around the universe. He was teleporting from place to place or more precisely jump teleportation travel. I spend some time with his girl which taught me few words in their language. Riu which means air, Ringu which means water, yo u which means I, hO which means you, low y which means baby, liu which mean love and eyes but repeat that too much and forgot it. I started practicing the words and I started making sentences like Yo u Liu Ho. The reason that i call em the warlord's aliens is because they showed me 3 men of their species sitting on a table with me on the table with them, so I proposed teleportation wars… to which, they replied, “She won the teleportation wars a long time ago”.I spend sometimes on his planets and his schools and then he said he will be back in 5 years. He is one of the aliens to do a repeat visit. The second time he came here he used the same graphics of an egyptian dog god but this time resting his head on the floor like a dog.

5.hunter aliens

The contact commenced with me soul mating an alieness in a small claustrophobic ship…as soon I touched down in her she flung a red triangle cross hair in space. Then another alieness appeared in the bridge and i soul moved into her.And she took off her helmet.The next thing that happened is there was an alien of their species standing in darkness floating somewhere inferno of me…then he pressed something to the side and a hologram of a man full scale appeared in front of him. He reached in from of him with his hand and he touched the hologram with his finger… I felt the touch on my body where he was touching the hologram. I said to him “Yah I know this shit the two cherries”. Then he runs a scenario where I was soul mating I dinosaur T-rex. After few hours of soul mating her he sneaks on my T-REx and shot her down…i was like “WHAt the fuck man.. you suck”. Then he showed me that my two girlfriends walking through a jungle going to see their elders.

6.grey aliens

The gray aliens commenced the contact with me looking in a bridge trough haze.Then the crew started filing in and I saw an alieness so i soul mated her immediately. As I was in her She went said few words to the captain then headed for her seat on the bridge. On the way there she showed me her hand.The Elbow junction, her hand was like pipes…her skin was gray and very watery…we arrived at her seat she sat down and showed me her paw… she only had 3 fingers only I was like “ Holly shit this is so cool”. Then she brought her hands together and placed her paws on her legs in a royal fashion. Then she thought me 3 words in her language: Je which means Yes, Bi which means No and JELI which means Maybe.
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06-30-2017, 10:03 PM
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very cool experiences. some even sound pretty familiar Smiling
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07-01-2017, 02:14 AM
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(06-30-2017 10:03 PM)niburulou Wrote:  very cool experiences. some even sound pretty familiar Smiling

yah extremley cool...that was way back in 2006...more to come i have 110 stories
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07-02-2017, 07:31 AM
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7.shielder aliens

The contact commenced with me floating in space just outside a one man spaceship. There was a pilot just inside the cockpit. He looked at me and did a zen monk bow with his hands and head. I told him to take me on a ride where i had fun just outside his ship while we were traveling. Then we arrived and i has seeing a huge cathedral like throne room with a tinge of mess haling the middle.Then i saw the king sitting on the shore with a woman standing next to him. I started conversing with him and in the middle of out conversation he turns and slaps the woman on the face. I soul moved in the woman and told him to slap the woman now that I'm in her. Then they run 3 scenarios on earth planetary level. The American Army scenario, The sweetish rich man scenario the and an oriental scenario witch lasted for about 3 days. The contact ended with me floating in space while a energy sphere that was empty inside was traveling towards me. Then they showed me a crazed man in a sphere shield. I had a conversation with him and they were gone.

8i travel aliens

This alien showed me how he travels to get to me… he said he travels through aliens eyes…then he was gone was worth the trip aliens

This alien appeared after the travel aliens and we had a small talk with him and just before he leave he tells me the following “ It was worth the trip” and he left

10.nanite aliens

The contact commenced with me being in a bridge dark one… where a cloud transformed into a person.From there i was in a busy alien subway system where a dude with headphones was entering the train that was kind of empty. His emotional state was delirium. From there i was transferred into a business office. Where i talked to few layers and secretaries. Then the aliens told me their story. They said “ Long time ago our planet was dying”… and they showed me a planet that pieces of it was missing ..” Then we made out planet pulsate in space hoping that someone will come and help us”…”So thats why we became what we are now”… I was getting bored and at the same time moved by the story of their planet and themselves so i told them to soul race me to my body… so i moved from their planet to me and was in me… so i asked “How fast was i ?” “Its your turn with your space ships to race to me”.. “ She replied “9.8 seconds” and they were gone. fish aliens

The catfish aliens showed me white stingrays traveling in space…without space ships…then as i was going to bed i saw one of them in my living room the body was dark hidden from the darkness in my living room but the eyes were neon blue.

12.lady green pants aliens

The contact of these aliens commenced with a spaceship emerging form an ocean…then they electrocuted my head and showed me a paper white downtown city. On top of one of the buildings there was woman standing with green pants…the rest of her was paper white. Then with soul moving she started to instal something at the back of my eye and they were gone when they were done.

13.arrow aliens

The contact of those aliens commenced with me soul mating an alieness in a single maned space fighter ship. I was with her and she was cute. I could see all her instruments and consoles in the ship.. she was comfy. I was asking her this and that. Then another of their spaceship arrived and it was another alieness. So we sat a bit in space and talked. Then i asked where the dudes are…and another fighter appeared. Now that i had a crowd i told them that i want to race with them in space see who is faster them or me.So we started racing and they were always up to speed with me. We did the races like 20 times. Then they showed me how they travel in the universe. _____._______. Then they gave me a space sex education. Then they did with me a nienderthal scenario in their universe. And told me after that that they send only criminal into our universe.Then the captain of the mother ship showed herself to me she had the cutest eyes and they looked like us. But her man did not..he looked like us but with a cat nose, i called him sphinx… Then as he was facing me i should moved into him… and he took a news paper and slapped me with it. And they were gone.

14.dimention traveler aliens

This aliens started the contact by pretending that she is my hat…they showed me that she want to join the rest of the alienesess in their circle and told me a small story of how they will put their girls in coffins and will put em to sleep and will leave only one small hole in the coffins and if someone touches them they will make a huge war. Then we stay ed with her being my hat through my life….they did 2 things along the way. The first thing is how she had killed the devil. She had killed the devil by discovering that their civilization can give orgasms to the whole body simultaneously and i felt the whole thing. The second thing they did is simulate time stopage with their telepathy technology.The contact ended with a vision of the alieness siting i could see only her side section and her hands… she was paper white. Then she lifted her left hand and she had a forehand computer on her hand. A male opened the computer and adjusted her config and then the contact was over.

15.Stomach aliens

This aliens said that they are hacking the arrow aliens when they travel through the black holes and she entered my stomach and said “SHHHHHH”

16.kupo aliens

The kapok aliens are paper white aliens that are tall up to my knee cap. She said i would but you are to big. Her crew member got angry.. so we did not soulmate. Size was a problem for them.
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07-06-2017, 11:41 AM
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went to heavens with telepathy technology.

First thing I saw in heavens is a paper white whitey face with green eyes… that were either laughing or were being serene. Then I had a view of his backside shoulder left view. He was holding a black box when I noticed it he shook it twice.

17.ring aliens

This alien stayed only for few there the last thing they showed was planet Earth.. with one ring materializing around earth…the ring was composed of spaceship spaced evenly among em…the ring was rotating to the left…then another ring materialized further out this was bigger ring and was rotating to the right it was also made out of spaceships. Then a 3rd ring materialized even further out it was bigger than the previous 2 and was rotating to the left… composed of even more space ships.And then they were gone.

18.see through interface aliens

This aliens played a movie on my tv about a girl climbing the tree of life… I watched for a bit then talked with them for a bit they left by showing me an alieness operating holograms on white background like an operator. The interface was white looking so where all the elements in the operations. Then they were gone.

19.lady green pants nose cross hair aliens

Those aliens i got to list the previous aliens and they chose Green panties aliens and with soul moving put a cross hair on my nose saying that they were to look for them and be like them. know how hard I work for this aliens

This aliens claimed to know the planet since it was almost nothing.. we discussed allot of things but mainly the oceans and torture. when I mentioned torture she said to me “ you know how hard I have worked to beat this”.

21.atlantis aliens

With this aliens I had my first fight, revelation, growth mental breakdown about evolution, in the end, i left the planet with an empty slate and never looked back at the bullshit we learn again. After we were done with the mental break down they showed me some Egyptian gods.. to indicate old..and then told me that I am Atlantian: meaning that whomever alien civilization contact he/she becomes Atlantean and that the island is in space not on the planet.

note: Here I have to mention that I censor most of the contacts due to the crowd in the forum...there is a un- censored version of the contacts with even more details.
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07-06-2017, 10:15 PM
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a couple of years ago i was with a group of beings. we were all in human form, but some recognized themselves as not human. they worked on a shared memory about atlantis for healing purposes.

for me it was an irritating time, i recognized so much things being done wrong. some recognized me as the one who no one knew where she come from as that makes sense. for me it was like i was their last warning sign before i pulled the plug on atlantis. working with these beings created such an anger and disgust towards atlantis that i swore never to work with it again. they couldnt disconnect me from the story or atlantis so now i notice things that are not of my doing, but have my energy imprint on it. ive started regretting that i swore that day and am willing to take it back and take responsibility...

some of your meetings i recognize as memory, some as truth, some as 'oww i know these ones'. its been long since i jumped stars and raced the milky way. and i still feel the anger when i left it all. the memories of why are locked to me since i swore nothing to want to have to do with it ever again. to me it feels like that was the only time they listened to me and even that they couldnt finish.

so yes i still got a lot of rage, but the hate has faded.
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07-08-2017, 03:09 AM (This post was last modified: 07-08-2017 03:46 AM by HushieRaiden.)
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SO... you KNOW ... Im gona post some more in a bit disciple aliens

This aliens connected me to an apprentice that they had before meeting me. He was from Japan… The graphics were really airy and clean…i had a conversation with that person i thought him a bit about soul moving and the cherries and after an hour the contact was over.

23.i pissed in the ocean aliens

This alien came to me we chilled for a bit then he said “i pissed in the ocean” and i thought he was the most evil alien…but after years of contemplation of and on i get the joke.

24. the knife disciple aliens

This alien civilization started the contact by showing me their disciple who was a whitey being skittish.I run on him the two line ups contact scenario that another alien run on me. Then his General from their civilization explained to me what he is and that they are keeping him pure and at the same time teaching him things. Then the general told me a story after i mentioned the arrow aliens, the story went like this: “ There is a dude like you”… and he showed me a dude in a house chilling in a house…”but the only difference is that he is filthy rich”…after telling me about his persona a bit i thought that his dude is evil….then he continued…”When he goes outside he walk on the streets with one of his hands in a middle finger configuration.. because he talks to an angel that told him to do that”…. i thought of the heavens i knew and the knights….. at which he showed me his disciple again but this time he was holding a knife and looking at me questionably. I was why the fuck you need a knife when you have lasers and shit lol. (after i told the knights about this aliens the black knights run a knife scenario with me up in hellis). Then they introduced me to a knight who told me that these aliens go around the universe and search for people who talk to heavens and after they die in their planet they fake a body and take em into space to show them the universe and that they are celebrated by the universe like kings. I had a conversation with this individual and told him a bit about heavens and they were gone after that.

25.jedi aliens trek aliens
27.oprimus prime alies
28 suck the heat out of your smoke aiens/devil planet aliens
29.ranger aliens
30.we record everything and read later aliens
31.i will catch a knight from heavens and make heavens down here
32.coridor king alien
33.heart attack aliens aliens
35 artist aliens
36.buble gun aliens poke aliens
37.50 billion people alien
38.squid aliens
39.penguin aliens
40.lady cat aliens
41.goju aliens
42.dwarf aliens
43.who you aliens
44. dont piss of angel aliens there you there you there aliens
46.lady puppies aliens
47.abduction scenario aliens
48. Trees saved you aliens
49.artist aliens
50. hacker aliens aliens
52.2nd engine power walk aliens
53. twin aliens
54.hook aliens
55.ruler of the universe aliens
56.telepathy aliens aliens
58.abandoned back yard aliens
59.smell aliens
60.megatron aliens
61. sheyhoo aliens
62.i hack the universe 10 galaxies alway aliens
63.amin tobin aliens
64.tiaroo aliens
65.concept scenario aliens
66.big nanite aliens
67.count colours in heavens aliens
68.leave an engine aliens
69.trees saved you aliens
70.what do you see alien
71. get you off the car aliens/ slash aliens on leg
72. dont look at the sun alien/enter exit house with specific foot
73. perfection aliens hand rail
74.drink your pills aliens/armada drop
75.1st death aliens
76. how many planet you have in your system /2
77. go get your general scout
78.devil scenario aliens arrow aliens…should i tell her
80.special dialect she alien
81.shh she alien

82. Lady hard drive aliens note( from this she alien aliens started to stay from 4 weeks to 8 months because i took control of the mic.)

83. man ship aliens / block white graphics
84. katana aliens

Up until this moment i was getting breaks every year 3 months per year. ball aliens
86.assasing triangle math aliens
87.iron man aliens.

gods touch down

88. cough aliens/teleportation queen aliens
90. terminator alines
91. game 21 aliens
92.lowest telepathy technology aliens aliens 4 years. most talk of all aliens
93. 2nd smal aliens

Undeveloped heavens arrival

94.politicians aliens
95.poke your eye aliens/alien beak aliens two screen shots
96.chuk noris aliens/jungle aliens
97.3rd small alien
98.predator alien
99.perifery eye alien.
100.Cristal helmet alien/rainbow woman hologram
101.The Formula 1 aliens
102.silver speckle alien
103.the monocle aliens.
104. Defrag aliens.
105.Milky way Aliens.
106. Dream, You had to meet us all aliens.
107, elf aliens
108. Second level of voices in the head one step above the mouthtalker alien.
109.Right eye poking aliens cream aliens
111. The ichi aliens.
112. The toast aliens
113. 4th eye spectator alien
114.The Two general aliens.
115. Small general scenario
116.White particle swipe aliens left side
117.Dream inducing alien
118.Candy aliens.
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07-12-2017, 02:14 PM
Post: #8
Eye Tyrants
The Fraal
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07-16-2017, 05:14 PM
Post: #9
25.jedi aliens

The Jedi alien was a scout to whom I have the updates in 30 seconds and then he was gone. Trek aliens

These aliens I call the star trek aliens because they showed me a bridge the captain and his second in command.It had star trek feel to it inside the bridge. Discussed things with them a bit then I called them button pushers and they showed me a muscular dude in another scared a bit and at the end of the contact they told me that “ You have to believe in heavens” which was funny as hell he got me stuck there for 5 minutes….then he said “ I will bring my general to stay here for 2 weeks” and they were gone.

27.oprimus prime aliens

This aliens came when I was watching a transformers movie at the end of it, he chose to use Optimus Prime voice, told him about aliens and heavens at the end he showed me a graphic where he gives heavens a toy (egg beater) and he was gone. He came later on and I told him that there is another alien that chose the Transformers movies and he said: “ I will find you, brother”.

28 suck the heat out of your smoke aliens/devil planet aliens

With those aliens, i was in a state/war with heavens so we philosophized about how they should stop traffic to heavens and we discussed the possibility of a alien species that look like devils.. they got a bit cocky so I held on to my smoke until it started burning me…they countered by pulling the heat out of the smoke…I approved them and put their card in my hard drives...

29.ranger aliens

the ranger aliens came to me while I was having a conversation with a police man on leave who was trying to make a self-propelled business I was telling him about my ideas…they appeared with some pretty well-calculated graphics of a ranger in 3/4 up view.. stayed for that only.

30.we record everything and read later aliens

With this aliens, i was in torture land…. so… they showed me a torture room with me on a bed then a couple man and a woman chilling outside looking in from a window… then said to me “we record everything when they torture…but never read what heavens says… but one day we will read everything when they are done” note: when I mentioned that to the knights in heavens they called in the wizards who defined what torture should be…
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