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Anchoring as a form of malediction
03-13-2017, 09:23 PM
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Here's a video that I found extremely interesting.

Now, before we begin, I would like to say, yes, this video is from one of those 'healing communities' that talk about Narcissitic abuse and I am well aware of how they become victim cults of sorts and can do as much if not worse damage to relationships of those seeking help, than was probably inflicted by 'their narcissist' as they like to call them.

This guy was a little different however. His video is made while living in his car in a car park. He was the victim of what he has termed from a gang stalking lexicon, anchoring.

The basic premise:

Quote:To assign alternative meanings to everyday objects

He describes how through the use of language alone, certain people he was working with would subliminally attach meanings to colors and numbers that he believes were references to things he has said on his YouTube channel.

Long story short, the speech acts are designed to link negative emotions that provoke vulnerability and insecurities, it even gets to the point where he is given a code for a locker or something and the code to him, does not appear random but specifically related to what he calls 'stalker numbers', or numbers that a group of people have assigned alternative meanings to. Of course, whenever he begins to ask if these numbers, or objects, colors, words are indeed innocent, random or coincidence, he immediately feels embarrassed and thinks other people see him as completely crazy.

The psychological torture was so bad that he had to quit his job, he lost his apartment and at the time of the recording, was making YouTube videos in a parking lot.

Now, if we think of this as a kind of cursing in the sense that it is malediction, we can begin to think of magical intentions that are executed through illocutionary forces within language speech acts.

Malediction Wrote:a magical word or phrase uttered with the intention of bringing about evil; a curse.

Let's ignore the 'evil' part, we could just say 'misfortune', 'madness' or 'bad' and it would carry the same weight.

J.L. Austin made a distinction between constantive and performative speech acts, so we not only describe with language, language does things. The illocutionary force of an utterance is the speaker's intention in producing that utterance. An illocutionary act is an instance of a culturally-defined speech act type, characterised by a particular illocutionary force; for example, promising, advising, warning etc.

What this gives us, is a materialist explanation of malediction.

His later points ring very true indeed. People who do these sorts of things are in my book, just bullies. This guy looks like a soft touch and they decided to single him out, the sort of place he was working at is a place I have experienced myself and it's very competitive, miserable, boring and you can't trust anyone, they will step over you the second they get a chance, even snitch on you to get you fired.

What happened to him sounds true to me, he was driven to the brink of madness and this is probably a very common occurance - many people think there is something wrong with them personally, that it's because they don't fit in, or are socially inept, when in reality, they are surrounded by very negative people who stab people in the back and do this kind of gang talking for fun. No doubt the games turned on the next one who was percieved bottom of the pile.

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07-17-2017, 08:47 PM
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ive encountered the same thing several times. i do believe however that it can also be used as a wake up call. the universe ( or whatever you want to call it) has a tendency to use 'evil' means to shake your spiritual self into being....
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07-21-2017, 07:03 PM
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Indeed, suffering and soteriology (the doctrine of salvation) forms the basis of much of our thinking in religion and spirituality.

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07-23-2017, 04:33 PM
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Some groups end up dead or crippled when the target snaps. Sometimes the target becomes a new predator.
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07-27-2017, 10:47 PM (This post was last modified: 07-27-2017 10:57 PM by Ontical.)
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Quote:Some groups end up dead or crippled when the target snaps. Sometimes the target becomes a new predator.

The movie 'Bully' comes to mind, where a bunch of teens conspire and kill a guy who abused them. It's such a farce, but whether it's one or several people performing the abuse, if the circumstances are disadvantaged on either side, misery and sadness can be overwhelming.

The worst part of abuse is the feeling of enclosure and inescapability. People will lash out when they feel like this.

Going back to the main point, malediction (cursing) is very real. Satires are like a form of malediction, if made well enough, you can curse someone even after their own death for centuries! Thomas Sheridan once found a toy in Burger King that was Rasputin as depicted in a Disney movie, he asserts that this is a way of killing him again even after death.

Basically, Sheridan and myself see poetry, literature and satire as true magic, all three have the power to alter perception and behaviour, which is to say thought and action are the same.

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