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Anyone want to dream interpret?
09-01-2015, 12:14 AM
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I said I wouldn't post, but this was interesting.

I made a plea to a certain entity last night to help me on my new journey. This is now set in stone.

Then I did this.
I picked up the Tattwa card Earth seed of water. I didn't stare at it long.
Then said this.
Then I went to sleep.

I walked down a green grassy hill where 2 young women were sitting around a small hole of water. I said, "Is there anything in there?"
They said,"the water is clean". I jumped in and it looked way bigger, and I saw a few fish and two tunnels.
When I got out, I was in my Aunt's house, where the living room was so big that you could fit a 7500sqft. home inside it!

I also saw the pool was still in the living room. I had a small white scroll in my hand that a small, thin man motioned me to give him the scroll. He looked at it, and it had 1936 on it.
He pointed to the pool again as if to hurry back. I ran back to find a big fat white man on a raft sitting in the middle, taking up the whole pool.
I motioned that I needed to get back in, and he smiled and lifted up his "raft", and I jumped back in. This time it seemed to be a much larger aquarium. I saw much bigger fish, but do not remember how I got the second scroll, which was yellow.
I ran quickly(I don't know why I was running) to the thin man at the table, and he unfurled it, and it read 1941.

Then if that wasn't enough, a knock on the door, which looked a mile away, a butler, that I did not notice before and was surely Indian (from India), opened the door, and 100's of people from India dressed to the nines came rolling in.
I was perplexed that I had not been informed, because I had been "swimming", and knew I was out of place.
I tried to get out of the room, but could not. It was a wall of humanity.
Every time I tried to make my way out, I was blocked. This went on for a short while, until a "ceremony" broke out and 3 separate circles were formed. "Indian music started playing is all I can say here".
I didn't realize this until the very end. The outer circle was formed by VERY large men, not menacing, just LARGE. The second circle(The one I was in) seemed mostly gentle smaller people, the first, children.

As the music started dying down I realized I needed to get out, but I couldn't. So I decided to just sink into the second circle, and blend in.
This caused a yound woman behind me to gently push on my lower back and say, "No!,No!, You will mess up our Karma!
Again, I couldn't move!
She started pushing more and more....NO..NO! You will mess up our Karma!!...Over and over...I woke up like this.

Please interpret.
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