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Astral Dream II
03-19-2015, 03:36 PM
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As I woke up from an astral projection dream. I wrote down the experience in my Journal.

I was in vibrational stage. Turning side to side in my bed and feeling like there was a second body within my self that was shifting, slipping outwards. I realized in my dream that It was my astral body and I forced myself to get up and As I did I was in the Astral plane. I started floating towards the ceiling and flew through it few times passing few houses in the apartment. I realized I could go anywhere so I went to one of the central streets in ─░zmir, Turkey. It was dark and misty but I had a great walk in the street that resembled a Dreamscape. There were people although the place looked like it was a dedicated place for the Astral plane. The astral side of the real street.. Then I flew up towards the sky and woke up in my bed. Although I still woke up in a dream. It was a layer within it. I got up again and tried to fly to Milan to see around but it was in vain. I entered a darkened void like space but nothing was there so I returned to where I was and decided to peek on people in the astral. I flew through walls and passed few apartment houses and I then sat a naked girl lying in her bed with her legs up on her head playing with her. She was talking to her lover in the bed. I watched her for a while and then moved on. I saw myself in a mirror and approached it. I went through it, put my head in it and it stretched in wards. Nothing was in there beside void.

To sum up, I went through walls, flew, peeked on people and wandered around in my astral experience. This was the most loong lasting one I ever had and I was more conscious then ever..
I had few other dreams that were very vivid but I was fallowing a strutcured experience in them. In this I created it myself.
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