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07-17-2017, 02:01 PM
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I know there are quite a few hoodoo/voodoo practitioners on this forum, and I know voodoo has roots in Catholicism.

What are the different Christian meanings for baptism depending on denomination?

What is the most accurate Biblical interpretation/meaning of babtism?

What is the symbolic meaning for you as practitioners of the occult?

And finally as an omnist with a foundation in Christianity but still practicing magick and believing myself justified, what does babtism mean for me in terms of gaining favor with the Supreme Creator/Lord Of Hosts, and gaining magical power?

As always thanks for reading/replying!Cool

I'm crazy, getting crazier.. Trying to figure out how things work and what's possible.Wink
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07-17-2017, 08:00 PM
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i grew up in continental reformed church so i was baptized at the age of 0. one of the big rules in this church is that we are all born in sin and by baptizing a child at this age the child is given the fasted way to walk with jesus and god so it would become easier to deal with the sin you are born with. stilborn babys are not baptized and go to hell.

the other questions i cant really answer since i work a different paradigm.

ive met others though who wondered if the symbolic meaning of baptism could be made void and i believe that it depends on how deep your believe in it is, but all the triggers can be made void if you work hard.
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07-18-2017, 01:52 AM
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I believe that baptism can simply mean initiation into the energy streams of christian which is linked back to christ, if you believes in christ after you are baptised. Before you can work with the energy of hoodoo, you must be initiated into the santeria energy or else you can not get the services of the orisha.

What energy you are initiated into the same can you conjour.
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07-18-2017, 08:18 AM (This post was last modified: 07-18-2017 08:19 AM by ZackDuckers.)
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Someone really ought to dig up an old sin thread. Born in sin... Sheesh GOD has some serious fucking issues and i need to smack the shit out of if it. According to it, by default it makes us broken, worthless, faulty, being that have to be destroyed. I mean who the fuck wants to be part of a pantheon or belief where we are utter crap even baptised as in an instant we'll be vaporised and sent to its eternal dungeons for its sick fucking pleasure.

So schitzo god creates more than a few personalities and demands absolute fealty, obedience etc. Since we're talking christian and its fractured fairytales, it wants us to all be brides of Christ and prostrate ourselves for what reason? HOLY FUCKING BY THE TRINITY AND ANGEL ORGIES?

Its as bad as islam/muslim in that respect.

Baptism at birth means little to nothing. Free will baptisms are supposed to mean more. Some have more ceremony than others and some are just a dunk by a priest in a water park swimming pool saying YES to the question: Do you believe jesus christ died for your sins and do you choose to follow the lord gods commandments in the name of jesus christ... Blah blah blah.

What the ceremony is really for, esp if recorded and shown on a big screen each service is a way to draw others in. It like:
"Hey wow, baptised and pure and clean in the eyes of all heaven and god. A blessing. I need to do that toooo wheeeeeeeeeeeeee...!!"

You get wet and beget constant guilt for supposed slight sins you may do and fall out of grace.. Donate more.. Dont miss sundays... Choir time,..... Etc etc.


GOD got a problem? It can wait in line cause the Duckers aint got time to bleed for bitchiness by heaven. Aint got time for devils and demon less they want a trip to pound town into the walls of oblivion. BITCHES!!! All of em.
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