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05-18-2018, 08:08 AM
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pay me money you goons

Archpriestess of the Indescribable
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05-18-2018, 08:58 AM
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Thanks for your reply fraterlaetus Smiling
I got it … self-knowledge above all things. What you said about projections reminded me of the dreams content, where all the characters in it could be seen as different sides of one’s self. As regards to compassion and tolerance, I recognize the value of your words, yet, as a close friend of lady misanthropy, I have no interest in developing such attitudes towards the common people.

Thank you Incognitus.
Yes, sometimes being quiet is enough. I always hurry myself to react, for fear that my embarrassment will be noticed by others. Most of the times the only thing I get with that behavior is just “feeding my enemy” even more.
In these situations, cursing the person afterwards is a sort of self-healing to me, it’s not about wasting my energy but repairing myself instead !!! But I do agree that trivial matters doesn’t worth the effort. Thanks one more time Smiling
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