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Collapse the trusts! Spread this like fire!
01-12-2017, 09:12 AM (This post was last modified: 01-12-2017 09:13 AM by Albert.)
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(11-19-2012 11:38 PM)nemus_amaranthi Wrote:  If you don't give the name and say your name is "John Doe", which is the title that is given to a dead person, then the Judge has to create the trust in that name, but because John Doe is not a live man, he can't be in the court, so they have to issue a warrant to arrest him, but they can't because he doesn't exist.

Using the information above means that you are not consenting for the Judge to swap roles with you, if you don't confess, then you can't sin, it is all an elaborate fiction.

This confusing system is basically founded on the Church, that Jesus and God are the only ones who can forgive, they represent this fiction and it is saying "You are a filthy rotten sinner, you can't be saved on your own God dammit, You go to Prison and give me some money".

The birth certificates are the names of the trusts, giving that name gives the fictional trust life.

The truth about the Bible is that it says that the Kingdom of God is within you, not some mythical omnipotent, hierarchical, patriarchal entity, they have capitalized on this to steal from the poor.

By not giving them the tools to create the trust allows you to be Divine, you are a spirit, not a person, if you are divine, you are not a sinner.

Watch the Santos Bonacci Lecture and you will see the trust and how it is in everything.

A spirit can't have a name, the church can't own anything, this is why this madness is in operation, if we are awake, we don't have names, we have a soul, keep people asleep and hide all this fiction and call it law, then you will have a name that they can buy and sell like stock to put in a warehouse (prison), they can literally own your soul, as you are saying that you ARE a sinner and you are consenting to confession and penance (hearing and sentencing).

You stand in a dock in court, you are on the port, a lost soul, lost at sea, incompetent etc.....this is how they view you, so you can say you are John Doe, not a live man, the trusts can only charge a trust account with a living person.

When you don't allow yourself to give them your soul, you are proof that you come from heaven, heaven is in you, so you can then legally claim your body back!

It's insane law made by insane people. They know they can't just take things, so they have found a way to get you to give it to them.

The property that is abused in an unconscionable manner, is the money in the trust, if you confess, you admit that you can't look after this property and effectively prosecute yourself and hand over everything that is yours to the state, you are the "award of the state".

You are an incompetent - so by law, if you stand in court, you're an idiot, this is how these box tickers work, it is sick.

If you don't give a name, they can't take anything from you.

Remember a warrant is only a technicality to protect the state from prosecution if they are wrong, it is all illegal, but they have made this stuff up so you give it to them, without you even realizing it.

This is how the state makes money, they make things so expensive and raise taxes so that you are much more likely to commit crime, when you do, they send you to prison, but they can still claim from monetary funds under the name on the Cestui Que Vie Trust.

One more thing - Cestui Que Vie Trusts are 3 trusts, Cestui means 6 in Latin.

It is the mark of the beast, 666.

The Vatican is a false Saturnalian Brotherhood, the pope is the false prophet, it is the Church of Satan.

Hope I have explained better for you.

If you have to go to court, say what is above and you will win, as they will have to lose commission and pay the liability for the charges bought before the court.

You can't be prosecuted if you don't give the name on the trust, if you don't do that, then the only person who can be prosecuted is the Judge, and the Prosecutor will have to pay the charges as they are liable for the whole thing.

You can take this with you, you don't need to remember it, it is worth knowing, if you show even an inkling of how a constructive trust legalizes fraud, they will try to dismiss the case before the charges have to be made.

Either you pay and they get commission, or they pay and lose commission.

It's all sales of souls, literally, it's a curse on Humanity.

With an ecclesiastical deed poll, you will have a new trust number that doesn't have Roman numerals and you have documented proof that you are a spirit.

Remember you are a dead soul, lost at sea, let them know you know this and claim your body back!

It is insane, but completely true, the Vatican is the owner of all land, they have taken the wealth from us all, when we register our birth certificate, nurses get a commission.

Commission, commission, commission, trading souls from dead bodies, forgiveness for indulgence, it is all in Cestui Que Vie!

Know the mark of the beast, everyone knows that the Latin's are Saturn's people, Saturn is the Great Opposer, Satan (S A T U R N - S A T A N), 3 Cestui Trusts, Cestui = 6 in Latin, 666, the Pope is the Beast, King of Peadophiles, the Queen is the Queen of Pirates, all of it is Mercinary, America means Mercinary, Filthy mind control and insane needs for profits.

What I am exposing is like overloading a robot with humanity, it can't compute, it will short circuit, Attourney means Turn You Over, Prosecutor means Accuse ones own flesh, how much more do I need to prove that Vatican is the Church of Satan?

Check out the Saturnalian Brotherhood - 666 the cult of Saturn on YouTube.

Open your eyes, those who have eyes to see, will see.

They pawn us off with the madness of thinking the Bible is History, it is all the natural sciences, astrology, you can't invent it, it isn't a psuedo-science, it just IS!

Expose this false institution, the revelation says that they operate just like this Church, the baptism is their way of pulling wool over our eyes, we are supposed to return natural oils with alkalines, minerals, salts, not put it on our forehead!

Why are there so many Hexagrams in the Vatican? Pentagrams? Satanic Idolotary? Look and you'll see it, they are getting away with murder!

They have the afterlife to come, after they have sodomized and raped us physically, emotionally and morally.

End the madness! Bring on a resource society! Destroy the cartel! The age of Aquarius will set us free! No more duality! One world religion-Astrology!

They killed all Hermeticists, why? Because they can't let you know that it is just a story!

You can't save yourself, go to prison and give me money!

The False Prophet has been here the whole time, Jesus Christ is within us, our hearts, open your mind and let the light shine!

So if the Judge asks "What is your name?" If I do not identify with the trust name, what name do I give??
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01-26-2017, 05:49 AM
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Few know this and it needs to be spread. When you were conceived you received your first name, i.e. your family name. Thus you became baby "Smith." Upon birth or sometime after (once there was certainty of boy or girl) you were given a name by your parents. Thus, the boy/man in this example would have the name "Smith Joe-Blow." A few days after your appearance from your mother's womb a birth certificate was created bastardizing your name to be "JOE BLOW SMITH." This was registered by a registrar who by definition (Bouvier) is the probate court, and a trust was created from your estate. Once of age (21 years) you as grantor to the trust occupy the office of executor of the trust. As executor you have no liability and are the creditor.
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01-26-2017, 10:03 PM
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Thus is society.

What is one to do? Turn into a rambo and take out the triad? Planet bomb the earth?

[Image: bear%203.png]
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