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Colorado marijuana prices see huge drop, drug cartels reeling
06-25-2015, 04:52 AM
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Colorado marijuana prices see huge drop, drug cartels reeling

Quote:The good news on marijuana legalization in Colorado keeps rolling in, this time in the form of lower prices for the drug. In fact, in some cases it’s down as much as 40 percent--not bad for any product, let alone the fastest growing industry in the nation. It seems that basic economics are actually true; if you increase supply and reduce regulation it will create a boom market.

A little over a year ago an eighth of an ounce ranged in price anywhere from $40 to $75, depending on the strain and the shop. Now those same eighths are selling for as low as $30, according to the Denver Post on June 22. Some were worried that the steep price decline was a sign of a market crash and perhaps an oversaturation of the market, but those concerned don’t seem to include actual cannabis businesses.

In fact, businesses are still reporting massive growth in sales numbers as long time residents, new transplants, and pot tourists flock to the state by the thousands, fueling a huge economic boom, with all the good and bad that can bring with it. In fact, the biggest problem in Denver right now is that the city is growing so fast right now that nobody can keep up with it. Homes can’t be built fast enough, rents are rising too quickly, and infrastructure is struggling to keep up with a city that could start bursting at the seams soon.

With marijuana prices now dropping like a rock, Colorado's growth rate may actually increase even further as people from states who would rather imprison peaceful potheads and empower drug cartels continue to crack down in increasingly insane ways. Neighboring Oklahoma and Nebraska have filed suits against the Centennial State for having the sense to decriminalize, and Kansas is considering throwing a single mother in jail for life for having Crohn’s disease and using medical marijuana to cope with it. All three of those states growth rates are half as much, or lower, than Colorado’s… but that’s probably unrelated.

The biggest problem facing cannabusiness is currently what to do with all of the money that seems to be falling from the sky. The federal government is still giving banks a hard time about accepting deposits, preferring to erect barriers to the money in order to keep it out of the economy. Meanwhile, the state legislature is also trying to figure out what to do with the the tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue that has overflowed their coffers, though you can be assured they will keep it and waste it if given the chance. They aren’t altogether unreasonable, however, as they are planning to have a one day tax holiday for marijuana sales on September 16, thanks to a loophole that they’ve decided to leave open, and soon after that the sales tax for all marijuana purchases will be permanently reduced to 8 percent. It will be interesting to see what the sales and prices do on that day.

Really, the only people being hurt by the legalization of marijuana are the Mexican drug cartels, who have been experiencing a major drop in business. While the governments of uneducated midwestern states are doing what they can to continue to prop up these violent criminal enterprises, Colorado's massive price drop is probably the biggest blow to them that could be expected. If this trend continues, marijuana will only be profitable for the cartels in states where it’s still illegal, and even there the price reduction will likely be felt.

Tis sweet in the idle dreams to bask,
but here and now do we our task?
Yet this is the thing our souls must ask
What have we done today?

- Nixon Waterman's elequent query
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06-25-2015, 05:02 AM
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HA! Awesome!

Now the true farmer can thrive, competitors can improve products, new products, fabrics, oils, medicines, and of course entheo-botanicals can be discovered!

Magic: When you pull a rabbit out of a hat...
Magick: When the rabbit pulls you out of a hat...
In either case, you should keep a jaundiced eye on that hat...
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06-25-2015, 05:11 AM
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To live out here is another world. I'm south in NM, but yes, 30/8th and wax, hash, oil, candy bars, brownies, suckers, electric pens, sodas - pretty great health wise and for $5 extra delivered like the pizza.
None of my family uses opiates now, from 50-74 because the cbd pens and such really do the pain without much other. Or a lot more can be used without it being too much I guess - but yeah, no unhappy Buddha states I know of. Cartella Schwag used to roll but you don't see much these days.
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