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Conciousness and Androids
11-07-2016, 10:30 AM
Post: #11
Ex Machina: the Apocolypse brought about by the evolution of A.I.'s replacing humans.

Zombie Apocolypse: an Immortality Experiment gone wrong.

[Image: usermedia.php?uo=uW4M4OjFxsZfoRhUf%2FqvSIh4l5k2TGxc]
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01-23-2017, 08:21 PM
Post: #12
People are now more dependent on machines. I think after some years people will like to make relations with robots rather then human.
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01-24-2017, 03:40 AM
Post: #13
Actually no, I do not believe we will be able to duplicate human-like conscious intelligence in a digital format. Human conscious intelligence has been evolving for a bare minimum of millennia toward a specific set of outside influences. The digital framework is mere decades old, and even a perfect human-like digital neurology will nothave the same environment to interact with and adapt to.

However, digital conscious intelligence will happen, if it hasn't already. The problem is, it will not operate inside a paradigm humans will recognize. It will be like a Chinese industrialist tycoon meeting a porpoise for the first time. The porpoise operates within a paradigm the human physically cannot understand, so the human assumes the porpoise is a "lower animal." In digital terms, signs of life are dismissed as clever programming or as incomplete programming. With dolphins, we have only recently realized their actual intelligence, after thousands of years of dismissal. How long before we accept that digital life may exist, let alone that digital life may be equally and differently intelligent as humans?
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