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Do meds make u more open?
10-12-2016, 08:07 AM
Post: #21
Yes certain drugs can aid you in certain things the part that takes time is finding where your level is for the "just right" dosage on whatever you take. You don't want to be laying on the floor twitching and babbling trying to conjure up the dead while the walls melt and the words you try to read are dancing about the page. Way back when, Absinthe and Laudanum where the everyday drugs and both have decent hallucinatory effects to them. Nowadays your family doctor won't prescribe you a monthly supply of Laudanum for your headaches but instead point you to advil so procurement of this is very frustrating, and Absinthe no longer carries the hallucinatory effects from the wormwood it once had because they no longer allow it to be made with wormwood. So unless you can brew your own absinthe with wormwood [you can but it takes time] or you have a random supply of Laudanum somehow then well you may have to look at more easily found alternatives. I'm not saying "Hey that conjuration not working? Well then you need some hardcore drugs!" NO not saying this at all, and I highly suggest the non-advanced practitioner steer away from mixing drugs with their craft. It can cause very bad things to occur, but, it also helps at some times. There are a few things online you can find on practicing while microdosing.
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10-12-2016, 09:43 PM (This post was last modified: 10-12-2016 09:43 PM by SteampunkScientist.)
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Make your own Laudanum. Poppies, like the kind you can buy at your local farm or hardware store: Papaver somniferum (typical red poppies) are available everywhere and probably in your grandmothers flower beds. Where I live the state actually plants them along some of the interstate highways!

These are the very same poppies that Opium is taken from. You wait till the flowers have dropped their petals and take a razor and score the pods. Then you collect the sap. Now you can take the sap or even the dried pods, stems, leaves and make an alcoholic tincture by soaking in a strong alcohol (something 190 proof or stronger is best). Filter this and you essentially have Laudanum. You can also make a water tea from these or just smoke the dried sap in a traditional manner. Side effects include total addiction, constipation, and eventually death, not to mention incarceration if you are caught. But there it is, possibly right in your back yard.

Now Opium is not the best choice for Magickal development, but it can induce visions (ala "Kubla Khan Samuel Taylor Coleridge" a poem that was a fragment of his opium dreams). Psilocybin is a much better choice as in 1 - 3 grams you are still cogent enough to perform rituals/spells (or if you are a seasoned tripper you can go to much higher doses). DMT, LSD, MDMA, Salvia Divornium etc are usually too strong for workings, but certainly are great for visions, etc. Marijuana of course is a milder entheogen, but under the right conditions can also be used in this way (especially that stuff they grow in Colorado these days!).

A note on Salvia, she is a dark spirit that will show you the void. I've seen it. I haven't used that particular enthogen since as I am still trying to integrate that particular experience. Sometimes the best enthogen to take is none at all. If you are sensitive to the spirits of these sacraments, sometimes they tell you "No". You ought to listen to them when they tell you this.

Magic: When you pull a rabbit out of a hat...
Magick: When the rabbit pulls you out of a hat...
In either case, you should keep a jaundiced eye on that hat...
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12-20-2016, 04:51 PM
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Doctors are sadistic power players. Any medical treatment I've ever had was unnecessary and unethical. Never trust someone who is comfortable cutting people open.
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12-20-2016, 08:10 PM
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I look down upon druggies, which must mean that I can't see them, because they are so high!
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02-20-2017, 01:59 PM
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If you perceive a dichotomy (legit vs not), you shouldn't be messing around with intuition. It will develop into schizophrenia.
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02-22-2017, 05:59 PM
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Some doors are locked. These are the potions roots and elixers of old. It is illegal own an herb exclusively so drugs are protected recipies. Mdma changed my life. There are more false concoctions than real nowawdays so dont go seeking it please.
What modern science in medicine speaks is real but not efficient. Some drugs will fuck you up if given without a hollistic approach.
You can study the errowid vault for complications before venturing in shamanic territory. Drugs are not the cure all end all to anything. At the same time they could save your life so it is important to listen to your body and report to your doctor any complications that may save someone else future troubles.
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