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Fate, Coincidence -> THE TRUTH
09-02-2013, 08:56 PM
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The world is has two mind sets for this some people believe something is FATE (Destined to happen) and other believe it just a coincidence that it even occurred at all but what people don't understand is that Fate, Coincidence are two heads of the same coin each side is only how someone (you) think to be exact this means that It could happen by chance and anyone can say it was fate or just a coincidence but the truth is have you ever wondered who is flipping this coin? I'm not sure about everyone else but i have been tested several times in different mind sets or emotional states such as the state of fear (age 6 etc) but Even if you believe that there is no such thing let me tell you some people may not have experiences this, others may not even notice but someone test's us individuals with so called "coincidence" or "fate" sure some people may not even notice but people who do, Have suspicious and i am one of them. No this entity, I believe to create such events to test us is no god but a single entity with connection to this plane.

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09-02-2013, 10:13 PM
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Interesting perspective. If I may, I'd like to bust out that old Hermetic principle, as above, so below. I would say that, like any other intuitively developed understanding, that this is as much if not more of a reflection of your own mind, rather than some kind of real, external being.

As a living, breathing person, at various points in each of our lives, we are going to reach a cusp. A point where a conscious action is required. At some, but not all of these times, that aspect of the self, sometimes known as the True Will, is jarred enough, is agitated enough, that it is compelled to make a decision. You do not simply react mechanically, but experience genuine consciousness.

I would say that the reason that these moments stick out so visibly, and remain so clear in the mind for such a long time, is exactly because of that. The feeling of confusion and frustration, for example, is nothing more than a hormonal reaction to the process of neurogenesis. That is why, when you feel waves of frustration washing over you, you will sometimes experience a sudden moment of clarity. This is not unlike what you experience at a such cusp as I described before.

Simply put, for most of our lives, most people alternate between three significant mental states. The first is sleeping, when we rest and dream, at this point, we have very little sense of reality, and our minds are drifting. The second is day-dreaming, the mechanical state of mind you probably experience every day, at school or work, in this state, you operate almost entirely unconsciously, only the parts of the self that handle motion are active, the rest is still dreaming. In the third state of mind, we are mostly conscious, or we assume ourselves to be. In this state, we focus and apply ourselves to some kind of activity, this is the most rare state, and most people experience it much less than they like to imagine. But even in this state, there are some parts of the mind that remain unconscious, that continue to sleep.

Naturally there are variations on this, there are some people who experience more of one state, or because of some unique trait or learned ability, are able to experience other states. Now, if we consider a possible fourth state, that is universal to everyone, it would be this moment of clarity. A point where, for a brief time, we experience little or no sleep, the blanket of unconsciousness is briefly lifted off of our heads, and we peer out into the darkness. I would say that this is the reason that moments like this are so notable, and feel somehow unique, because such a decision is required, because it is necessary to act.

If you were to make a list of moments in which you feel that you were tested. Just those few rare moments where, beyond all measure of a doubt you are certain that there was some higher being, or higher, outer intelligence acting upon you, and then you were to make a list of each and every condition, each and every variable involved in those situations, I know for a fact that there would be one consistently present variable. No matter how many people's little lists you compared it with. That you were alive, conscious, and perceiving, and that some kind of decision was made.

I don't deny the possibility that there is not some being out there, testing you. But, I know beyond all measure of a doubt that in those most crucial moments of decision that every person experiences. Particularly those in which their life is threatened, that their mind is more awake, and more conscious than at any other time in their lives.

If you want a higher intelligence that is present in each and every one of those moments, then there it is. It's entirely possible that such an entity might exist, but the only higher intelligence I can observe without any speculation in a moment of 'testing' is not an abstract entity, but a temporary increase in awareness.

Just my input on the topic.
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