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Fate and God and Angels (+Dissertations)
09-10-2017, 06:10 PM
Post: #1
We aren't just a trapped part of the cycle.
If you know the One God as a manifest person, let alone celestial family; you can plead the case of your heart before the Throne or in His arms. And the Mind of God which is the First Eternal Law (of 3 and 4 malleable ones) after that fundamental which is energetic attractive principle of the Sourcelight can be swayed to change. Not because you know better, but because beloved you cared so much and brought it to Him in asking. You may be enlightened to acceptance, refuse to listen, or...He'll adjust the plan of fate by metaphorically redesigning thread patterns upon the grand tapestry that is Creation.
This is the power of prayer.
The trick is knowing what to ask. Not why; but what, how, and please.

On further subject of Fate, you can actually find out how you're slated to die in this physical life if you go to the right spiritual entities. I had one let it slip and begrudgingly gloss over details when pressed: that prior to being saved and asking God for otherwise, mine was to be death in an auto collision- with being struck by a drunk driver in less than a decade from now. Entity is unaware of any current plans if any exist yet or just disinclined to share them, but the point is that asking Jehovah can shift the gears around.

FYI: The Father is face of the First Law, the push of uniting Spirit the Second, and the pull of Christ is Third: vibration, life, movement.

Christ is the third law; and knowing as a person ensures that you're never left to idle stillness of silence and death. Even if you lose yourself? God will faithfully remember. His Spirit will 'push' you into movement towards Christ who will 'pull' you led closer to Him.
Self-identity is sanctified.
The cycling effect of this drags your spirit up the celestial totem-pole so long as your highest focus remains on point. Most easily by way of Truth's Wisdom through manifested example of human avatar.

Something to keep in mind when calling on Jehovah or the parts of God collectively is the method of assistance.

Though direct interference is sometimes applied at need; in squabbles between His children (of which we and all fully ensouled spirits are a part of whether rebellious or loyal, in filth or purity) He'll usually give strength to whomever feels a need to ask, those willing generally already inclined to serve to His ideals which generate the most life and light by design and thusly make the most sense...but not excluding those who disagree.
This strength manifests as spiritual Will (of which all here should recognize the sublime value of) additively equalizing the playing field no matter the usual spiritual discrepancy existing. IE: Which self-identity wants it more? Fundamentally.

The angels don't sing because He demands it. They sing because they want to and as an aftereffect due to, it ensures any one of them can (potentially) stand against literally anything on equal spiritual terms no matter their prior standing.

Collectively under such, you've an unbeatable legion of Heaven. And this is without even taking into account of massively built-up personal strength of many individual entities from their own self-processes of sanctification.

All souls are equal in God's eyes in regard to potential. The curious thing is how few bother going to Him to cultivate their familial bond.
In Sumerian terms, Anu won't impose yet is disappointed in being ignored...because by young children setting their sight on older siblings rather than higher, they restrict their growth to below them. Not equals. Not eternal.

And yes, contrary to popularized gnostic misconception Jehovah is not Enlil. He is Anu. Heaven and 'Father' which both should have given enough clue to anybody who seriously thought about it or Sumerian/Babylonian mythology in general. YHVH works in calling upon, yet Yahweh is not at all preferred.

There are several heavenly planes, yet to be in 'Heaven' is simply to be in God rather than a set astral location. "The tree reaches up yet can only hope to touch more of His light, not become the sky itself."

Sheesh; and the cross is literally a 2-dimensional representation of Yggdrasil upon a 3-dimensional world, just as that tree of life is ultimately 3-dimensional in a 4-dimensional astral expanse.
God was stretched upon a cross of 3 points high above the earth where it was planted. It was composed of a small tree and another (or a branch) crossed connected. Representative of Yggdrasil, tree of life, branches the breadth of Creation.

Only the furthest parts are absent from the touch of God, we at the base in cold earth further than most. Creation from scarred hand to hand, head(EastTower/Top) below the crown, and us moving up from still Water(WestTower/Bottom) to kiss his feet. You climb further to embrace Him properly for His mercy.

ChristSpirit/God is at the center of everything once you move away from the furthest extremes.
Yes, even the head of the Father.
He is the same 'I AM', and we (as humans) are meant as His loving church to explore His entire body which would be the majority expanse of existence. In the Light of Him, yet not stagnant- nor stilled at the edge of oblivion distant His embracing arms of gaze.

And the tree he was placed upon was young.
Still might it be MEANT to grow. From then to now is negligent and the Created Existence is still young. And growing.
The branches continue to grow out and stretch their arms wider to embrace more every moment.

This is the One God's work still overseen, whether we happen to like it or not.

Yet even embraced, we can still reach down to offer hand to lift up beside us and even go requesting His attention.
This is what many celestials do.

The right hand pulls that we might push or project when let go. That we flex and move ourselves.

The left hand pushes that we might pull or be shaken from our lethargy. That we have life in movement.

These work together under the Mind of God. We're made to bounce around. To experience.
Whatever form that takes.
Rather than just pulled in by the Law of Attraction (of Energy) 0 and left to stillness untouched.

On our own without God, we shed energy upon all our interactions and slow.

By wanting and remembering to 'know His touch' (rather than rejecting to flee it and continue slowing) you are touched again and more often, especially if you hover near; and if totally stopped you'll be loved enough to be touched to life in movement again anyway. This is the be Saved by His love for you that you are not forgotten- but a favored toy instead. Pride rejects that concept.
Remembered, He'll reach extra far if respected in appreciation, even if the dust beneath His feet rather than squelched by the I AM in thorns atop His crown. You are recovered as a Jewel regardless, to dance in song. Life's Vibration.

It still hurts Him to see us wander and fall away. His angels will move to recover them from amongst the pebbles, those lost below.
If above, so stilled; 'enlightened' by placement of your stillness but still forgotten unknown- it's little better. Perhaps just as frightful.

If beloved by another, they may intercede to plead be kept; shined and recovered anew. God may say no. We exist to serve at His pleasure.
If known to God; lost in His mind and even lost to ourselves, He will pluck us afresh from His mind. Set us on our way even with fingers pricked by brambles.

Some rage at this tender reliance. Rebel against it- to brush up against others and leech their movement stolen.
Even seeking hatred to be confronted and FORCED into counter-movement by others reacting unwise or impatiently to feed them afresh.

Hence: being otherwise immortal spirits, they must be not obliterated but isolated by coordinated trapment to stillness. Or overwhelmed (utterly) personally into enveloping entrapment otherwise. Latching onto and redistributing all pre-existing energy between from. IE: Harder.
Or: Much the same, God can intercede. And pluck one to stillness immediately. Usually those refusing to stop harassing His faithful to repeated stillness/death.

Eventually all will lose their movement unless touched. No matter how much they steal and delay that inevitable, in infinite circumstance it will, has, and will continue to happen.
When it does, those who subsisted long past their time by not following their purposes and leeching the lift-gift from others (unless that IS their purpose to be transient checks on others for chaos-apparent complexity as Fallen?) will not be renewed in movement. The predators will die off.
And when fallen into the dust rather than hovering near it (usually feeding off slower energies easier to integrate) they will be left there.

Think of it like a swarm of countless marbles flying/zipping around God, some friendly to each other and others uncooperative obstinate. Affectionate or purposely avoiding the hands.

Stronger spirits who know in following and being moved by God- are known commonly as gods and goddesses (little g) due to common expression of parts of their gifted energy being discretionally given to servitors as subsistence. Temporary replenishment. Feedings.
The difference then comes to reliance versus self-sufficiency.
Good Divinity in celestial lifts you up as adoptive family. Evil Divinity in cthonic keeps you beneath heel to be lowly reliant.
You stand in truth or be trapped by a lie.

An entity doesn't have to follow their purpose, yet it's most wise in maximizing connection. By relationships you can convince concessions.

So in literal fashion, all are doomed to die without God. Including those devils who try enduring for a time; none of us were bred to go wild, but designed domestic for companionship from the start. We cannot evolve past that as such fundamental nature of the soul lies beneath any shifting of the structure we can make.
We create new complexities of His light wherever we go in life: Whether useful or condemned as detrimental.

When aware of our displacement to near-cthonic low by meditative examination of the self, we find that we have been swarmed by the attaching influences... The huge majority of those upon the dust are parasitic in nature.
(All of each side is electromagnetic as all are alive.)
No matter how much of God's attention is called upon an area (realm) to reduce it overtly by inciting the light in living hearts, all such nursury-grounds where new gems of good crop are harvested from the (worldly) ground are sometimes seen as feeding grounds by the depraved who court ruin out of pride, misplaced fear, or hating life to seek it.
Also, the more we remove those draining influences upon us, the more we realize we have to go deeper unless getting caught up in the outer visual illusion.
And the more we come to realize that we've been build UP by those influences since before birth, and thusly have to begin to process of remaking ourselves.
Gradual sanctification.

The Angels aren't caught up in fanatical zealotry at all, certainly not for the most-part but instead actually know what they're talking about.

Everything is always changing yet ultimately all the same.
What we can do is choose our placement within the whole. And the colors of those surroundings we do touch, energetically. The physical impact is transitory. The relational impact upon other eternal spirits is not.

Whatever the case, wherever you go; the point is family. Becoming adopted to spirits or becoming a part of God's through that same sort of relationship.
Worldly sins may leave us in bodily death yet we still must struggle with our own remaining (chosen) iniquities of self. Even saved as part of God's family to be not abandoned, there are still consequences for our actions that we set upon ourselves.
This life is as simple or complex as we make it where it concerns ourselves.

Now then.

What is Love?

Love is universally seen as most valuable energetically because it rests at highest-vibrational state nearest to God. Unselfishly for self and others and among the hardest to maintain longterm. It is a transient pulse when being held down and ultimately reliant on mutual respect grounded in experience rather than hormonal rush for mating which falls under the quantifier of lusting urge. You in fact don't require one to relate at all to the other.

Rather than an imposed pressure as most things are?

It's the choice to bounce off another soul to share in the mutual gains by friction (metaphysically) which requires a certain degree of vulnerability for inner cores to have interplay: rather than latching onto another energy field with your own and leeching from it in passing.
Or they to you.

The goal is the pure and unfiltered creative energy being not only generated to higher excess by the friction but brought to the surface by that same effect.
Both involved souls must give of themselves as a push intricately inward (time allows integration of disparate vibrational pathways) or it becomes a parasitic relationship as one soul is reduced to simply tugging at the upper layers of the other's etheric field. You want to induce generation of additional layers outward to swell size while maintaining similar or heightened density. That (action of loving) improves maximum energetic retention capability. Thus strength and longer mystic reach before hitting limits of thinned field.

In loving God, I am choosing to love life itself. As the One nearest to Source, any interaction with by open etheric field (IE: Submission) generates the highest degree of creative energy when compared to alternate single sources of relationship. Hence my decision. It adds to self rather then replacing or taking away from.

The more you give, the more you gain. Not of finances (as some churches may try) but substance of soul.
And so!
There is literally power to be gained in loving God. The more you open yourself, the more is available that becomes all your own by Love.


The hard part then becomes (and what even the most devoutly attendant Christians usually neglect) learning how to properly direct and apply that strength without wasteful disservice.

There are less-moderated angels who haven't learned this lesson.

It's easy to exhaust your spiritual Will and feel like warmed-over shit in dire need to sleep like the dead if you're not careful or don't know what you're doing in meditations. Takes restraint.
I'll readily admit I'm wasteful.
For all their faults of danger, many cthonics do know how to get large effect for little at all application.

Sure repeatedly exhausting it like a mental muscle can force the spirit to learn how to regenerate its energy more rapidly during a dreamstate so you get more back for shorter given periods of rest, but there comes a point where you're just doing damage to your inner structuring. And additional staying-power would be nice regardless.
Finesse and subtlety do have their place. As does retreat rather than stubbornly fighting every battle to completion.

Trying to burn up every uncomfortable entity that looks at you funny isn't the smartest. Mostly because Astral Fire is expensively energy-inefficient despite the effectiveness as a simple tool when overused. Which is easy to do because you just keep feeding the blaze, directing it (a lot easier) with Will.
Also it's rude.
So cheaper ways of deposing spiritual parasites are a go. Such as tools held in grip of the astral body. Or protective wards to even somewhat restrict access to workspace of influence. Any tips for negotiation or evasion outright?

And seeing as I've gone a long way past the intended posting, I'll leave things here and announce that I'm open to questions on this or any other related topics.
Discuss your thoughts.
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09-11-2017, 01:50 AM
Post: #2
All right Zhor- question. I've always been very keen on syncretism /eclecticism or whatever you want to call it. Do you mix with other people who do all that astral projection to higher planes that you do, but are in a different paradigm? Like for example a Norse Pagan (heathen, they sometimes call it) or a Hindu? If so what do you talk about with them?

See my blog for micro-fiction, poems, a few weird articles and links to my books:
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09-11-2017, 02:05 AM
Post: #3
nice post, but that is still just an opinion, in my opinion, you are partly very correct, but i wanna add/modify that we live in jungle and love is not "highest" of energy Wink

Prince of Earth

"It's funny that people spend their whole lives trying to find truth, yet they wont take it from me"


do not evoke me as homicide Happy sounds fun but that being will not be me.
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09-11-2017, 03:54 AM (This post was last modified: 09-11-2017 04:12 AM by almightysemiwizard.)
Post: #4
this god should give my compensation to me right now. hey where is love?

sorry if I sounded rude but uhm he could be nicer to me to say at least. I'm disappointed really.
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09-11-2017, 04:16 AM
Post: #5
i wouldnt go cry out to any god like that if i fail in my existence Wink
if you were joking i apologize my misunderstanding

Prince of Earth

"It's funny that people spend their whole lives trying to find truth, yet they wont take it from me"


do not evoke me as homicide Happy sounds fun but that being will not be me.
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09-11-2017, 05:15 AM
Post: #6
fail in existance? literally all things i "cry" about are things that were out of my control. i didnt choose to be born with a broken body. i did nothing to get ill, still im ill. im so sick and im 16. what else? i cant stand it. either this being is going to show itself to me or gtfo with all his righteusness and rules.
sorry if i offend anyone, maybe im just more pissed off than usual.
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09-11-2017, 05:36 AM
Post: #7
no, you wanna be in spotlight, you value yourself worthy of getting attention from your creator and get madwhen ignored, that was my point, i would say you have done something bad in last lifes to get troubles like that from the beginning, i apologize andidont wanna hurt you about these things, my mom for example is seriously ill and i did indeed blame god for that before i reconized how cold things really are in this realm.

Prince of Earth

"It's funny that people spend their whole lives trying to find truth, yet they wont take it from me"


do not evoke me as homicide Happy sounds fun but that being will not be me.
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09-11-2017, 05:53 AM
Post: #8
thanks for clarification. i understood you. things are indeed cold here. you are right i see myself worthy of his attention but im not just talking, im going to show it with my actions. i believe i could get far but then maybe i wouldnt care as much? and about the past lives, who knows.
you didnt hurt me, its ok Smiling
things that pisses me off is how people preach of righteusness and morals and justness while we certainly dont live in that kind of world.
all the best to your mom Smiling hope she gets better.
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09-11-2017, 06:27 AM
Post: #9
Perfect love doesn't impose itself. It's respectful. You need to decide to reach out yourself if you want God in your life. Just sitting back feeling entitled and sorry for yourself is entirely too easy for us as humans, yet not a single positive spiritual entity that I'm aware of smiles on such behavior. You work to multiply what you do have and if unhappy with a circumstance beyond apparant personal control, take it to the Godhead requesting circumstantial shift to either address it yourself or find alternate happiness. You're not just given shit. You're given the mystic will to push far past your usual limits, though the actions taken are still your own.
If you want direct help outside giving you a fair shot in confrontation or disparate miracle-actions, take it up to the celestial angels or other spirits. That's why they're there, offering help in the first place.

But again, it's an offer. You have to seek it out and take it up accepting. You cannot be inert and expect blessings to keep coming your way. Like any path or relationship, complacency gets you nowhere but degenerating.
Quailing back in offense because you're forced to work under God like any other patron spirit (though with higher gains and kinder treatment of gains rather than energetic loss) rather than simply handed comfort on silver platter for token effort is destructive thinking. Lesser gods and goddesses don't go for that, so why it world would you expect God to?

Sheesh. And anyone who knows how to project or will bother to learn can easily seek out and come face to face with this same One Eternal Mind in the course of a couple short minutes if they bother trying. It's not hard. Call random angel and ask to petition at the Holy of Holies. Boom. Done. Instead of cringing in fear you can scream your hurt and confusions and make your questions or requests right to His face.
And if still unsatisfied, you can keep coming back. Just have an open mind and don't run away. Have bravery. The gut courage to stand before him even if you think you hate him.
He's not sitting there in judgement but behind an open door.

Perhaps not, but it's certainly the closest to 'unfiltered' when it comes to vibrational energy. Would you say another besides love or pure creative lifeforce fits that role?

And I'm not opposed to mixing interactions with people of all different spiritual proclivities. My ultimate aim is in getting closer to Truth. That means challenging existing beliefs and heavily exploring, for to do otherwise would be to live in fear of doubt. Uncensored ideas allow further cross-examination to come to a nearer-accurate understanding.

The buddhist triple-gem or three jewels of 'Refuge' are just another perception name for the Trinity of God in Christianity for example.
That's just blatant.
The community is the church, the teachings are Christ in Life, and they both work to serve you closer to Truth/God/TheBuddha'sIdeal/Jehovah.
I research different religions and in doing so come to realize they all have the same invariable roots of sourcing and identical fundamental understanding...though with differing cultural overtone of colored perception and thus focus whether resultingly ill or kind.

I'm not currently involved with any research or other esoteric groups at this time, sorry to say. Wouldn't be opposed to having reliable counterpart-practitioners of whichever disiplines to compare results with and co-project beside rather than rely purely on self-study and direct interactions though.
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09-11-2017, 06:31 AM (This post was last modified: 09-11-2017 06:35 AM by ZackDuckers.)
Post: #10
What's Anu (AllFather, AllSpark, YHVH, Cossmic Muffin) think of djinn, this bastardized Goetia (of supposedly solomon trapped spirits), Satan, Lucifer, Grigori, ("fallen") "angels", and .....

Hmmmm.... BMI? Oh and donuts?

If i wanna create mind worlds (which seem to decay if i dont think and are totally loopy doopy) in my head?

Can it tell me how much wood a woodchuck could chuck if that chuck could actually chuck it? What's the difference between a duck? What's the sum of a duck? What's the exp of a lvl 4 duck? Why isn't there the oregon rotary duck race anymore?

Can i get fries with that? And are spirits' love muffins delicious and is it why they like good vibrations because of cosmic-orgasms are like pringles (once you pop you just can't stop!)

Oh and i forgot to ask where 5th cousin twice removed Yor went.
[Image: Yor%2C_the_Hunter_from_the_Future_%28mov...ter%29.jpg]

But seriously.... You think the big cheese will smite me for this?

[Image: tenor.gif]
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