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Fate and God and Angels (+Dissertations)
11-20-2017, 11:39 AM
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Whenever people ask me if I believe in an afterlife, my answer is, "I believe in sex after death." God would have hell to pay if all them nuns and shit who died virgins just for him can't FINALLY know what sex is like once they're in heaven.

There is one real moral in this world when you think about it, and it's called "Don't Be A Dick".
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11-26-2017, 06:55 PM (This post was last modified: 11-26-2017 06:59 PM by Zhor.)
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Conversing with another member, I thought to share some snippets of my own postings.

Jehovah the Father or 'YHVH' in common gnostic narrative is stated as a demiurge or false creator and then linked without evidence to the Enlil character of older mythology despite the written words from each source, theological teachings, and practitioner accounts unitedly far to the contrary.

Anu = Heaven, just as the manifest God is said to be; the celestial realms being all that which is under the touch of His presence and light of comforting power.
Additionally you could likewise call this 'Ouranos' in one aspect rather than what gnostic teaching again tries to connect to the broken child in 'Cronus' while ignoring the presence of the greater birthing diety-consciousness entirely as well as its continued existance past the old stories of fallen divinities stealing and fighting over remnants of scraps.

What precisely were you curious about in regards to the entity of Jehovah who is the manifest First Eternal Law? Truth/Word/Law, the universal One Mind is seen in eastern ideas as part of a Trinity as with Christianity in the 'Refuge' or 'Three Jewels' and 'Triple Gem', (sound familiar?) though they link the Buddha to filling that headship role while the community/church hits Holy Spirit of 2nd Eternal Law and way/path and teachings is in Christ as the 3rd Eternal universal aspect of Life/Vibration which leads to the 1st.


YHVH or Jehovah the Father is the highest and perhaps more importantly 'complete' rather than divided manifestation of the I AM Sourcelight. It/He is what fundamentally imposes Order over the blind chaos of formless energy, and by noneternal laws and structuring of new things by Will and their observed potential as churned out initially brings the universal creation into luminescence.

As creator of humanity, yes one could call Him as the ultimate 'Demiurge', the artisan of our existence and environment. Only those who focus so far on particular aspects of hardship without context or purpose that they dwell in compost nihilism would call that evil.

Those who hate life will hate the giver of life and those who 'hate the creation' will 'hate the creator' because on some level they hate themselves and rebel against.

If you'll notice the glaringly obvious, when it comes to interactive spiritual entities or institutions of the earthly world in general, those which are flatly parasitic and objectively deconstructive are rallied against said 'Demiurge' despite otherwise conflicting interests.

YHVH is hated by all but one group's ideals in the world today.

Ironically enough those in opposition on are on the side of post-modernistic hedonism and focus upon propagating in a transient worldly degeneracy alone rather than accepting the primacy of spirit above flesh.

Yet these same people out one side their mouth admit physical pursuits are parasitic compared to goals of the spirit while demeaning any who pursue the spirit. They admit the aims of YHVH are good and opposed to parasitic nature inherently while pushing heavily what is presented as parasitic. While blaming YHVH.

These 'ETs' or nonhuman intelligences do not contest the power or effectiveness of His plans or servants. They merely disagree by ego with following Him or Christ's position and desire more to do their own thing indepedently as God in place of without as high regard for those other creations churned out by the Source (and overwatched beloved by the Father), subsisting through poaching to drain energy from weaker spirits instead of being gifted as deemed fit by loyalty in Oneness to said 'Demiurge's' basic methodology.

And for those curious;

Rather than a specific set of books, I've spent great lengths of time filling out dozens of 'notebooks' with valuable insights gained from online-hosted articles and book files (I did admittedly find Enochian to be most valuable) and gathered texts from used book stores as well as inciting discussions on the Goetia with 4chan and investigating historical myth and real theology elsewhere. More than drawing connections already established as religion/mystical I found myself originally coming to this side of things by theorizing on energy interactions and integrating the results with acknowledging states of vibrational frequency in matter and the illusory nature of perception and irregularities of physics.
Many simple things didn't line up as making sense despite common calls of exceptions to be ignored or coincidence.

Eventually I just decided "Fuck it." and to try treating it seriously as if experimental reality.
Did a evocation and got unexpectedly significant results in regard to sensation. Had to puzzle out a cleansing banishment on the fly and ended up earnestly calling a guide the next day. By being very open, honest, and recklessly curious I ended up getting better at communicating with my initial guide by constantly testing ways to get consistant responses.

Seeing as flashes of color could be perceived when meditating near rest in the presence of an entity and I had already been confirming legitimacy of exterior-sourced data by research of those Names I hadn't heard before being put lucidly into my memory and being accurate, I wanted to expand the detail being perceived to get better answers. My focus as guided was led by constant practice into learning a casual ease of projection with a fuller sensory and control.

I've found the Christian paradigm to be a powerful asset. Doctrines often become corrupted into merely enforcing perceptions of social norms, true, but the practicing of religion as occult practice is very...real.
There is a fundamental God on top as something eternal and there are independant spirits that can interact with us powerful enough to be called gods by many measures. That doesn't change how vital human 'Will' is in dictating our own paths of power nigh totally.

So anyway, the short of it is to find teachers in anything and everything you do. Make a desire for learning into a lifestyle rather than a pasttime and take the most you can out of every moment, analyzing it for context and applying what you reason out in paradigm.

For teachers among spiritual entities as is most valuable?
Follow your gut and your heart.

If anything at any moment feels even slightly off, and often even if it doesn't and regardless ot getting tedious, challenge and test the spirits for their truth of identity and purpose (demanding answers by rule of three helps) until or especially until you can supplement with more passive methods of confirmation by training awareness and 'spiritual discernment' over time and recognizing certain presences as familiar/unknown or positive/hostile.

Mostly deal with the same self-chosen entities so they may become familiar and form attachment to you in turn to be more inclined to work with you to a lesser cost- and so you may develop a firm safety net in trust.
If you have one entity who has proven itself trustwothy, let it introduce you to others who might equally seek your benefit in alternate areas of your weakness.

Be properly cautious and moderate yourself. Learn how to contain your energy better and avoid situations where you might leak more excessively than usual.

Develop your mental body in meditation and inhabit it with your spirit while feeding it strength that you might then shape to give a better interface to perform from.

Be aware that projecting illusions onto yourself or mind situation-wise is easy to do. Strength of how much you can actually do before succumbing to exhaustion will grow in time if you exercise yourself by practice.
Look for that which presses against your illusions instead and focus upon your own self-interactions with what you're faced with. They'll be obvious. You'll know.

As for protection and banishment workings?
I recast a sigil of protection/truth all over the place but otherwise am rather fond of establishing a 4-Corners cardinal direction field of safety in the names of Archangels Michael of the South, Raphael of East, Gabriel of West, and Uriel of the North.

To deal with things attacking you (outside of placing protections to deter their interest) however, I would really recommend making a weapon of choice as one of the first things after a basic body that you manifest in the astral and put energy into making a firm shaped deterrance. It may sound cheesy but a sword in your 'hand' works wonderfully because you can treat it as a shield and banishment tool alike to moderate or end encounters on your own terms if near your capability.
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11-27-2017, 02:39 PM
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Stay away from Goldcoins. He wants to suck you...... In one way or another.

As to OMNI or I am eh.... Maybe he's IOM ....

Sounds like from a video game i played.

It is what it is and i steak sizzlings are tasty.

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