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Free Books
03-24-2017, 03:39 AM
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The three digital fiction books which I self-published on Amazon are free from 24 to 28 March 2017. (Approx. times). The links are in my signature. If you miss the dates and would like to read them please PM me- I would love these books to be read and they are all of interest to occultists.

Copying A Master- a novella channelled from chaos muse Ino
Maurice, an idealistic painter, is pulled into an art fraud against his will. It is the 1950's, the time when Austin Spare was alive, and the premise of this book is that artists had already been painting magical sigils (as he did) for millennia. So Maurice seeks a solution to his problem through a sigil spell.
Meanwhile the crisis of the fraud uproots him, wrecks his domestic life and drags him across three European countries as he flees the revenge he fears.

Chaos Dreams Part 1: six short stories channelled from Ino
Each story creates a vivid and enchanting world, sometimes in the past, and some have a narrative style that roves around observing. The tales are a showcase for Ino's unique views about human beings; her observation of people is very sharp, yet with a motherly quality.

Chaos Dreams part 2: Astral Tales.: five short stories written by me.
The common theme in this collection is the astral plane, which is both the realm of the dead and the plane of dreams. In each story the action focuses on a different aspect of this plane: mediumship, lucid dreams, life after death, visionary alchemical experience and esoteric magic.

I can’t offer my other book free, my novella The Wizard From Vahan because it’s published by Night Horse Publishing House.This one is linked in my signature as well.

Description: Jasper is an apprentice magician in a society of the future where chaos magic has become the dominant religion. He does a time-jump which is supposed to be a meditation, but it goes wrong and he finds himself in the parallel world of Vahan about to embark on a mission as a heroic knight: a mission that he does not want, as he is more of a mystic than a warrior. He encounters Emin, an advanced magician who offers to help by swapping places with him, leaving Jasper in his Retreat up in space.
As the adventure unfolds Jasper must face the challenges of applying his magic in everyday life back on the planet surface. The story explores the role of magicians in society, and the contrast between a great adept and a junior magician.

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06-25-2017, 04:34 AM
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It's Midsummer Day- three days after the Summer Solstice, which makes my story about midsummer topical again.

So I am putting my three Amazon Kindle books on a free promotion again. They are free from 25 to 29 June (approximate dates due to time zones). The links are in my signature, and a description of the books is in the opening post above.

Don't forget you can also read lots more on free PDFs, or buy the book which Nathan Neuharth published, 'The Wizard From Vahan.' All the books are listed on this page of my blog, which I have now redesigned.

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06-27-2017, 01:52 AM
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Kool, really nice
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06-28-2017, 04:04 AM
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(06-27-2017 01:52 AM)Sammy Wrote:  Kool, really nice

Thank you, Sammy.
I hope it is all right if I send this to the top again, because two of the sites I wanted to announce it on will not let me log into them. It could be something to do with the brand new laptop I bought since Bune has been in my writing project.

He won't be writing anything, though- I can't imagine him writing a prettily worded story like Ino does. Ino is supposed to be an egregore made by chaos magicians and yet I found her in the grimoire by Koetting. Long story how come I was reading that- I didn't buy a copy.

It doesn't bother me that people only read my books when they are free, because I've often done the same thing myself in the past. It's just good to reach readers when you are an unknown writer, and then hopefully you eventually become better known.

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07-10-2017, 04:34 AM (This post was last modified: 07-10-2017 04:35 AM by KaptainKaos.)
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CandyRay, you have a very firm writing posture and you are a thorough and skilled writer! I am currently reading your work titled "Alchemical Journey". It is veryy interesting and it contains a lot of great information! If you have some time at some stage, I would very much like to learn some method of past life regression from your personal experience with regression. That is, if you are willing to share openly. I feel I have a need to know my past so that I may better understand my present and how I could potentially best benefit in my future. So, please let me know about that some time if you are interested in doing such an experiment.

Great work and very much recommended for anyone looking to read a good wordsmith in acrion!

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07-12-2017, 01:22 AM (This post was last modified: 07-12-2017 01:31 AM by Candy Ray.)
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Thank you, KaptainKaos.

That non-fiction book 'Alchemical Journey' about my previous lives has been my most popular book. The manuscript had been lying at the bottom of a kitchen cupboard for about 20 years, and then when I became a fiction writer I revised it and published it along with all the others (it's one of the ones on a free PDF).

At one time it was going to be all about how to be a black alchemist in the present day. But in the end I decided against that. The most famous modern black alchemist, the one described in Andrew Collins' true story 'The Black Alchemist', did things like burying a sheep's heart with a curse on it in a field. I'm a gentle lady and I would never do anything like that, although I was working on similar things to him at the time,and as I later found out in the same area of England. It seemed better to make the 'Alchemical Journey' book only about my past life memories.

Regarding regression techniques, I had someone else PM me about that but there isn't a lot to tell. Most of my memories came back through dreams, fantasies when I was a child and deja vu experiences in particular places. I'm not a good subject for hypnosis, and the only regression technique I've done was once in a Kabbalist meditation class that I used to go to. The teacher was quite secretive and I know he did do something he'd learned from the Rosicrucians and Masons to help us with our meditation, but he wouldn't tell me what it was.

Usually we would do the Middle Pillar exercise, or a path-working, but one time we did a regression and everyone got good results. He told us to visualize travelling back through our childhood, smoothly and gently. Then through our babyhood, and then further back. If you stick anywhere in your childhood just visualize another scene and keep on moving smoothly backwards. Eventually you will get to before you were born, and then further back.

It worked so well I did it a second time at home, and found out more information about when I was a succubus in about the year 3,000 BC. But I only did it again once because it was such a powerful experience.

Alchemical Journey

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07-12-2017, 07:20 AM
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Alchemical journey is not bad, I just read it. You write well.
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