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Gordon Winterfield's "Demons of Magick" Working Thread
02-28-2018, 06:21 AM (This post was last modified: 02-28-2018 06:24 AM by ZackDuckers.)
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Maybe my brain is being swayed to full blown demonolatry after reading the reviews. the books method is cheaper for sure as far as materials and a bit simpler now that I analyze it compared to going full traditional way as Solomon created. I can't help but think my ritual area would be a mess and I'd be confused or zzzzzzzzz as Belph mentioned.

Pity, as I had an idea to get a gambling talisman or gloves enchanted and see how say it affect electronic machines. I suppose i could go with a different approach.

I liked reading here that this also borders on or is using methods to threatened or coerce the goetic spirit into cooperation rather than a friendly approach. Note i said reading about. Its a sure NO GO for me as I don't care to coerce spirits via threats or subterfuge.

Glad others get results. The listings are only the 72? Any new information to glean from those entries or just the same recycled that i can find anywhere?

My brain feels fried anyways and worn down so my adversarial views are at a low. I realize one won't get a Casper the friend demon to pal around with. But man, enchanted gambling gloves. Win or lose it'd be cool to see them in action.
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03-03-2018, 02:13 AM (This post was last modified: 03-03-2018 02:56 AM by Frater137.)
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The method in DoM does not call for coercion or subterfuge. You call forth the demons in the names of Adonai, the corresponding Shem Angel and their emissaries. When you interact with them, you don't treat them heavy handed and you don't threaten them. It's not necessary to do that.

***March 2, 2018 Update***

Hey everyone,
On Wednesday February 21, 2018 I performed ritual three (Full Evocation) to evoke Vine. The intention behind the working was to improve my ability to perform all types of magick.

I did the ritual on the day of Mercury and the last hour of the Sun (around 1:38 am est) given it is said that Vine is both a King and an Earl.

The materials I used were:
1. A sheet of black paper to write my petition on
2. a gold and a silver sharpee to write out the petition
3. 2 yellow novena candles
4. a stick of Fred Solls Frankincense

Prior to the ritual, I took a shower, reciting the "Orison of Ablution" from JSK's True Grimoire and then I dressed in all white to perform the ritual.

I performed the ritual as it is outlined in the book but did not achieve visible appearance of Vine. I also realized in hindsight that I'd had missed a critical step in calling him forward, which was to call him in the Name of Adonai, the Shem angel and their emissaries. Oops.

I proceeded as though Vine was there and I stated my petition: "I have the knack of always successfully performing all forms of magick." and asked if Vine accepted to which a voice in my mind said "Yes". I thanked him and then I offered him an apple and asked if he'd accept it and heard a voice say "hell yeah". I then offered him Rum and he said he'd take it. I also said I would praise his name. I asked for the request to be evidenced by an increase in accuracy in my tarot, Lenormand and Geomancy readings. I then performed the license to depart and went to sleep.

The day after the ritual I was full of energy that felt like electricity. Vine immediately began to go to work. The first thing he told me was "If you want to find the knack, you have to practice." I immediately set a series of alarms on my phone at various times during the day to remind me to do the Astrachios Prayer from JSK's Grimoire Verum.

He also has been prompting me to do Liber Resh, which I'm expected to do daily by virtue of my membership in a Thelemic order.

The way he's been showing his presence is through new thoughts and insights mid-ritual. He will tell me "slow down" if I am reciting words too fast, he will tell me to "feel the words" if I'm just blazing through a prayer without being mindful of what I'm saying.

Two days after the evocation, I was on my way to work and I saw a random bunch of grapes on the floor at my bus stop. I took it as a communication that he wanted grapes as an offering instead of the apple so on Monday 2/26 I performed the second ritual from the book (connective evocation) with the aim of giving him an offering of 8 green grapes.

During the ritual I saw in my mind's eye the face of a lion in darkness. I was startled. I got the impression that the both of us were examining what each other looked like.

The most important lesson I've learned from and continue to learn is it's not enough to have magic be something we do "on the side". If we truly desire to be magicians then we have to look for opportunities to turn the seemingly ordinary and mundane things in our lives into instances of magic because anything can become a magical act. It doesn't matter what it is. Making a meal, taking a walk, talking to someone. It doesn't matter. There are no shortage of opportunities to do magic.

Tonight I plan on performing another full evocation of Vine and giving him the offering of Rum.

To make good on my promise to King Vine I offer you all this account of my work with him so far. I encourage anyone with an authentic desire to improve their ability to perform any type of magic to seek out the Wisdom and guidance of King Vine.

King Vine, thank you for all that you have done for me, all you will continue to do for me and all you will do for anyone that reads this and decides to work with you.

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03-03-2018, 08:57 PM
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alguien pone el libro demons of magick...en pdf aqui para descarga..gracias
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03-04-2018, 02:21 AM
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So last night I'd planned on giving Vine his offering of Rum. I picked up a bottle on my way home. When I got home, I went back and forth with myself about whether or not to give him the offering because I noticed the desire to drink was not there. The significance in this is I drink every Friday, Saturday and Sunday without fail. I don't drink during the week (ok sometimes I cheat and drink during the week but rarely.) So I took that as a communication from Vine that he didn't want the Rum. This morning on my way to work, as I was thinking about this the thought "Spring Water" popped into my head. So I will offer Vine a bottle of Poland Springs and perhaps some more incense but only if he makes it obvious that he wants it.

This is the second time Vine has made his preferred offering known through a subtle yet not-so subtle manner. More updates to come as they arise.

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03-15-2018, 02:33 AM
Post: #75
*** March 14, 2018 ***

I performed a beautiful connective evocation to King Vine on Monday March 12 in order to give him his offering a spring water.

Yesterday morning I'd asked him for a clear sign that he wanted it and it came in the form of an FB comment in another group talking about offerings to Lucifer, one of them being Spring Water.

I was lazing around on my coach stalling and then I got the urge to get up and do the ritual. Turns out I started the ritual during the hour of the Sun!

The evocation keys were particularly strong last night and I actually the experience that they were in and around my physical space.

When it was time to call King Vine forth, I called him and told him I was offering him Frankincense and Spring Water. The flames of the candles got very still and I felt a very still and comforting presence. I drank the water while staring at this sigil.

I got the impression neither one of us wanted the ritual to end so I just basked in his presence. There were points during the ritual that my body would move involuntarily in a sort of spiraling motion, very similar to the experience of incorporating an entity (for those of you that know what that's like).

There was a moment when I felt like someone was leaning over my left shoulder, very close to my face. So close I could feel their body heat along my face and shoulder.

The experience was beautiful and sublime. I made a final offering to King Vine, an offering of pure gratitude from my heart and I mentally expressed my gratitude and desire to be a student.

I gave license to depart and went to sleep and had some very interesting dreams.

This morning, I dropped my daughter off at daycare and as I was leaving, I felt this subtle energy enter my body, the same energy I felt during the first time I worked with him. It escalated to full on body high and a mental state of love, peace and serenity.

Perhaps that's Vine's way of expressing his gratitude. In any case, I offer this account in service of praising King Vine. There are no words that can truly express the depth of gratitude and appreciation I have for you. Thank you!

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03-15-2018, 01:47 PM
Post: #76
He might be your patron Daemon if you are interested in demonolatry.
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03-16-2018, 07:57 AM
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I really appreciate your posts Frater137 and your detailed accounts. You yourself are the ritual temple for the power so treating your body well is a mutually beneficial blessing.
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Today, 03:30 AM
Post: #78
Are these demons helping out of their goodness of their hearts ? (yeah right)

Why isn't there an "payment" offering for these demons in the book e.g. meat/blood etc ?

What is the expected payback or retribution from the demon, in future, if the ritual is a success ?
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Today, 06:58 AM (This post was last modified: Today 07:01 AM by Frater137.)
Post: #79

Have you read book and the entirety of this thread? There are offerings. I gave offerings to both Demons I worked with. They don’t always want meat and blood. Apparently some will take whatever you offer and others are very specific about what they want and will make it known to you.


Thank you. I’m hard on my body. I deprive it of sleep and I drink hard and regularly (even if it’s only on the weekends). I don’t relate to it like a temple. I appreciate the words of wisdom. They ring true.


I considered requesting permission for him to be my Patron after the first working. I’m familiar with demonalatry though not conversant about it. I have some of S. Connolly’s stuff and will do some sort of preliminary working with Vine before taking the leap but I think the option is there. Thanks for your input.

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