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Hello everyone!
04-21-2017, 06:01 AM
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My magical name is Hamartia (Or Manifestus Hamartia) the 'Manifestus' is more or less the "Sir" name or the "Activating" word in the name. For those of you whom don't know what the name 'Hamartia' means, It's a Greek term meaning "To miss the mark" it's actually an Archery term, but it's been used as the word "Sin" in some translations. With my newly found knowledge of dualism, I've come to learn that "Sin" isn't really "evil" it's just the other, darker sides of ourselves that we can either choose to see as evil, or accept as a part of ourselves. (The latter being the one in which I believe one finds true peace) For how can one have true peace when they deny or consider "evil" half of their very existence? Just my thoughts. I wish to hear what anyone has to say regarding these things. I love hearing everyone's ideas and perspectives! (:
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04-21-2017, 06:02 AM
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Welcome to the Forums! I'm pretty sure everyone here will welcome you with open arms~ I've been a member for four years, and this place really is a community in it's own right. I hope you can gain some great insights and learn a lot while you visit. Users come and go but it's the ones that remain that build up the friendships you have with the users on this board. Welcome!
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04-21-2017, 09:25 AM
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And in what you believe my friend? Smiling
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04-21-2017, 02:43 PM
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I profess to be Gnostic Wiccan/Pagan. I personally don't necessarily believe in a literal God and Goddess (I believe them to be more or less representations of the Sun and Moon) But I also give them my due respects because I really can't say for sure one way or another, which means I also can't exactly deny the possibility of their literal existence either.
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04-21-2017, 08:18 PM (This post was last modified: 04-21-2017 08:18 PM by Calicifer.)
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Well, sin is considered evil due to the fact that you cause damage to others. There are a lot of issues according these definitions. I love for example to use overeating or being overweight as a sin. It is very vague meaning which has very little place in real and serious discussions. Ironically for Christians though. A person must indulge in his desires in controlled fashion. If those desires will be left oppressed, well, you will see genuinly good men start having little fun with boys. Christianity is prime example of how oppression of one's desires results in greater issues. Such as their houses are prime locations for Satanists to recruit. Their agents either molest, over-eat or manifest their sexual and other frustration in very unhealthy ways.

Anyways, that is your mission in the occult? What do you want to achieve?
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04-22-2017, 03:40 AM (This post was last modified: 04-22-2017 09:46 AM by Manifestus Hamartia.)
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Yeah... I guess we'd have to define what "Damage" means. I'm thinking... Anyone with a level head will be able to disregard peoples words; meaning that (personally) I don't see how words can cause damage, per say. Now if we're talking about physical damage, I can attest in my own life, whenever I physically harmed someone, I genuinely and immediately felt bad for it (Or sin, as I've been raised to interpret it) The difference I experienced though... Is that other kids who weren't raised in the Church, or by any major dogmas, would physically hurt each other, just like I with my own siblings at times (and under the influence of the Church, one can only assume with most siblings; Thinking this way as if it's the norm) but now disregarding my old preconceptions... I have to now assume that there are indeed family's out there that are pretty damn harmonized... Idk) I guess the focus for Christians is on their preconceived notions rather than observing the possibilities of what could be. So, the difference between the two different kinds of kids, was that the Christian kid would commit a "sin" then feel guilt, but then, they would feel guilt until they "repented" of their "sin" to a very specific "Jesus Christ" whom is the "One and only son of God" (Although.. I thought we were all God's children... So there's one contradiction. If that's what you're even looking for. I already know how contradicting the Bible is. (In fact I seem to find new ones all the time now)) The other kid though... would most likely fight it out physically, cry it out together, and learn something from it..... How confusing or complicated is that? And it doesn't cause all these unnecessary and complicated problems that being raised under a religious dogma does. Idk... to me it seems that it's the Abrahamic religions that have caused the most strife in the world; Throughout all of history.

Now, back to the words causing damage. The reason I say "per say" is because I can also attest to the power of words to the untrained psyche/brain. Which makes this an extremely pressing matter for young people and children (which is, in my opinion, a valid reason to not force young people or children to have to suffer and endure an Abrahamic religious upbringing) ; Or even older people whom have just not quite developed a healthy psyche/brain, be it through their own ignorance, or perhaps substance abuse (Alcohol can be one of those, but it doesn't have to be if consumed properly (Just like any recreational substance really, including weed and certain psychedelics; I personally think that anything beyond those should be used medicinally)) which restricts control over themselves. (I'd say if someone has one, than they are likely to have both.) Anyways, it makes it pressing because it makes all of them more vulnerable to what people tell them. Hence giving words more power than normal. Now, speaking from my own life, I would argue the majority of damage caused by words to me, would be the words coming from everyone around me growing up. (Which would be the Church and Christian community) Telling me things like "we are all naturally born with a sin nature" and in my mind, I'm having thoughts that say "but... how can something that hasn't been influenced by sin yet... naturally have a sin nature... unless you are choosing to put that idea into that child (or persons) head?" So to me now.... That feels more like sin than anything else; To create unnecessary evil in the world by implanting these false preconceived notions and dogmas into our lives (unwillingly, for a majority I might add. Which doesn't make sense to me if they also profess to believe in free will.)

So you ask of my mission... I would say my mission is to help as many others as I can, escape the dogmatic Iron death grip that the Abrahamic religions specifically has imposed... I want to say since the beginning... But I also have to believe there was a time before.. perhaps a time of Peace, Love, and Harmony.

My mission in the Occult, I feel is more of a personal one for me. Meaning I'm not going to shove it down anyone's throats like Christianity. It's more like, I'm going to focus on self discovery through the Occult; And hope that my example is enough to at least make others question themselves and their beliefs, in other words, to not have a blind faith, but rather, an informed one. One that can be based out of factual truth. One with a firm foundation. (Ironically I know that's a biblical reference haha) Now.. after saying all of this. I will admit and attest that there is still some good in it, and it's not to be disregarded completely. But people need to be extremely more careful with it than they are, I believe.
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