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Here's How Extraterrestrials Are Helping Us Evolve Spiritually
07-17-2017, 03:28 PM
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(04-16-2017 07:16 AM)Vortex Fortitude Wrote:  Greetings everybody Smiling

Extraterrestrials and many races have gathered and thought to themselves about giving disclosure to humanity, but that can only occur after an economic collapse. Due to this is the reason for Humans to perceive truth with an open mindset, thus giving them more optimism to think and know that truly there is an elite and this secret society of theirs, among others are evil and truly are the biggest criminals in history.

The Cabal, skulls and bones and the german orders such as Vril, The Thule society are all working together to our destruction. The only reason giving them or buying them more time is this "Artificial intelligence" (AI) that came from another reality/universe is trying to manipulate humanity unto creating transhumanism and advanced technology. The enemy Orders have sided with this negative intelligence to use it as a way for it to show the elite the future, so they may become a step ahead of what's in their way. To also give more conclusion to this, is that the Reptilian beings who are of a negative polarity have worked with this Artificial intelligence because it was stronger than them. They're called AI prophets due to that, so with that being said, not only the reptilians and the evil occult orders are our enemy, but also this artificial intelligence, which to belief that the positive polarity of E.T's hath said that this AI came from another universe. It totally is alien to this universe to present day, it sends electric wave signals to planets, galaxies to use it as a supportive condition. It has destroyed many galaxies by fooling whatever race that gave their sovereignty to it. The elite thinks this will never happen, so they said "we are going to work with it", as of today you see new technology and chips added to the body, so people are mostly affected to AI or become vulnerable to the AI only if the victim is addicted to phones, TV..etc, so it's very important to switch everything off when you sleep because this AI can give you psychic attacks. There is nano bytes/nanotechnology that are so small and can inhabit the body, so be careful of this.

To perfect the art of protecting yourself and as well ascend spiritually speaking, you must have and live a spiritual lifestyle. Meditations, yoga, and positive occult study and not to be subjugated or a subject to mind control of false teachings, today a lot of occult knowledge is very tainted and, or false represented. There are websites that actually help you transcend and give you guidance as well as meditations to evolve further. and, search on youtube "The Star races" and look for the playlist that consist of 56-57 videos, as well as Galactic history by the channel "Creating 5D" (also a playlist). From there you will learn so much about Ufology, but the point of this thread is to give you more acknowledgeable information and updates about what is happening. However, this is nothing new. It is only due to the new age of Aquarius and the Earth's shift giving more way for partial disclosure or at least information that passes from One to another in the search of truth.

Look into the Law of One, it is a philosophy that many extraterrestrials follow and go by, which I explained everything about it in this thread here

The negative alien agenda is to make us devolve rather than evolve spiritually, so it's important to watch your diet and cut off sugar completely. It's addictive and it's poisonous to your ascension, this will extremely benefit you, but that is simply a suggestion, the links provided in this thread that I guarantee will help you on knowing full disclosure about true ascension (unlike the new age agenda that the reptilians and their Grey slaves hath imposed), essential information to understanding what negative E.T's are implanting to our souls whilst we are asleep and much more.

To help quicken the full cosmic disclosure that the elite amongst other groups of influencing the world with occult practice, is to understand and most importantly share. Share it even to people that look at you like crazy, because it's critical to our freedom from enslavement by the system.

I hope you, my friends have enjoyed this thread. My gratitude for reading, more threads like this will be made soon, I also would like to say to those that have shared or spread the information here my respects and deep blessings to you and everyone else.

Having read my fair share of this kind of... material, the question begs: when you ascend, where exactly do you go?
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07-21-2017, 09:33 AM
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When you ascend you go to the Unknown
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