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Hostility from Angels?
09-17-2017, 02:18 AM (This post was last modified: 09-17-2017 02:18 AM by Homicide.)
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They're not empty drones but instead unique and with thwir own quirks and methods.

Cut one of these bastards open with your astral sword an you'll see it's all clockwork and machine code inside. Astral appearances are outward symbols of essential inner realities.

voila, i likes you.


"It's funny that people spend their whole lives trying to find truth, yet they wont take it from me" - Satan
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09-17-2017, 08:52 AM
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Swore i had a vision of a mansion (always dark and rustic... Kinda of old west brown photo color). There was a machine-man clockwork being there. Barely registered as intelligent.

"Angels" i have had these weird vision dreams have been hit and beat and yet i really sense NO hostility from them except from 1 and i think it was just bravado.

Dreamt of dead hawthorn trees last night. I could see the pink red spores-energy shimmering inside and around them. Oddly weird and peaceful.
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09-17-2017, 09:32 AM
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More than laws, though many embody partial abstract concepts. They have fears, doubts, and regrets.
Even a few inner demons locked away like how we have our own running in free infestation.
One without experience in dealing with it can get blood-drunk until nudged into cleansing.
They can hesitate to stand before the Father if they end up thinking they may've displeased him.
They're not perfect or all-knowing but try their best. Souls are all of the same general inner substance.

Though perhaps I'm somehow mixing up another kind of servitors with the archangels who are in line with/as traditional gods and goddesses?

Spiritual flesh is a manifestation of the outer to deeper auric field. We're all a spiritual compound around our core and having a more organized internal framework than the unpracticed norm is not indicative of a lack of self awareness. It is a display of self-sanctification.
Constructs of primarily light or constructs of light-and-dark as we are, it's little difference.

If going deep into an angel like going deep into yourself, you'll find that they too possess a core that connects to the I AM sourcelight.
They are capable of disobeying God.
They usually don't but they're not somehow less capable of denying Him than those who Fell before, long ago. Some have Risen since and others have sunk through their own remaining iniquities. They only seem 'perfect' to us because they're so far above the general humanity in shaping themselves, able thanks to constant assistance from their God; mostly due to connecting entities ensuring they're not faced with many competing influences in the first place or eons of perceptive time at play to build upon personal strength rather than decades.

And how is having properties of interaction or order to chaos in general somehow wrongful? And what is one thing without a contrast of duality to even allow the idea of good and evil to exist in the first place?

By your own admission, this entity Demiurge/God existed before any laws whatsoever were placed upon the emptiness.
Where do you THINK such a complex intelligence with those views came from or formed by to begin with if it originated thereafter?
From the I AM itself.
Jehovah the Mind of God and 1st Law who organized the rest did not only come from the sourcelight 'first' to somehow claim place at dominion while being some 'other' or pretender. No. He IS the intelligent sourcelight. The face and fully formed identity of Creation's Creator. God is not a mindless force and never has been so. Jehovah is both divided/undivided.

And even were you somehow correct with the manifestation of truth being consumed by sin of pride in ego above all things (despite supposedly creating to allow that concept to exist in the first place) rather than of highest vibrational (so would make sense) of love, this perception would still be the strongest and Lord over all celestial Spirits in control of the infinite presence regardless beyond challenge. One who spoils his children (any who come to him) and crafts them upward in directions or gifts of excessive strength and beauty to better glorify him of their perceived own (manipulated) decision of choice to serve as an ego-boosting example to others. A god who would still rethread the weave of fate according to their prayers if asked and eventually make them as His hands to deal with others towards his spoken example. He'd have made them believe in a vision of organization to the cosmos at each branch of the tree rather than stand up to force it done himself in depriving the choice to be made. Which he could easily do if fully in controlling envelop of the light of eternity. And he would be a god who happily adopts humanity as favored sons rather than abusing them.

In which case even if 'Demiurge' as you say, why the hell would you prefer to serve anyone else, they less gentle in nudgings and weaker and with such lessly persistantly-beneficial goals for you as a current living persona throughout eternity? He'd still want you to be powerful and beautiful as a jewel beyond compare, if only for his further glory in the metaphorical bragging rights of possessing the superior living servants. Who treats you better or can actually pluck you to life anew even if utterly dispersed apart from lifeforce entirely? Security, patience, and uprising rather than merely subsisting. If you hate the shape of creation simply because evil is allowed to live in it, than learning to love life itself despite would by similar way lead to you loving this god who allowed you potential to live a good and complex life rather than simply leave you in empty contentment. So why not love life and the struggles to give it meaning while being pampered? Tons easier and more self-beneficial that raging against.

And by Christ as avatar of this God, it would show that sin doesn't fit his nature despite following paths that weren't understood by those around and even the closest to him. Even at sacrifice of himself, he offered everything while confusing and infuriating those who thought themselves already masters for the purpose of teaching them hard lessons and their ultimate self-betterment. Rather than manipulating by lies, he let others come to their own conclusions and gently led them to complete truth where asked and listened to. If Jesus is the character of this God Jehovah, then why would you hate him so? Better for us than any other entity trying to take the same role.

And also:
God doesn't damn you to Hell and not Heaven.
Hell is absence of God.
You choose his absence by rejecting it yourself.
God IS scripturally Heaven.
The presence of God is quite literally that rather than any individual plane of which there are several. Those higher are so because they are located more in the light of his presence. Those lacking it are lacking in the gifts bestowed by even a partial reflection of the rays.
God doesn't take away from those who won't take up what He offers. He simply stops offering it unless sought out, leaving them to their own devices in darkness. If you constantly bite the hand that feeds you, you can't act indignant in offense when the food stops coming and you fail to make a paradise without.
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09-17-2017, 02:27 PM
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The religious institutiond are corrupt and any truths they have discovered are probably corrupted or drenched in deception so they have an advantage over others. The damage is done and they create distrust.

This all being has to be confronted on a single person to being basis. I wouldnt speculate what another being does esp one that is supposedly infinite.

Speaking of infinite.... One could hope the all-being isnt a hate-filled creation crushing egomaniac.

Yes my knowledge is from that show.

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