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How to make money playing oldschool runescape
03-09-2018, 04:44 AM (This post was last modified: 03-11-2018 07:19 AM by PrayerAgent.)
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Hello. This tutorial is for those who know what "Oldschool runescape" is and who want to make money online.

I played this game already in rs classic, grew up playing it but quit the time they ruined whole game.. that was in 2007? They removed wilderness and took away free trade. Nearly my whole friends list quit the game. I came back to play oldschool rs but quit about 6 months after, it wasn't so fun anymore.
Me and my friends always sold services, most of the time to special-loyal-buyers, we had a great connection between us and worked for a very closed group of highly ranked players.

Runescape can make a lot of money.. or at least something, depending where you live.... and what you do.
I will try to do my best to explain a few things here.
Now I don't know am I allowed to share these links here or not... to get a good overview of prices please visit these sites and check the threads for gold/service prices. Prices change often very fast so I can't see any point in writing it all here, check the sites!

What to do for $?

Quests : You can get 20-40$+ a day for doing quests for other people. Quests are annoying parts of the game that many people hate.. but that are required to unlock new area or have the ability to use some item. The good part about this is... you have youtube video guides to help you!

Skills : You can level up accounts for others and get paid, nearly all skills sell. There always that "somebody" who doesn't want to level agility or some other skill.

Gold: Gold ALWAYS sells! You do need a moneymaker skill or great bosskilling account for this though. The best is to grind gold directly on your customer accounts, no trade risk! You must really be good at something here and have a better understanding of the game. Boss killing is the answer, that brings gold. Skills like 91+ runecrafting make at least 12 million gold a day. 12M sells for 12$ but you can do it on 2 accounts or slay a monster with other. There are many possible methods here. A lot of clients killing green or blue dragons.
How to transfer gold? Most popular is to lose it in a fight at the duel arena. For example one person happens to forget item, missclick.. and lose. This way you can move insane numbers of gold at once. You may get "owned in wilderness" while being skulled, means you lose all the items. Carry gold with you.. or do some other stupid mistake like mistype the item price and then be like OMG I GAVE HIM TOO MUCH FFS I GAVE HIM 40M DAMN IM SO DRUNK" a good storyline...always works. Jagex needs a good proof.

Selling accounts: People are interested in purchasing accounts. You have to sell the accounts together with emails or else you get in trouble with that. Me and a few of my friends had our accounts locked temporarily with message "suspected account trade". The customer acted like a jerk, changed email immediately to a weird one and spoke a totally different language, ignored all the advice we gave ... well some people just deserve the slap really. You do your best and they still fail to follow.
The biggest problem with account selling is that you must have a very high trust or else people think you are a lamer who takes back the account months after.

What else? Minigames, diaries, fire capes.

How to receive money? Well obviously you don't want to use paypal cause a gazillion retards take the money back. Paypal is fine only when your customer is a loyal friend. You have to accept ingame gold or western union (and a few other options). Gold can be easily sold to trusted members of the sythe forum, you may use paypal here. There are people who have been buying & seling gold 10+ years and have about 5-10k post count. No problem with such buyers.

Why oldschool runescape? This is a java game, you don't need a high end PC and can easily do other things while playing it (quests and some skills take 100% focus though). The game works in a tiny window (or a bigger one if you wish) but small by default.
VPN: Vpn is a must. You should use a vpn, a lot people have one, it's good for security. There are lot of pricks who want your skype to DDOS you.. get your ip.. drag you somewhere and boom you lose your stuff. People love trolling... get a good vpn.
Accounts may get locked if your customer lives in japan and you are from the states. You should both use the same vpn service and act like it's the same person playing. Don't play 24 hours a day.. that raises a red flag if somebody is online 24/7.
Don't use bots - Jagex has a very high anti cheat these days, back in the day people botted hard and made a fortune selling gold... that doesn't seem to be the thing anymore.

Since a lot of people trade billions of gold between their alternative accounts, friends... scam each other and so ... it is difficult for them to keep track of all. The volume of trades going on 24/7 is just TOO DAMN HIGH! Most of the gold sellers get away easily.
Make the firewall kill all non vpn connections
Both you and the customer should use the same dns, google DNS is a good one.

TIP: Play with multiple accounts at once.
You can level up multiple accounts and sell them all. Leave them AFK in nightmare zone minigame and get 99 combat stats. Accounts like that sell for like 300$ or so. You can have a bunch of skilling accounts that produce something, or you just level their ranged level.. and sell pure ranger accounts. So many different possibilities.

What about "hardware detection etc"?
Some people say you should always create a different virtual machine per customer. If you work for a lot of people then yes, do this. If you work for the same guy and just his accounts... you don't really have to do that again and again.
I don't know 100% the answer to it. I believe it is enough to delete all the jagex files and appdata folder things... but since times change I guess they might "get more" info from your PC these days.

So how much money can you expect to earn?
This depends on what you are doing.. how. If you are very good, fast, loyal and people see that.. you can get a lot of orders. You may earn hundreds and hundreds every month, 500$+. In some countries that is the monthly salary for hard work.
Whole month of gold grinding can get you 300-500m gold, each million sells for 1$ these days.. shame the prices dropped a lot. I remember I sold my gold before quitting for 3$+ each.
Don't be a dick. If you sell service.. don't rip the customers or troll on their accounts. One happy buyer leads to another and all are happy. You can get great customers who buy from you again and again!

Note: I don't play this game since long time and have no interest in returning.
I hope this tutorial helps somebody out there.
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03-11-2018, 02:22 PM
Post: #2
pretty awesome guide. I've owned plenty of RSPS's and have history with Runescape. It's a simple and effective way to get some beer money.
If your trying to make this a full time Gig. Recommend purchasing bots with or epicbot. Setup about 200 VPS farming wax and your in.
Thanks for sharing ^-^

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She Took my HardaAway
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03-12-2018, 01:19 AM (This post was last modified: 03-12-2018 01:31 AM by PrayerAgent.)
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I don't know how well the bots work these days,... their anticheat is getting better and better. I had some friends who had these powerbot/epic (can't remember anymore which one), they all got banned. One guy had a single client, nothing suspicious.. banned (think he had hunter script for red chinchompas).
Bot is good option if the coder is really smart and a very tiny group of people have it, no leakers & sharers.
Some 12-13 years ago botting was the thing. Golden rs2 days, every yew tree had at least 10 bald woodcutters lol. Never forget that...

I think it's better to offer services on multiple accounts at once (without botting, unless you have a really good one). If you really love rs and feel like playing it, it might be the thing. You get some $ and the enjoyment of playing rs again. Just the activity must be worth it. I don't really like rs anymore or want to play it again, the whole game feels like so pointless... like a hamster wheel... Just spinning around Tounge
But yea... if you have like no $ at all and need something, it's a good game, services sell $. ...or you might just play the game, end up getting some expensive item and boom 500$+. Treasure trail, item drop.

One thing that makes a lot of gold I heard is staking with weird stats. Like some 96 99 ... and you look for people who have worse odds %. I don't know much about that, but I heard from somebody.. who sells a lot of gold that way. He is looking for people with worse stats to flip the coin. He has the small advantage over them and wins more games than loses. Gold stacks and he sells it all for $$$. A lot of real-world-trading is going on there.
Sometimes I wonder how many people are actually playing the game for fun (without breaking any of those so called rules). Like so high % are botting, offering services, selling gold, and so many are the ones buying these services, gold.
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03-12-2018, 02:51 AM
Post: #4
Or just get a real job and never have to be bothered with monetary issues again. These things are totally unworkable for people not into that game already while ones who are in position to do that, already know about it.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences, I'm always interested in hearing them out. Feel free to PM me.
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03-12-2018, 10:45 PM (This post was last modified: 03-12-2018 10:46 PM by PrayerAgent.)
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Many years ago I was in search of something to do online for $. I found one of these rs forums and saw people offering such services, I needed the money and started offering services. Since I had no interest in getting real work, I had a great time gaming and making $. In my poor east EU country I could get decent $ doing these things.
I think this post can be helpful for somebody out there. Just randomly find it and think... "hey that's a pretty good idea".
I understand that it has little to no use for somebody who never played the game.. but so many of us played it at some point. This game is so old. Of course there is a small chance that a person looks at it.. thinks a bit.. and starts from scratch playing rs...later offers services & trades gold.. or gets some inspiration to do the same thing somewhere else, in a different game. Sometimes you just need inspiration, motivation, an idea.. and it gets the ball rolling.
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03-13-2018, 02:23 AM
Post: #6
The sheer investment required to start from grounds up will be more than just working 8 hours in normal job, you won't see any return for a long while, you will risk ban due to boting and in the end, it requires so much time that gaming becomes a job, even more boring if anything. Furthermore, it is already saturated market. You are not going to just sell your goods when you offer them. You will have to do for lower than it is accepted due to just starting out and competition as it is. It is similar with like all internet jobs. Like scamming for example, a lot of effort for feeble returns.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences, I'm always interested in hearing them out. Feel free to PM me.
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03-14-2018, 02:43 AM (This post was last modified: 03-14-2018 02:45 AM by PrayerAgent.)
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I don't like botting at all. Actually I didn't want to speak of botting here, but youdontwanna brought it out.
I think botting is kind of stupid and requires a lot of effort ...might end easily with a ban. I never botted on runescape, but I had some friends who did it a lot.
All the services that I offered were just activities on my customer accounts. All the accounts that I created & sold were without bots. I manually played multiple accounts at once. I personally had a lot of fun doing that.. of course a while later, all these activities became tedious. I did enjoy the "meditative" aspect of it. I did very monotonous things and read a lot of prayers, mantras while playing.
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