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Is anyone else getting numeric information backwards?
02-27-2018, 05:19 AM (This post was last modified: 02-27-2018 07:24 PM by kookai68.)
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Is anyone else getting numeric information backwards?
By this I mean for an example the winning gambling numbers.
I get numbers 4671 into my mind and the winning number
combination would be 174. I get this information all the time.
Next time it will be all clear to me, If It's Backwards It Must Be Rightwards Wink
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02-27-2018, 05:25 AM
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hehhe i have that with bad events, when i see them they wont come tru. used to scare me now i think its fun
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02-27-2018, 05:57 AM
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Yup that happens. Numbers can come to you in reverse or out of order. It happens. I was 3 digits off the Daily Pick 3 the other day. It turned out to be 927 and I had 924 but another I had was 174 and the winning number was 147 and I played them straight instead of boxing them.

I knew a gal who was a terrific medium but she was Pat was one of those folks who lived in government subsidized apartments because she was mentally disabled due to her mind being 'unstable'. She made bi-polar seem tame in comparison and yes she practiced sorcery. She used to burn her candles on her kitchen counter WITHOUT candle holders so she had scorch marks all over her Formica counter top. She'd do divination in her toilet using hot candle wax and use so much of it that she'd plug it up when she tried to flush it. Mark told me she used to piss off her manager something fierce when she did that.

A dear mutual friend of ours, Mark also a magician, told me one day she went into a rage and threw her altar and all of her tools out of her third story window on a clear sunny summer day. Why? Well Pat used to go into these trances and swore the spirits came to her speaking things. So she began to demand lottery numbers. She wanted the daily Pick Four numbers. Well the day this happened Pat had the spirits give her three numbers all of which came in on that day's pick four but she could not get the spirit to give her the fourth number. It was zero. Each number she was given came in exactly as the spirit said it would but It refused to tell her the zero. Rather the bastard of a spirit went silent instead of saying zero so she didn't get her win. She thought the three numbers were a win for the Daily Pick Three and bet that one. She was incensed to discover the numbers and a zero were all she needed to win a sizable jackpot for the Pick Four.

I tell you this to help you be aware of the tricky way spirits can be at disseminating such information.

"Real Sorcery, Vodu and Hybrid Radionics 24/7"
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