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Is it a good idea to...
09-17-2017, 02:01 PM (This post was last modified: 09-17-2017 02:42 PM by Shadow.)
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(09-16-2017 10:41 PM)Calicifer Wrote:  A satanist who is concerned about morality and laws? That is rich (I also love how he tries to mask his complete incompetence in magick by changing topics when confronted).

Someone's never heard of real Satanism before. Also, do I need to draw a little red arrow to the top right corner of my posts? x'D

I feel no need to react to the rest of your nonsense. Your arguments all implode on themselves and you seem incapable of forming a coherent thought, let alone a factual statement. Also "you humans...." Zip that shit up. Your delusions are showing. I think you need heavy medications. Did I mention I have a BA in Psychology? It's my educated guess that you're mentally fucked x'D

(09-16-2017 10:41 PM)Calicifer Wrote:  For example, you advocate and support young people who want to cast love spells upon their crush. First, you are violating another's person's will.

Assumptions. In the past I've actually said that any love you could gain from love spells could be artificial and less meaningful. The hopeless romantic in me doesn't like them, and I tell people that. So, once again, you're just retarded. I couldn't help pointing this one out. I know, I'm a liar. A good one, too xD

(09-16-2017 10:41 PM)Calicifer Wrote:  Not because of rape, phedophilia, slavery, abuse. No, all said things matter little to me. The greatest sin of human race is denial of the truth. Of the reason.

You mean like the truth that fucking teenagers is bad because their brains haven't even come close to the development required for consent?

I don't know why you think you're just the greatest thing on the face of the planet. I hope you've been wanting to be proven wrong. Meet me, your superior in every way x'D And now the cognitive dissonance will settle in, causing you to spout out more nonsense of how I'm your inferior in some imagined fashion x'D

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