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Islam Threatens All Sorcererss
08-12-2017, 11:11 PM
Post: #131
Marrying close or in bloodlines happened to the brits and south of usa. Im sure islanders too and others. When they start cannibilism then it really gets weird. I hear it causes something similar to mad cows disease esp brain eating.

Rumours say in some mosques they butcher christians and others, perform sacrificial rites, bathe on blood, and eat flesh. Hell if i know if its true. I dont believe "heathens" are allowed into the inner sanctums.
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10-10-2017, 04:40 AM
Post: #132
damn you have some nice rumors there. i better get my muslem skills on par, makes for a nice fright during halloween...oww wait we are having a similar thing called ashura. only difference is we pain ourselves for the wrongs weve done...actually 1 wrong some moslems made ages ago. weird shit those Shiites...

so yes heathens are welcome, but i dont think wearing a goat mask for halloween and sharing sweets is gonna do it...

damn we are cruel
[Image: vidtu-700x.jpg]

on a brighter note official islam states its all haram all sinfull and we all go to hell, so im better putting on my burqa again and start praying. even mediocre became extreme...

[Image: ridiculously-photogenic-muslim_o_1135836.jpg]
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10-10-2017, 05:36 PM (This post was last modified: 10-10-2017 05:37 PM by ZackDuckers.)
Post: #133
Seems the shooter who killed 58 in Las Vegas and injured many more converted to islam. ISIS is taking credit.

Britain, another group of people plowed over. ISIS taking credit.

The muslims are offended at octoberfest in Germany. I don't think the average German gives a fuck if they are offended. Merkal (sp) should be hanged imho. She seems to want to single-handedly destroy a great tourist spot.

The more of these "SLEEPERS" after decades to a few months that pop up and kill in the name of Allah Mohammed Jiyhad, the more it appears the consensus that any to all indoctrinated in a living series of books dictated by inbred saudi princes and nutcase imans bent on destroying israel and the USA will continue to preach great Satans and wanting us erradicated. Like most religions, it is terrible as an end result. I see none of the top tier lords in any religion becoming paragons of peace.

Its all $$$$ and power. And impatient factions of these groups are enacting their will to slaughter innocents. Or is a country music festival fucking evil?

The soft war is to fill up countries and overbreed and slowly take everything. Breeding out the current populace to fill it with their ignorance, culture, their propaganda, doctrine and dogma.

And liberal idiots are helping. When a country is so easily offended and destroy their history, destroy statues, graves, remove bibles, stop christmas being spoken, take knees, distepect the soldiers, language, borders, culture and system of the country then you wonder if much of a country is left.

What next if Israel falls, Usa falls, australia, britain, canada, europe, soviet union, china....
Hmmm going to kill us all for not converting to your shitty barely 1,400 year old crap. Where you bow down like slaves and hope you're gorgiven and rewarded.

No better than others and hardly evolved dince its inception. Better than North Korea i suppose. But any true occultist or paragon fighter for true freedom sees this religion as trash just like other religions.

I can only say the people are too stupid to know better. Like the christians bowing down eternally kissing ass i guess muslims like it too but like sticking their asses in the air to get buttfucked by allah too. They just don't admit it.

If the religion was truly peaceful it could take any comment and just shrug it off and not try to kill the speaker/writer/artist etc.

No true believing Muslim will embrace modern occultism or anything not Muslim. It breaches their faith and marks them as infidels and traitors to be killed and made example of. I would say the religion needs thousands of more years but why kid... It will become more corrupt like the others.
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10-10-2017, 09:17 PM
Post: #134
If you leave the media islam out of it then you get a bunch of people who accept the occult as truth. Part of islam is accepting the unseen world as real. The way to deal with that world is a bit difgerent then with other ways. It teaches you first and foremost to rely on allah and prayer. It is a big no no to ask other beings without doing it tru the highest.

But there are also things that are debatable like praying over water and drinking it. Very strict islamic practitioners will say you are using your own. Power instead of allahs. So its permisable but looked down upon.

Still there are many many folk magicians who are able to combine it with islam. Just like there are many who would be called voudouisants while they themselves call it islamic practice.

If you realy want to talk ISIS then i suggest watching rambo.
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10-11-2017, 12:06 AM (This post was last modified: 10-11-2017 12:09 AM by ZackDuckers.)
Post: #135
I had to reread the first post to this thread. Seems more to do with the holy war of islam vs christian.

Problem is it doesn't seem clear cut like that. I bet non-religious are treated just as harshly depending. I don't see a solitary magician/sorcerer/practioner standing much of a chance of independence if they were to tell either church/mosque leaders/officials amongst a crowd that they are such. Christians/jews may leave you alone but the smiling priest with shit eating grins will abuse the situation in their favor. Sheeple will attack you in one way or another. They might not kill you... But who's to say.

Muslims will probably condemn you. And i don't doubt someone will get word to a group to kill or torture. Both can ve guilty of great harm. Hell the hindus had a massive split that resulted in pakistan (blame the brits actually for this. If my memory served i would quote the date and instance that turned friendly neighbors into bitter rivals).

Side by side dissection of the tomes bible, torah, talmad, quran, etc and all the origins of where the statements originated would be nice if not already done. A thorough analysis if what was written, when, and under who's authority (by that i mean leadership politically, in business, or religious leader or all 3).

A simple change of language, the rise of a new believe, and economic unsustainability in regions causes the upheavals that destroy old beliefs and give rise to new. Survival of the fittest in theology it seems. Thus more cattle/sheeple are wanted. Its the only thing that gives any movement, belief, cause any direction of power. It doesn't matter what the core belief is. It could be about worshipping slugs and bathing in lime jello pools praising some invisible force. Enough followers and the popular takes command. The more ignorant the follower the better as far ad the leadership is concerned.

The short is they (all factions) do not want a sorcerer who knows or reveals the ansolute truth. Nothing must take from the power base. Nothing. Thus any and all such sorcerers are threatened by Islam..... And every other belief system that doesn't follow that religious paradigm.
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10-13-2017, 03:43 AM (This post was last modified: 10-13-2017 03:46 AM by TimeReaper.)
Post: #136
It really is all about three things.

1.THING is to keep system of religions up very high and strong .... for gathering of money,power,control and manipulation of people.
2.THING is to keep people in sleep. Keep them delusional.
3.THING is to keep people stupid. So they cannot think for themselves, so they need to go search in holy book what should they do in certain situation ,,,, or they should go ask a priest or elder... depending on belief and religion system.

People are so naive. They trust anyone who seems either good or seems like SO CALLED (GODLY PEOPLE) ... in most cases that......... is in 99% of cases this GODLY PEOPLE are money drainers.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQl5UNuOdwprShU3Vh3gTO...76smU8G9EQ]
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