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Jinn evocation
01-17-2018, 03:58 PM
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(01-17-2018 03:55 PM)RichardCrainiam Wrote:  Nineveh doesn't need to come here and respond. he can respond to the email I sent and if he cant find that he can look up my order at Ishtar. Or he can do nothing and all of the 31,000+ here will know how he feels about his customers.

Ok bro, like I said i'm not his financial or personal assistant. I'm just posting that regarding jinn evocation. I have nothing to do with your order or anybody else order. Goodluck.
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01-19-2018, 01:47 PM
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Well... My new financial assistant is...

[Image: bizhawk%20logo%20L.png]

[Image: tenor.gif]
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03-06-2018, 05:33 AM
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(01-15-2018 08:58 AM)Brother MOLOCH 969 Wrote:  First off that interview I did with Ninevah Shadrach was many years ago. I was new to his periodicals and had little contact with them or him. Since then I've come to realize for a magician, the poor guy's life is a mess (He's always posting some personal drama about a catastrophe in his life on FB) and if his stuff work then why is his life in such disarray OR why does he not use his own writings to fix things? Secondly I've had the chance to buy and study numerous books by the man and I am NOT that impressed with them.

Sure, there are parts to his books that seem decent but there are many things left out. Come to find out, Ninevah told me that he himself does not translate these texts from Rhuhania into English either; he has someone he pays to do this for him and as I've been led to believe this translator being Muslim is very concerned about what he translates due to his faith. So there is that element to the texts to deal with. I've had another scholar whose had dealings with both Djinns and Rhuhania workings look at these texts and he said that there are misspellings of the names and overall the conjurations should not be trusted. I trust my source; your mileage may vary.

His books on Magic Squares seem very interesting but the rules are NOT easily understandable - even by very experienced CM's and neither they nor I are no fools when it comes to making talismans and magic squares yet the complications make the books all but unusable. I mean sure, being initiated I can copy a square and have my spirits give it life of course but overall that's not how the squares are supposed to work. So even other CM's balk at his materials. It's sad because here's someone coming from a unique perspective that the rest of us hunger for and all we're getting is confusion. About the best book he offers is his "Magic That Works" which seems to be the most complete. His second one "Love, Healing & Prosperity" is worthwhile as well. The rest? I'd save my $$$ for other texts out there that will teach you useful things such as Skinner & Rankine's texts. Those are gold mines. The Hygromantia by Ioannis Marathakis is by far one of THE best books you will invest your shekels in kiddies. No joke. Worth every penny. Best $43.00 USD on the market for a hardcore book of magic.


Djinns are comprised of smoke and fire. They are NOT the same class of spirit as the 72 from the book of Goetia regardless of what some claim. A djinn spirit is definitely not a good spirit for beginners to start with. You can get just as good results with either your Natal Angel as Shin suggested (good call Shin) OR try working with an Elemental under say Ghob, Nicksa, Paralda or Djinn (re: this is NOT of the order of Rhuhania spirits). Elemental spirits are much easier to call and sumon for your first attempt than any heavy duty spirit is AND they can do pretty much everything any other spirit can do - influence, heal, attract, repel, and so on. Stop ass-u-ming that a spirit's ability is tied to Its station. Even your Nativity Angel is powerful enough to do those things and more. Just TRY it. You do NOT need to summon Djinni, the 72, Shem spirits or others.

Find ONE spirit; treat it with respect and courtesy; summon it often; give it an offering occasionally; make It earn any rewards before you give them; and be sensible in your requests. One spirit is all you really need. Most Houngans in Haiti may have dozens of spirits at their beck and call but when you interview them personally, they typically use ONE spirit for 90% of their workings. Why? It's easier to keep track of. You don't need to buy 20 tools when you have a GOOD, reliable all-in-one multi-tool.

I have to agree with Moloch, The Hygromantia by Ioannis Marathakis is worth the money. It's a treasure trove of occult wisdom. I highly recommend it.
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