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LHP vs RHP are they both "bad" or "faulty" paths?
06-24-2017, 07:44 AM
Post: #71
It is rare then you can convince a person of different world view and I'm honestly tired. Seeing how Christians forged their own evidence of Jesus Christ over and over again, are lying through their teeth, I do not know that is right or wrong anymore. All people are scums. Sooner or latter, one way or another, it is just a matter of time when you will either have to submit or to dominate and said actions will be described as good or evil by the others. There is close to nothing of the truth. What is the truth? Do you believe spirits? They are known liars. Every word of theirs, every action. They cannot be trusted to tell us anything at all for their accounts and stories changes from spirit to spirit. From circumstance to circumstance nor said entities can or summoners can gain such knowledge out of said spirits. I had noticed that anything real out of them is guarded jealously. That is, if this entire field exists at all for most that occultists do is just gibberish.

That you mention as the truth as merely laws. The best laws which we have are coming from science which brings us undeniable. How can you take anything out of anything if we are just beggars? Bible, Quran, any other prophet. They all are deeply flawed works, often times they even cannot entirely escape accusation of being work of fiction from respected scholars. What we do have as our fundamental laws of spiritual nature? We can only reflect that we see and create such laws, but they are impure nor they are the truth. Said laws will be altered and changed as our culture changes. Do you think that anything which our generation produces will stand test of time? No, nothing does. From Christianity and all religions to basic human principles. They all are just reflections of that we see and experience. They are not primal, fundamental.

Furthermore, the truth is whatever you make it to be. People cannot deal with reality as it is and thus it creates various games and fantasies to keep themselves entertained. From religions to communication with spirits. I pretend often ignorant to ask methods and how everything looks for you and that I read I find uterly pathetic. It even makes me desire to "work" with said entities for their power and strength of manifestation is often leaves everything to be desired if it does exist in a first place.

Said spirituality and this whole occult business exhaust me and I still cannot put my finger on. It seems that even being near it takes a toll on my health, it puts a strain on me. More precisely, due to extreme feelings of pulls, of change of myself to various different directions. I know where I want to go, at least roughly and who I want to become. Evil, good, these things are just a matter of circumstance. Humans are moronic for their never portray evil as evil, but as a joke. For doing destructive, chaotic, selfish and harmful things are beneficial to you which often carries really no retribution. For I only need real such opportunities for my fate and road to be sealed. A job, an offer and here I go. My direction is set, my energy is spent and I will not care whatever I will be doing as long as I feel content with that I have. As for this entire field, it doesn't stand on itself. It isn't real. You can see for a fact that all priests are liars. Faith healers are just scammers. Our great occultists cannon conjure any income and have to result to preying on desperate and the foolish, often they are involved in various scams. A lot is being told, about pretty stories and their power, but one after one, they all fall. I had multiple visitations from said spirits or people only not to get me entirely wrong, but also, said spirits never really to interact with me despite of their goal being as such. I see magickians threatening to sent their own demons over and over again and while, something might had came, I just sent it back running within a single moment. Thus I'm left wondering, always near, always surrounded, but never really in for I do not believe the promise and the worth of said field. I do not consider that men should take such things seriously, more than a matter of hobby and playthings. On the other hand,
there is another pull of embracing everything. Of unleashing all I'm into this field, of using said power without restrictions and limitations. That is Tzeentch within me talking. It remains to be seen where I will turn in my life, but as you see, I do not know it myself. Probably will end up like nobody, lying, pretending and deluding myself and my role while being nothing, but a madman with nothing to his name.
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07-15-2017, 02:55 PM
Post: #72
My initial understanding of LHP and RHP came about roughly nine years ago, when I first discovered the occult and other fringe subjects. There is a fellow who does a lot of research into this content, and claims to have experiences with extraterrestrials. Not sure if I believe everything he says, but he did teach me a lot of important things with his write-ups. If you're curious, visit this site: (not sure how to do links here, just copy and paste into browser).

In a nutshell:

RHP: unconditional service to all, with the goal of absolute unification between all energy and beings.

LHP: service to self, with the goal of achieving absolute personal power at the cost and sacrifice of others.

My cynicism and contempt for humanity threw me onto the left hand path, which some may say was a "trap" that I fell for. If this is the case, so be it. After trying to serve on the right hand path, I was thrown into many situations that left me weak, to the point I turned my back on it all and descended back to sheepery for a time. I also believe that the RHP is also a "trap" -- being, if you turn the other cheek and serve the unworthy, they will use that to their advantage. To me, the Right Hander is just as much prey than the common sheeple. I will not abide or tolerate stupidity.

Having said that, I do believe "balance" is key. If you're a Left Hander, you run the risk of complete destruction by a greater magician or being than you. Right Handers do not have to worry about this issue as they have learned for themselves unconditional forgiveness, the only downside being is that they unwittingly serve the predator, using this logic.

I suppose, as an example, let's take two warring factions. The leaders and generals would be the Left Hander, in that situation, and the Right Hander would be the Red Cross medic who heals the soldiers (let's view them as "sheeple" in this situation) regardless of their side in the war.
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07-17-2017, 08:43 AM
Post: #73
Interesting postulation Heretic Soul, but I think we´re missing a/the link here: the middle ´path¨ (or synthesis of both left and right) which would serve to balance both extremes!

"You have to understand. Most people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured and so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it."
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07-26-2017, 05:14 PM
Post: #74
I prefer to follow the Psycho path!

If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution. - Emma Goldman
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07-26-2017, 07:48 PM
Post: #75
Yeah but how would that work, exactly? The two forces oppose one another. Do you carefully pick and choose which alignment to follow depending on the circumstances?

Do you give generously, and if paid back with betrayal, so you then apply the LHP way of "an eye for an eye"?
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07-28-2017, 04:21 AM
Post: #76
When it comes to magic you need to throw out any concepts of Left-Hand Path, Right-Hand Path and Middle Path, unless you are following a specific paradigm, such as Hinduism or Daoism where the traditions differ based on the use of alcohol, other psychoactive stimulants, sex, and consumption of meat and living in the modern world (all Left-Hand Path oriented practices in the East). In the West the traditions are most likely based on Qabilistic practices - the Right-Hand Path is geared toward unification with God and enlightening humanity and the Left-Hand Path toward chaos, demonic infestation, and vampiric practices (angelic magic versus demonic magic, really).

Unless you are a philosopher or dogmatic zealot, there is no need for either path, no reason to speak of balance, left, right, light, dark, et cetera. Magic is solely based on what works for the individual. If you try to break it down into strict philosophical doctrines then you are wasting your time and energy where you could be putting it toward your goals, whether they are union with the Divine or practical desire achieving magic. Because both Left- and Right- schools heal, curse, bind, seek union, use blood, sex... you name it, it just depends on the tradition. For example, Vodou uses blood and animal sacrifices in its rituals and celebrations, but they can be considered Right-Hand because they are seeking unity with the Spirits and Good God, and practicing Compassion magic can be considered Left-Hand because you are a LaVeyan Satanist.

"There is something inherently magical about breath and light and balls of energy." Adam Blackthorne

I am an amorphous sigil of beingless ecstasy, I am a spell cast by blind idiots shot through my Fathers Wand into my Mothers Chalice. I am a slave created to set myself free.
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07-28-2017, 01:35 PM
Post: #77
^Very good
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08-12-2017, 03:23 AM
Post: #78
I'm thinking that it's a sense of "belonging" that drives much of one's desire to adhere strongly to one path over the other. I come from a Christian background where group think and herd mentality take over any form of subjective thinking. I'm personally very new to exploring the LHP, specifically Luciferianism, and for me, it is a complete change of thought from believing in one "objective" truth to accepting that I have a voice that matters in my own life. I still have a lot to learn, but feel that there are things I could glean from both the RHP and LHP.
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08-12-2017, 03:38 AM
Post: #79
It's all left hand. Your telling the Universe or "God" that the status quo won't do, so you are going to poke around and fiddle with the gears to get things to fit your will. That is and always has been left hand. The idea of right hand or white Magick was conjured up to ease the conscience of practitioners and to candy coat what they were doing. Sorcery whether for healing or greed, or harm is all left hand and all Black Magick.
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08-12-2017, 03:54 AM
Post: #80
Whether one believes in a god or not, we still have our own will. All we need (in my opinion) exists within us, which is what Luciferianism is about. Striving for enlightenment and to be our best Selves. I think if one wishes to get deeper than that, it's up to him/her. No one should attach dogma onto this, that all reminds me of the Christian way.
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