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Lets Interpret Some Dreams
01-14-2018, 06:46 PM
Post: #91
Oh no, Thank the Creator!
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01-14-2018, 11:00 PM
Post: #92
Nah. All i did was give and took nothing unless their attention is sonething. Prolly just missing my empathy towards them. Last night it was a massive school/college under lockdown. Lot of tech in it. These beings always appear very human. And they know i dislike getting anything from beings as my pride in doing it myself of myself was tops. At the same time i'm a hippocrite and bitch about not getting help then shove it away.

Guess its easier for those that just take. I'll delve more nature orientated in my area. See what's living around the space i dwell. Tired of pestering beings with my trivial drivel.
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01-15-2018, 06:31 AM (This post was last modified: 01-15-2018 06:32 AM by Weirdo.)
Post: #93
Not sure if it really happened on the outside, but thanks for the interpretion, bandaboy o.o

This afternoon I dreamed of being in a kind of hospital or something, I think it was a nuts house or such. There was like a bed room or something, but it had two beds, not right next to each other, on the opposite sites of the room actually. I was sitting on one and had no idea what the fuck was going on. It was dark, not super dark, but like when you don't turn on the lights at afternoon in winter. On the other bed was another guy: he was in a bad mood, but I couldn't really tell whether he was sad or angry. When he got louder some sort of personnel came in and took him away. I don't know how or why, but somehow I could see him and his therapist or whatever talking, I didn't really understand a whole lot, I mean I think they were speaking german, it's just that what they said didnt make much sense to me.
After they finished, the guy went back to the room and so did I. It was still as dark as the first time. The other person went to browse the Internet on their phone, I wanted to play with mine, but for some dumb reason it suddenly mattered what I did and that guy was whining how my display was too bright and got worried I'd take a creep shot of him or something. He was still very upset I suppose. I told him that it wasn't my intention and toned down my display's brightness. We've been chatting, then he calmed down. At some point I just felt really tired, stood up, stretched - and that was the moment I woke up.

I guess the easiest way would be saying that whiny dude was me, but he was white and I never dream of myself as a white guy, even if it is my culture - Oh! Maybe because it is my culture ┐('~`;)┌

Maybe I'm really just sleeping way too much atm. I think without enough outer stimuli your dreams just become sorta bland. Maybe I should take walks by the dyke or such.

Thank you for any post. I feel like I learn a lot from just lurking!
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01-20-2018, 05:02 AM (This post was last modified: 01-21-2018 02:52 AM by Calicifer.)
Post: #94
Ah, today I was with my squad, overseeing the road. Heavy fighting could be heard in a distance and we, like a good little boys, utilized infiltration in depth to take positions behind front line in the enemy territory. For fun. For giggles. Surely, you would all agree that when battlefield does not have clearly defined lines and enemy main force is bloody everywhere, 360 degrees around you, stretching dozens of kilometers in depth, that makes for one a lot more interesting war. Wouldn't it?

So, our beloved enemy was advancing with medium to super heavy armor to the frontlines. I saw three tanks. One of them was a superheavy tank, another two, seemed like heavy tanks, but definitions can vary from nation to nation. I ordered for a missile to be delivered into my ATGM. Soldier behind me armed the weapon while I acquired the firing solution. I picked the target and fired into the side of enemy collum. First tank blew right up. I repeated the process, but for second it took few more shots. Got glancing hits, because enemy now was angling, intercepting my missiles, it is kind of harder than to execute enemy driving sideways.

I finished two tanks, but a superheavy tank got out of the sight. The next I know, that damn morron drives into the building left from my position. Luckily I was in the second floor. My squad engaged in short range fire exchange with enemy infantry. Tank was pushing further into the building, but I recovered from shock of having few hundred tons vehicle ramming us and I grabbed RPG from the ground laying few meters from me. From second floor I shot straight into the engine deck. This is that had saved us since I had immobilized tank. It took a lot of firepower to finish that beast. I was focusing on disabling it through sending anti tank rockets straight through its top. It was well made super heavy tank. It is sad that humanity is incapable of producing proper models of such vehicles, even more, of properly commanding such magnificent lords of war. It was well made tank and even if I practically got all the penetrating hits, it merely disabled the beast. I cursed at how well made this tank were. Yet, if it bleeds, I can harm it and not moving was sufficient, for now. The point blank hit had generated and explosion. I was sent flying back from my feet as fireball had risen from my hit. It was why we had survived. The ferocity and murderious instinct. Where we were assaulted by men and point blank explosions have a tendency to discourage men, for us it was merely commonality. We recovered far quicker from it and opened fire. Assault was murdered by men on first floor while I raised on my feet, with my head ringing and eyesight temporary ruined. I grabbed another RPG went back to the same spot and repeated the process until it stopped moving. One does not need to use its eyes when aiming a missile at point blank range against freaking super heavy tank.

Yet, we were barely just holding against infantry assault. My men were no push overs and even with overwhelming superiority of our enemies, it was a bitter stalemate. Until cavalry had arrived. By flanking enemy troops, we had cleared the area. Yet, these were not simple reinforcements. They were of newly formed women armed forces. They were led, lets say by hardcore SJW and feminazi. She made clear remarks about my men and I openly discriminated her and badmouthed her in most misogynistic way possible. As a commanding officer, fearsome as I was, only a weakling can ignore direct challenge. I knew that she would not dare to openly oppose my comments in the field, for she might catch a sudden case of "accident", but there was limits of how much I could openly speak until it was impossible to ignore for anyone. So, later that day, we had met with local command and she went into a rage and started attacking me, verbally of course about my behavor. High command were made up of men, so I know how it might looked for her, but they dismissed her whining and made painfully clear to watch who she crosses. I did not said the word. I just smiled inside. I knew my worth as an officer. I knew my sheer authority and respect, even fear which I inspire. She had no right to challenge me and for that, she got punished. I could had taken entire high command on my own even if they had turned on me. Nobody wants to cross squad of superbly armed hardened killers, especially during the peak of fiercest war. After all, accidents do happen and the bullet in the dark had decided humanity's history more times than one would like to admit.

Damn woman, they cannot fight for shit. Now I'm dreaming about them being put in combat with full battle gear and being sent into the thick of the fighting. It would be adorable if not sad. Furthermore, the more I think, the more I'm impressed with my dreams. Not only my dreams are far more awesome than any of yours, but in truth, I'm fascinated at how tight ass I'm even in my dreams. Now I see that missile launcher system was already located in place. Missile loaded and soldier behind me was holding another missile to load instantly after the first one. How said missile launcher was pulled deeply into the building as not to be easily seen and exposed. We were essentially firing missiles in the building through the window. More than that, we were in total silence, radio and vocal. No light sources, nothing. House was dead, abandoned until it started spewing missile after missile in rapid succession. You know, nothing out of the ordinary that abandoned buildings do not tend to do.

(01-14-2018 02:22 PM)bandaboy Wrote:  Calcifer
Your dreams are an indication of the astral life of your spirit. You are trapped in some section of the astral world, you are in some sort of bondage there. The powers that are keeping you there are happy that they have a god.

Actually, this is when I'm seeing that you have a spiritual assignment here on earth. This is interesting! The astral powers that have you are actually stopping you from reaching your assignment and have succeeded thus far in trapping your spirit in a cage with all sorts of toys and entertainment. Actually, at this time, you are supposed to be teaching people some kind of meditative path working. I perceive some books and a favorable online presence. Sadly, you are veering off your destiny...those branches that do not bear fruit are always cut off and thrown out into darkness. At least now you know what your assignment on earth is!

You do not seem to have a desire for freedom, and instead prefer the cage with a little toys and entertainments. Time is ticking man Mr. modern Buddha, your soul is obliged to those that you were assigned to help before you were born. My personal advice would be to seek out buddhist initiation around where you are as a start, preferably Tibetan empowerments.

Zack Duckers, interesting that you cut off ties to them, but those same spirits are still calling your fat juicy soul! You apparently have things that belong to them. They are not willing to let you go.

So, I'm deeply possessed and my astral body is being held in prison?

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences, I'm always interested in hearing them out. Feel free to PM me.
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02-01-2018, 03:28 PM
Post: #95
So last night I dreamed of being in a big furniture store, like a more elegant version of ikea. There was a woman who kept talking into her cell phone, a lot of weird stuff. She wanted the bed sheets' color to match her clothes or something. When everything went well she said something about believing in god to some old man, or...idk he looked like he was in his 50ies or such. She then left, I watched the scene flabbergasted. When the woman was gone, the man asked me what I thought of god. After answering that, I returned the question and he said that he could read the minds of the people and explained how that influenced his idea of god. It went on for a long time, then at some point I had to go.

I hate furniture stores. Not because of that dream, but I find them boring af!

Thank you for any post. I feel like I learn a lot from just lurking!
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02-02-2018, 07:55 AM
Post: #96
I keep dreaming of Stargate shit.
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02-05-2018, 03:29 AM
Post: #97
What Stargate Shit exactly? The movie or the show?

@Topic: I lately dream the same scheme, but with different people/places. I'm always "at home" and suddenly some dork shows up in front of the window, or in the garden, on the balconary, etc and starts insulting me for one reason or another. I insult them back, then I leave the window/balconary/etc, but then the dork person somehow manages to come in and attacks me physically, with a knife or something. I fight them back and the dream typically ends when I injure them severely.

Thank you for any post. I feel like I learn a lot from just lurking!
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02-05-2018, 04:37 AM
Post: #98
Atlantis i think.
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02-16-2018, 11:08 PM (This post was last modified: 02-16-2018 11:17 PM by bandaboy.)
Post: #99
@ Calcifer, at the time yes. At this time, I post this, I do not know.

@ wierdo, the details are not so clear but the essence of your dream concerns the manifestation of One into many; maintaining His Oness and His manyness at the same time. Careful, not all old men are wise. Your were wiser to ask him back that question. This was actually supposed to be the lesson you learnt but the actual being who was supposed to teach you this did not show up and was beaten to it by the old man who is a con spirit. He is of a very low kind.

Every dream has an essence, an essential point that you need to connect to. This essential point allows you to see all possibilities of the dream and what it was supposed to relay to the dreamer.

To get into the tunnel that leads to the essential point, one must have a connection to a higher power, say some spirit or God. As for me, it's the latter. spirits can enter the book of records and tell you what the dream meant, but they cannot enter the essential point.

A dream or memory of an astral experience is connected to ones destiny/life purpose. Catch it and you get where you need to be. Miss it and well, you don't wanna miss it.

Perhaps we have other theories of dreams? I look forward to hearing them.

Oh, and a dream I need interpreted. Who is the whore that is blocking me?
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02-17-2018, 03:11 AM
Post: #100
What if we miss it? Lost forever? Destroyed? The Void?
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