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Life & Creation
12-20-2016, 10:22 AM (This post was last modified: 12-20-2016 10:25 AM by FarhnamDrunk.)
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Does it say much in meaning that i would rather die an eternal death than bring 1 soul into this cursed world?

Replication and the "joy trap" it be can damn a being to experience this planet and what it has to offer. Maybe ive been beaten mind, body, and soul so badly i see no meaning in the repetition cycles of life or the possibilities beyond death if they be.

Heaven or hell. Reincarnation and reinvention. Erasure or lethe forgetting. I only see a lone cruel selfish being that cant break the paradox of ansolute free will. You cannot ask what has never been. If you make something then permission wasnt granted through its "free will" to be.

For that you either bow and accept creation or you rage over and try to make it not so.

I gain no enjoyment. I try to bribe myself with distractions but they fail time and time again.

I am surely a broken engine or flawed design. All i have to do is make sure the cycle isnt repeated. It makes suicide a very viable option to ensure it. Maybe my adversarial fires die as i see no point but i also see the scavengers in one way or another prey.

So how long do fires flicker in the human soul waging a war against itself and its very existence.

And you cant ask for help as that defeats the purpose of the entire struggle. An instant failure in a futile battle of self. Is it vain and pride?

Things die, present is past as you live and the future never unfolds for some. I type this and know its a pointless topic brought up again and again.

You think you are important but you're just another cog in this infernal eternal machine.

And sanity snaps...
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12-20-2016, 01:57 PM
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Not as cool as I was trying to make you! Almost though, pretty darn cool!
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12-20-2016, 11:14 PM
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One can influence but cant make. If there is a omni that "creates" then it makes. Hardly cool. Its how people get hurt. And it never solves the wars inside.

And people wonder why "vices" are on the rise. Sheehsh!!

[Image: bear%203.png]
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12-21-2016, 06:56 AM
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Very interesting, can you talk a little more about that or on that trail of ideas, I was really finding it interesting and thought provoking.
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12-21-2016, 11:16 AM
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I think i lost track myself. Omni is all so its also a total arrogant dick. I also tend to think its in us all. Atm, i feel terrible like a perpetual hell that will get worse. Total discontentment and feelings of futility. If one never was then the experience wouldnt exist. Death wont solve the ripple my existence caused. For that hatred to omni. It offers nothing to solve the paradox. I am stuck in the paradox... So torment.

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12-22-2016, 06:39 AM
Post: #6
Hmm. I'm feeling ok myself. I hate all the stupid annoying things I have to do if I want to feel a sense of improvement, or for other reasons, but I had an ok bite to eat, even though I hate eating too. I look forward to a bunch of fun stuff to see and make, even now, and to think, and really none of this junk I have to do matters much except for the pressure of people and their seeing it so I have to clean the floor for example and pick up some stuff. I just don't appreciate any sort of laborious stuff. I grew up basically with servants, and my parents with more servants than I ever encountered lol, but what happened here is just collecting so much crap I have to get rid of. I could get servants again, but I don't want to either, I just don't want so much stuff in the first place taking up space or having to clean it or whatever. Life is this annoying constant maintaining effort seemingly, like Sisyphus (Sissy Puss) having to roll up the rock and watch it roll back down over and over, we use the dishes and pots and then they need to be cleaned, f*ck that. So annoying! Even if I use disposable dishes and throw them in the trash, then I have to take the trash out!? When robots (slaves) should be doing this!? I hate God for making this system, this government, and not a wondrous technocracy where we grow weaker and lose all our skills by having the robots do everything until we ourselves become robots. How great would that be? Arms that can do more than arms, legs that can do more than legs, Inspector Gadget.

In any case though, the solution seems to be, to do it and then try, and keep trying, to make things better and less troublesome the next time around where and when possible. Replace plants that need watering with plastic ones, then throw those out too because of the dust, and keep evolving towards just enough effort with the least amount of work. The reduction of troubles.
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12-22-2016, 11:41 AM
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Its not that i hate "GOD" but how it is potrayed by the masses. If the majority rules then its wrong in my book of stuffing a beings mouth with falsehoods. I cant get beyond the concept of free will and creating something wthout a free will of that which doesnt exist to be. Paradox of asking nothing if something can be and expect it to be grateful.

Maybe i should let it go. It will just end up in eternal conflict of no resolution. But maybe thats what i decided before being.

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12-22-2016, 12:10 PM (This post was last modified: 12-22-2016 12:38 PM by The Artis Magistra.)
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I don't even believe in the thing portrayed by the masses, but I hate the real actual thing, which people call "Reality" or "Truth" or "Nature" or whatever.

This might be a chance to bring up another point. Lots of people have the silly idea about "thought forms" and that "all those prayers make a God", lol the reason the idea is flat out stupid is that none of those people who are imagining this or that are directing their prayers to the "same thing", each one is necessarily imagining something "as/by themselves" meaning the information is entirely different, experiences/accessed.

Twenty million people saying "Buddha" or "Jesus" is twenty million Buddhas and Jeezae, the prayers go nowhere, they reach nothing. Literally, they reach "Nothing", the thing they all wish wasn't and isn't which is tricking them all with what is and is not it, which is everything.

It is that same who then generates further delusions for them, including the answering or not answering of their prayers, on absolutely no merit of their own or basis, known as "Grace" which can also be known as "Injustice" or even just malicious fraud.

So then a poor pigeon thinks

Its worse than that, because the thought itself was implanted in it, again, of no merit and due to no deficiency on the part of the pigeon, only Malice which rules the whole world as a Rebel without a Cause.

Build like a lord -- live like a slave!
Build like a slave -- live like a lord!
Although the number of unhappy days is endless,
yet life is better than death.
Tell a lie and then tell the truth: it will be considered a lie.
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