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Lucifuge Rofocale
Yesterday, 06:49 PM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 06:58 PM by MotherHen.)
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That's awesome. I have contacted King Paimon before, I actually enjoyed talking to King Paimon. I think that perhaps contacting LR with KP as intermediary sounds like a brilliant idea. You are a genius!
I will try this method.

My sister went with the Grimoire version. She has coins for him every full moon. Honestly, If I am making money all the time and live well, I wouldnt mind giving him gold coins, silver coins or whatever else. It would be a small token of gratitude in response to a life of wealth and comfort for me, my parents, and my kids. If I have money I help others. Even when I make modest money I help others because I enjoy it, plus I think the more positivity you put out into the world, the more it becomes contagious in a good way. I digress but I will try your method..perhaps KP can maybe give me some tips on doing it appropiately

Let me know how it goes.

BTW, contacting KP left me very tired and drained for like an entire week or more ( I cant remember how long it was) I remember even getting a back pain.
I love evoking KP bc he likes talking and providing awesome awareness and info but everytime I think of how tired I get after evoking him I just kinda go like "Meh!!! I dont wanna be so tired." Anyway, I would have to do any evocation when Im back in Atlanta. All my tools are there, everything is there. The only thing I brought to Fl was my Tarot cards.
So any pacts or evocations for me will be in like 3 weeks. But you will be tired, drained, hungry, exhausted when you talk to KP. I think it hits everyone differently. My sister was exhausted too with the same back pain I had.

But please keep in the loop. Message me and tell me anything that you may have learned that helped you and I will do the same..
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