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Magic and Psychosis
05-06-2017, 10:26 PM (This post was last modified: 05-06-2017 10:32 PM by Feywer96.)
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I have a friend whom is going through a tough patch in his life. Namely, his abandonment of the evangelical christian church - the whole upbringing that went along with that - so a conflict of faith, not to mention his family moved to another country to teach children in some school or something and left him here.

So he's been dealing with raw raw emotions and has a lot on his plate. Combined with alcohol intake it, which we all know alcohol makes the emotions really come up - but with him it was more feverent. He expressed his feelings more. But he eventually stopped drinking, deciding it wasn't the best idea; and even then he was still doing his best to deal with his issues.

He is my friend from childhood, so we grew up with a mutual interest in the occult. Staying in our household for the past year and 4 months, only recently did he and I begin to make contact with other witches and pagans in the area and start studying and all that - so the frame here is within about a week or two, about.

I started to teach him about Tarot, basic Wiccan rituals and texts, the elements; metaphysics and philosophy, the Vangelo of the Witches - all sorts of good stuff like that - and he was eager and interested and learning a lot.

I would occasionally talk about the Qabalah, and mention the numbers and sephiroth and all the paths and such; and it seems as if something in him really caught onto that notion of numerology, because frankly I think he has gone a bit far with it.

When I started to get into the Qabalah I also went through the short but complex mental 'phase' where I would see meanings in numbers and stuff, for freshly having learned about the numerical associations in the mysticism. But I found that one can become easily lost and diluted. So I grew out of that quickly.
My friend takes numbers and associates certain things in his [current level of understanding + his life experiences] with them. Which doesn't sound half bad - but he would, say, look at a pokemon card and read the hit points or something like "2 means the lovers, and the 0 means infinitum - so it means love is infinite" - like what?

One morning I came out in my living room to find him already awake and having laid out a complex spread of pokemon cards, much like tarot cards (this is when I asked about that pokemon cards and cartomancy thread), and I was so patient and trying to understand how he was interpreting it all. I would ask questions like "well what does this card mean to you?" or "so why do these cards go here?" and so forth. But he would just go on with the whole numbers thing.

And recently (which, this is no ones true business) he visited his girlfriend and things apparently didn't go well because now my friend is either in a mental ward or the police station; they found him wandering the streets or something in a towel. He had left all his things at his gfs, or so I believe. We don't know where he is at the moment because they won't release information to us, but we're worried about him. This whole mess reminds me of the movie The Craft and how Nancy went crazy because she "couldn't handle the power". In a dark comedic sort of way. But all jokes aside (because this isn't funny).

Now I am well aware of the mental dangers of the occult realm. But I never considered his own mental stability. This should be a no-brainer: but I thought that Magic could be an "outlet" or a way in which he could take his focus from his anguishes and put it into something which I thought could help him grow, in a way. I did not stop to think that "maybe this isn't the best thing for him right now" - in meaning that, someone that is into magic has to be mentally stable and level: any instability can throw you off - and sometimes into the deep end.

I remember reading somewhere about an initiation in which the initiate was handicapped and in a wheelchair; and at the time how the Craft barred initiation from anyone with physical handicaps: not because of cruelty or coldness, but because it limits full activity with the rest of the coven (but now it's different and all). Anyway - they initiated him, he moved about in the circle on his own and did well, and afterwards thanked them very much. A year later he had some mental thing, broke down, depression and all - but he came out on the other side and told them that the initiation was true, and had changed him in the end for the better.

What are thoughts about psychosis and mental states, and magic? I know this is sort of a sensitive topic for me bc I'm dealing with these lessons right now - but i thought I might as well open discussion on whats been on my mind lately. Thanks~
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05-07-2017, 12:30 AM
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Certain types of magic can agitate an existing issue, other types can help it.

I provide card reading services of all kinds, pm me with your questions and needs.
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05-07-2017, 10:12 AM
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First of all, I am sorry you and your friend are going through this. I wish you the best outcome possible.

Most magical traditions warn not to begin with them if you are mentally unstable. A significant amplification of energy and power can increase parasympathetic pressure that will blow cracks and weaknesses wide open. Even an awareness, or feeling of energy can increase it. Even a mild form of meditation can be dangerous to people with mental illness.

I would suggest doing a ritual (more than once) to help him with this. Angels could help. I have done it for a schizophrenic who was untreated for years because he was paranoid everyone was going to harm him. He was Jesus and dying of cancer at the same time. Everyone was trying to poison him, so he refused to eat anything not made by himself or his mother. He would not take pills. After a month of me doing rituals for help, he suddenly agreed to treatment one day.

May you both be blessed.
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05-16-2017, 01:46 AM (This post was last modified: 05-16-2017 01:46 AM by Feywer96.)
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Update: my friend should be out today, actually. I won't be there to greet him with open arms (as I just moved back to SF from NorCal). We talked to him on the phone yesterday and he seemed miles more stable. It seems like he just needed to "get a grip" in a way, you know? He was at some clinic place. I mean, I know it must be a lot on anyone's plate - but I'm glad his isn't cracking or shattering.
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