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Magickal Tales
09-09-2017, 03:25 AM
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[Image: b30fcb7b53d50d0d7341abe170e73a5do.jpg]

This is a post I created to share traditional magickal tales of any type, whether they have or not a conclusion and comment them ^_^

The essence does not change

Once upon a time, where the memory barely reaches, there was a very skilled sorcerer monk that lived at the top of the mountains. One day, he went down the hills to the town and saw a cat mistreating a rat.

-If you want to eat it, why do not you kill it?
-Because I like playing with mice.

-Then, do you enjoy hurting others?
-Yes, I am happy making them feel pain.

-Then prepare yourself, as you have three dogs behind your back. But do not worry. They will not kill you.

Quickly, the woundful rat went to the side of the monk, who healed it with his hand.

-What can I do with you? - Asked the monk.
-You are the owner of my life, as you saved me.
-It is regrettable, as I can not take you home. If I do so, my wife is going to beat you to death with her broom. Oh, I know!

With a magickal pass, the rat was transformed into a beautiful young girl and both went home.

-Oh my dear, I found this child on my way to the town. She is lost. Please, take care of her.

The girl did not remember she was a rat neither the monk told his wife that girl was originally a rat. The next day, the monk was found dead.

The girl grew up to be the most beautiful woman, with exquisite knowledge that was skilled enough to manage a whole kingdom. Time for her to be married arrived and her foster mother urged her to make her own life at the side of her desired man.

-Dear, who do you want to get married to?
-I want to commit to the most powerful being.
-Help me find him.

They both went to visit an old, very thoughtful man. The fister mother told him the whole history.

-She wants to marry the most powerful being. Who is that?
-The most powerful being for me is the Earth, as it breeds everything.

So the Young lady proposed to the Earth.

-No, I can not marry you as we both are feminine. I am the mother of all Earthlings, the Pachamama. But, if you want to, you can marry the Sun as he is as powerful as me.

Then that girl proposed to the Sun. He was atonished because of her beauty.

-You are the prettiest lady I have ever seen and I would lie if I could so we can both marry. But I can not as I am the Sun. The cloud is even more powerful tan me, when it covers me, I do not have enough power to reach the ground with my rays.

She was turned down with the cloud as well as she was feminine.

-But even more powerful than me is the wind, when it flows I can not help being dragged along the way.

-Oh my precios lady,- He sighed.- I wish I could marry you and make you the happiest woman on Earth. But the mountain is even more powerful than me, it stops me and makes me change the direction of my flow.

The mountain was feminine as well so they could not propose.

-The most powerful being is the mouse, as he can run down the hills by himself and destroys mountains.

-I would like to marry you as well, but you are a respectable human.
The girl played with the mouse and then, kissed him. She transformed herself into a rat and they proposed.

This tale is not mine, is a translation for a Mexican one. There is no harm intended to LGBTTTIQ+ communities or against the equality of woman.

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09-12-2017, 01:20 PM
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That was an awesome story. Best ive heard for a long while. Do u have more stories?
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09-15-2017, 09:09 PM
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This was pretty cool
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