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Mentor needed in vampyrism.
04-12-2018, 11:57 PM
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I have hear, not read, a story of a guy in his 40s retired, who was conctact by a company trust fund to b a airplane private pilot, it was a catch 5 years conctract no qestions, 10 times his salary, flybg 1 a week .all pay for, well based in chicago. Always traveled to litle tiny weird names islands. In night, waite 2 hours, and leave. Supost tey were looking for knifes, artifacts etc, he figured tey were not humans and leave after t years. And the Nosferatu vampires could be present somewhere in financial ceos companies. Unkow, a search who i have searched for years, in languages, cinections, peopls, bioks
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04-13-2018, 04:49 AM
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(04-12-2018 10:46 PM)Aytida Wrote:  
(03-23-2018 12:04 AM)Dusk Wrote:  Vampire clans (as in nosferatu, not energy vamps) are few, secretive, and very financially well off.

Siring a new vampire is a long and risky process.

Old vampires are old because they avoid risks whenever possible.

There's a buy-in. The clans are offering a form of immortality and that's a hell of a commodity, after all. What can you offer them? A shipping empire? Lands and estates? Secure banking or communication services? A nation? An army?

So there are actual immortal vampires living among us even nowadays? I have been believing that could be possible since I was little, but still find it kinda hard to imagine how they keep roaming around without having troubles with the society and stuff, like do they have to change their identities occassionally? Honestly that would be very fascinating!

I don't walk the Black Path. Thus the ways and capabilities of its initiates are largely shrouded in mystery for me.

Your question is a reasonable one. I have an answer for it. No one attains these kinds of powers without mastering an occult art. What trouble is the modern world to a person who can change forms at will, possess any who look them directly in the eyes, hex all enemies they make into a gruesome, painful death, and insert themselves into any social station, title or land they wish through sheer force of intellectual acumen combined with a predator's understanding and control over the hearts of men?

Don't make me put my wizard shit on. I mean fucking business when I've got my wizard shit on.

[Image: dusk.png]
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04-13-2018, 12:03 PM
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yea well.. if we go to this..

who need be "immortal" in body, when you can insert your conciousness to android body without messing with blood.

stop playin with blood children..


"It's funny that people spend their whole lives trying to find truth, yet they wont take it from me" - Satan
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