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Minerals: Alchemical processes, plant-life and humans
12-18-2016, 01:03 AM (This post was last modified: 12-18-2016 01:09 AM by Feywer96.)
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Minerals: Alchemical processes, plant-life and humans
By Feywer Folevado - 17th Decembre, 2016

Plants appear to gather rounded twelve* minerals from the soil in order to accomplish healthy growth. It is known that plants require three things for proper nourishment - nutrients, sun and water. In the soil are the nutrients usually found - but what about the propagation and growth of a plant hydroponically, especially when it comes to a plant which generally requires soil? Some plants are incredibly productive, efficient and reliable when grown in a hydroponic environment as compared to that of a soil-base, and because of it the yield is also abundant.

The potato (solanum tuberosum) was my study plant. I had grown potatoes this year in my garden, starting rather late in the season in an attempt to grow winter potatoes. The yield was exciting but unimpressive - the resulting potatoes were small and no bigger than the palm of the hand. It got me thinking about what the potato plant actually requires in order for big, healthy tuber growth. So I did some internet research, and discovered a PDF document by an agricultural society describing the differences between these mineral nutrients and how they effect the potato plant during it's life cycle.

As it turns out, many of the minerals required by plants are the same as the ones utilized in alchemical procedures, and those required by other animals, organisms - and even humans. It shouldn't be too shocking - but it was a revelation at the time. I decided to try and understand more about how each of the minerals interact with different organisms: I would study and observe how different mineral solutions diluted in water would effect the growth of potatoes, grown hydroponically - the corresponding action it has within the body - and then how they relate to each other, if at all.

First Day (15th Dec)
I began by understanding more about pH within soil, as potatoes grow best in acidic - not alkaline - soil. What could I use to increase the acidity of water (as water is neutral)? Having little to no money available, a quick internet search revealed that some people had used vinegar to increase the acidity of their soil in organic gardening. I decided to try an experiment on my window sill growing two potato tubers in different containers. One container contained neutral tap-water while the other contained a solution of a cap-full (c.f) of vinegar into that of the equal amount of water as that to the water-only potato. I would monitor their growth through the next several days and record any observations.

Third Day (17th Dec)
No noticeable differences between the tubers - yet! Save for the sprouting eyes appear to be growing normally in the water but swell in the vinegar solution, but still appear growing~

This only marks the beginning of the mineral-solution experiment and research. In the meantime I'm learning about the effects of these minerals and compounds both in plants and humans. I'll keep this updated. Anyone that would like to toss in their two bits on the topic, I welcome any insights~

* sixteen. rounded to twelve on the basis that not all plants intake the same amount, and of alignment with the twelve alchemical processes (for the sake of the comparison).
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04-18-2017, 06:31 PM
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Hello any updates on this experiment?
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