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07-17-2017, 05:36 PM (This post was last modified: 07-17-2017 05:40 PM by Ontical.)
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The point of the thread was not whether murder is/is not morally right in society, it was whether or not serial killers are interesting people, why we have a grim fascination with them.

Your first argument is that humans are not capable of compassion on the whole, so serial killers shouldn't be hated on?

Look, raping women and then butchering them for the sake of raping the body again later while wearing your victims skin for sheer gratification is not what your average human is capable of, nor have the desire for.

Norms and customs create conventions and they become laws, if someone is even given the title of serial killer, they are clearly against the convention. Murder and cannibalism does take place in societies that have that convention, yes, but it is not based on personal gratification, it is usually based on some gorm of superstition, or even social justice. Some tribes may eat those who are serial killers and rapists in the belief that consuming the offender will diminish the 'evil spirit'. So I disagree with you on the moral relativity of murder. Where the convention exists, it is beyond individual self-gratification and has a compassionate intent of sorts.

Ted Bundy commited self gratifying murder in the USA, so it was definitely illegal and against convention.

Look, you have to work out when murder is acceptable and why, just because people kill in the army does not mean going up to your nieghbor and shooting them dead is right.

We celebrate (well, I don't) soldiers etc, because they are 'protecting' us (what they are actually 'protecting' is property and opening markets for the state) and so we all sing the nationalist song and murder seems fine. The point is, it's a convention, we accept murder because we accept war and in return we have all the creature comforts that come from war. It's not generally speaking, like murder is taking place for the hell of it.

This becomes more complicated, because if you think about it, we allow murder to take place because we are comfortable well fed animals and I disagree with this. Just because we are at that kind of low, does not mean serial murder is to be white knighted.

Serial killers kill with no benefit to anyone, only their own desire.

I have to add that you defending Bundy and other killers against what I said sounded alot like the id-pol stuff I hear all the time between feminists and anti-feminists.

It's not a 'bias' in the way you say, which is a bizzare rejection of what I said, when I was responding to OP in terms of why psychos are interesting, but are in fact, just selfish little boys and girls who lose in the game of life. I value life, that's the starting principle.

If we kill in self-defence, as in, our own life is in danger, or an other, then it's not murder for gratification is ir? It's to preserve life. It's paradoxical, but it wins the game.

I don't believe we should celebrate soldiers either, especially when they are only serving capital.

To conclude, murder is a zero sum game, it's not that it's wrong, it's that it doesn't work out rationally.

I don't flame btw, I let others speak.

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07-18-2017, 08:22 AM
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Serial murders are a varied bunch. While they have strong correlations of why they start murdering, their personalities often are far from shallow. This is why you are bias, you do not know them. You just make assumptions on your own narrow experience about them. Having light/black view on the whole issue.

Murder in itself is necessary in life. To tell otherwise is just a delusion. The only thing that matters is that it must be done in productive way. That is, away from our tribe and its interest. Nobody cares about subjects and oppressed. For example, look into activities of secret services. They do commit murder far more frequently than we would like to know. Doing that is necessary to keep us dominant and powerful. Wars of oppression are necessary for our well being. It is sad that USA got stuck in their efforts to destroy 7 countries in the middle East, ending with Iran, but its intentions are in the right place.

Doing that is necessary to ensure prosperity and dominance of USA. Dropping bombs might give the same feeling of complete dominance and power over your victim and despite lack of that thrill of the hunt. That close, brutal and personal nature of hand to hand murder, it is still the same thing in the end. Through human history, it was always like that, we are all that is good and our enemies are all that is evil. Thus, we glorify said people.

If you think that wars are being waged for perseverance of life, then you are truly naive. Though, if truth was said, people like you are necessary to keep others, less willful and enlightened people in check, by giving them delusions about the life, keeping their happy and warm inside. This is why we have religion to begin with. The issue becomes then people like you become dominant in society, thus almost always causing its demise in one or other way. I'm yet to discover civilization which fell on its own due to people like me, having spine and the will to do that is necessary despite the cost in human life and material. Look just at Stalin, it is ironic, isn't? Life and history had redeemed him. All he believed in, all he did was true and his harsh policies had saved the Union and secured dominance of the world for Russian people. They were literally dragged out of the mud and into the greatness, screaming, whining and complaining.

No country on Earth had even been prosperous just out of sheer naivety and faith in the goodness of human nature. Compliance only comes from fear of reprisal and dominance is kept by keeping your rivals always weak and divided. You should stop your naive idealism and embrace reality. You might think that serial killers are in essence different than our wars, but they are not. They are just more pure and difficult to ignore and to paint in different colors due to their purity. Our wars are always done out of personal interest, you might be dishonest and find few examples to the contrary, but overwhelming majority of wars are done out of personal need. So, that is the difference in securing political, economical and military dominance over other people then? Both wars are done out of same human motive, to enrich itself at the cost of others. The difference is just one is directed against your own tribe, thus weakening the tribe while others are directed outwards of your tribe in sanctioned manner. It is the very same thing, but done in a controlled fashion.
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09-07-2017, 02:34 PM (This post was last modified: 09-07-2017 02:35 PM by MotherHen.)
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I know what you mean. I do not condone murder of any type, mass killings, or anything that can be harmful to someone..however, I find serial killers fascinating. To better explain myself in this, but, I often wonder what could possibly go wrong in the minds of those people to actually think what they are doing is Ok. How is their brain wired differently? I do not think it has to do exclussively with a caretaker that was neglectful, or they were rejected. There has got to be more than just that to trigger that killer instinct inside. There has got be a mixture of ingredients that create the perfect storm.
Why is it that most serial killers have higher I.Qs? Why? And its also weird that most serial killers are also Saggitarious? There is more to that then what psychology alone can break down.
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09-07-2017, 02:48 PM
Post: #14
(09-07-2017 02:34 PM)MotherHen Wrote:  Why? And its also weird that most serial killers are also Saggitarious? There is more to that then what psychology alone can break down.
mostly r saggitarious...really?
i m usually so attracted to saggitarious menSad
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09-08-2017, 05:26 AM
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meh, serial killers sell themselves short. its better to just fuck people other way. get determined, do whatever is necessary, never stop. get control, get power. be right in the face of people you used to hate. show them that they are nothing. be manipulative, make them need or want you, play with them. if you want to kill make others do it for you. you are noble afterall, they are not worth getting your own hands dirty.
do everything you can get away with but not more
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09-08-2017, 05:46 AM
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I actually read that somewhere once. I am saggitarious so I was like "I knew I was crazy but come on!"
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