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Official Strange/ Vivid Dream Thread
04-27-2016, 05:12 AM (This post was last modified: 04-27-2016 05:28 AM by Seekeroftruth123.)
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I have a lot of strange dreams...several most nights. Always have. I've always remembered them well too. Even the ones from childhood, I remember to this day. Lots of vivid ones. Even if few people utilize this thread, I'll fill it up eventually and cut down on new threads ide otherwise be starting. If anyone else has one to share, ide love to hear it. There doesn't have to be any meaning behind the dream, it only has to be interesting and preferably vivid. Strange is always good too. I'll share some soon.
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04-27-2016, 05:23 AM
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I had one where acid kept burning holes in my fingers. Surprised
What's weird is that i actually felt pain in my fingers! (i still haven't figured that one out). Huh
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04-27-2016, 06:08 AM (This post was last modified: 04-27-2016 06:39 AM by Seekeroftruth123.)
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Ok let's start with some recent ones that I had leading up to becoming a satanist (if that's what you'de even call me). I was having quite a few nightmares leading up to this date especially. They had been going on for a few months.

1) I was at these hotels that in the dream a family member of mine was somehow involved in ( ownership at least in part or maybe management). My husband and I were walking through the hallway. We passed a few doors on our right until choosing one to go into. Using the key, opened the door. We were looking for a place to do my dedication. There was a window ledge in which I set the keys down. I also set down some luggage ide been carrying. Suddenly some people came in through the backdoor from the yard (about 5 of them). We both apologized profusely for barging in, not realizing that there was someone rooming in here. They seemed cool about it. I let them know that I really needed to use the toilet in their restroom and offered to let us order some pizza for everyone to make it up to them. It gets foggy after this but somehow I ended up sitting across from one of them in a cemetery. I think we were sitting on low chairs or maybe tree stumps. This was the first time I had realized this man was wearing a black robe. He asked me... "So you want to dedicate your soul to Satan huh?" He seemed polite enough. I said " absolutely" and straight to the point something about him being a respectable spirit to have on your side. He said, "Well Satan would never accept your soul, because... He doesn't exists!" As he says this he lunges twards me, hands first, seemingly to strangle me. This is when I awoke.

2) I was outside in a plain without any houses or signs of life except myself, a blond girl with short hair and a brunette girl. My view zoomed up on the blond girl. She gave a toothy grin that looked forced like when someone shows off their grill. I noticed a cross hanging by a chain was hanging over her teeth. ( She makes an appearance in the next dream I share as well. I tend to have repeating dream characters frequently)

3) I'm in a cavern that seems to be used for some kind of mining operation. I'm walking side by side a man who is seemingly showing me around and talking business as if we were associates. We start out in a larger cavern and then to a more narrow area, a yard or so wide. The man at some point wasn't with me any more but as I made my way foreward noticed that there was a single file line of people ahead of me in the passage. Once with the group, something comes flying past the line of people, bouncing on the ground near my feet and rolling a short distance behind me. I quickly realized that it was a human head. This is when I realized great anxiety on the faces of the people ahead of me. The line kept moving foreward slowly until I was in the front. This is when I saw what was actually taking place. There were men dressed in uniform with rifles, looping ropes around the necks of the people who had been in line and pushing them over the edge of a cliff. After one was thrown over the edge, my viewpoint changed as if my astral body had moved out of my physical body and was floating in the giant crevice and down a ways. I saw the same blond girl that was in dream 2 watching the murders from a rock platform below that was just at the right angle to view these peoples moments of death as the ropes tightenened. She could see me watching and gave me her trademark toothy grin.

4) I was on a flat platform that was pretty high up. I realized I was in a dream at this point. Usually I use that to my advantage in some way, be it summoning or chakra work but this time, decided to go ahead and wake myself up. I jumped off the edge and started falling until I awoke in my bed. My almost 1 year old was awake standing on the foot of my bed by my bed stand. I sat up in bed. He grabbed something off my nightstand and handed it to me. In my hands laid a small hairy form that I knew was a baby head ( not his). I realized I was in a dream ( again), wondering if some trickster was fucking with me or something. I closed my eyes and awoke for real.

Here's a lucid dream I had recently and a failed summoning attempt as well. It occurred shortly after becoming a satanist.

I was in the bathroom of one of my childhood homes when I realized I was lucid. Something just seemed dreamy though I couldn't pinpoint what it was. I looked in the mirror to see if my reflection verified my lucidity in any way. Even though my reflection was not out of the ordinary, the mirror had an odd looking consistency so that was the type of verification I was looking for. I remembered that I needed to use this opportunity to summon the king of hell. I decided the bathroom was no place for that so I opened the door and went to find an appropriate setting. I came to a room with a bar, several chairs and a radio. The radio was playing white noise if I remember right. I contemplated closing my eyes and then informing him I was there. As soon as I closed my eyes however, remembered that I did not need to close my eyes as if meditating... After all I could easily let him manifest before my eyes. I opened my eyes. Unfortunately this caused me to open my eyes in real life as well. I was so disappointed at the lost opportunity.
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04-27-2016, 06:41 AM
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I was hanging out with some random people outdoors at night, and then something happened that caused my whole body to stretch out all the way into the sky. It was like being sucked up by a vacuum. This happened a couple years back but the sensation was unlike anything I've ever felt.

a speck in the sand in the desert of where...
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04-27-2016, 07:39 AM (This post was last modified: 04-27-2016 07:44 AM by Seekeroftruth123.)
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@ CHARMA10... I have that happen as well. My fingers swell at night and if I forget to take my sapphire or Ruby off before bed, it can cut in pretty bad while I sleep. I've felt that through my dream. Occasional I'll fall asleep with my feet crossed. I've felt the pain of that as well through a dream. Interesting how that happens.

Thanks both of you for sharing the exoeriences. Ive always loved to hear others' dreams. Smiling

There's another dream use like to share. It's the first successful WILD I've had to date... I was working on my pineal gland. Illuminating it with white light. I didn't notice a difference when my next mediation came to pass. But who knows... It could have helped it a bit.
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04-27-2016, 07:48 AM
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Nice. Have you ever taken ormus and has it helped with your lucid dreams??
If you haven't heard of it,
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04-27-2016, 08:54 AM
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Interesting... No I've never taken any supplements. When I was a teenager and first starting out I did reality checks and dream journaling. That helped me to get started. I still do the checks occasionally. All but the one lucid I had by realizing I was lucid while already dreaming.I don't try for WILDs or OOBEs much because they always get cut off when I'm on the brink by my toddler. One day I will because I enjoy this stuff quite a bit and think I have a knack for it. For now I'll just get a bit of extra late night meditation in when I'm laying in bed and feel up to it.
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04-27-2016, 11:27 AM
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You should learn to lucid, it's really not all that hard it just takes practice.

The best method is to journal all your dream experiences so you remember what happens when you dream. Based on the fact that you already have decent recall of your dreams you could start practicing lucid dreaming almost immediately. Below is a brief tutorial.

1. Realization - First step is noticing you're in a dream.

2. Staying Asleep and Maintaining lucidity - Many get excited after noticing they're asleep and wake up immediately, don't do that. Focus on increasing the definition of your dream and making yourself stay calm so you don't wake up. You can try a mantra such as "Relax, I am dreaming", you can be more creative than that (II have no doubt you will be my brain is f**king fried).

3. Gaining Control - After you have solidified your hold on the dream try not to forget that you are dreaming because this is rather common. Make manipulations to the dream, intentional changes large or small whatever you feel comfortable with. It may be necessary to reinforce your mental state so again I advise using a mantra "I am lucid dreaming, time to play"

4. Mastery - with practice you gain considerable control, unfortunately my dream skills are subpar I only mastered invulnerability, body switching, shattering people(touch ability), and shaking reality (A weird type of earthquake).
I really want to get around to getting a hold on most kinesis, flying, and kamehamehas.
I worked on god powers too but creating people can be a tricky.

Another quick tip: it's difficult to stay lucid when you're under water in your dream if you have any fears of drowning. It is really weird to notice that you're breathing underwater.

[Image: skull_star_2.jpg]
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04-27-2016, 11:59 AM
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^ Thanks for the tips darangal! Tounge
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04-27-2016, 07:36 PM
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Not for the article but the dream I included on there.

(Click to find my site and blog!)
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I serve God with my right hand and the Devil with my left.
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