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01-15-2017, 08:13 AM
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(01-15-2017 03:12 AM)Magickinqu Wrote:  
(01-13-2017 11:30 AM)Senatra Wrote:  You may follow a traditional grimoire if you want a suitable path or do you feel like you want modern magic?
Anyways, you should NOT work with any spirits as you still in the beginning.

No one listens, I messed Myself up badly not following this advice

I don't really know why they don't listen, I wish they even take what you said now SERIOUSLY.
There is even some people try to evoke spirits to just see something unusual!!
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01-15-2017, 08:50 AM
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Cant say if thats worse than trying to invoke to "get off" like a drug. You never get enough. Such a waste.

But this year i'm trying to steer clear of negativity. Pretty hard though when mum texts me about Pa ranting and raving. Now hes walking around like he was never hurt so either hes healed of sorts or deserves the fucking living academy life awards for faking.... Again.

All the dumb crap ive done aside; i always sacrificed my time, money, and efforts to help them. But Pa.... God hes terrible again. Ranting on how he hopes everyone suffers and dies as he as the pale rider will wipe the world clean.

Man i got nutso stories i could tell. Its what pseudo drove me round about into the occult (albeit im still a bloody idiot). (Sigh) no sports, fishing, american dream shit for me... Just a sjipping record of doom, gloom, revelation, and his delusions of megalomaniac grandeur and narcisism.

Trying to burn that chip i be from a rotten block. Hes pissed again at mum for some missing vacuum piece, last time a chicken dish not to his liking. But it goes from regular stockholme & abuser syndrome cycle to his nutso shit.

They got food
They have new roof and fresh well water
Pumped septic
Im destroying the back taxes
And they have solid free time

His fault he dont drive. He said fuck the state license. And now the vehicle has decayed a bit from sitting (poor words but it needs work).

And his attitude is affecting my dreams. I dont talk to him (he hates phones, computers, card, etc everything); its from what mum tells me. And of course he threatens to kill everything in the house and burn it to the ground.

Im like WTF!?!? Why this time?!?

Winning a lottery of million or a billion would do no good. Just annoying. And get this... He says christ healed him and god is cursing him. Eh....

So any spirit work or magick is going to be benign or minor. Just not going to touch Pa at all. Mum, shell be alright. She has her tribal and good faith.

aight me shuddup.

[Image: bear%203.png]
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01-16-2017, 02:49 AM
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@shaula could not agree more!

@spiderella I am not being mean. I am just being plain spoken. spirit work, Saint work is a lot more nuanced than you make it sound. Instead of speaking condescendingly, perhaps reflect on the fact I actually do know what I am speaking about, and the reason our practices don't appear parallel is because I am not replacing religion with magic, but practicing sorcery as a kind of tantra of religion. I do both, believe both, but one hand informs the other.
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