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05-09-2017, 12:55 AM
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This one goes out to my one true love: fixer kitty

Fixer kitty fixer kitty
I love u so here's a ditty
Fuck your goth bands they shitty
What smells like moth balls? Your clitty
I'm the biddie witch doctor
I'm witty ... you're a bitch... mocked her
Clocked her, just kiddin
I don't hit women, just sexual
When I hit u it's sexual
Fixer kitty fixer kitty
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05-09-2017, 11:08 AM
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rescue me

brush away my tears
my melancholy grey
scare away my fears
don't let me fade away

from below, the water calls
voicing just like you
softly now, the darkness falls
steady midnight blue

hold me close tonight
take me from this pier
i would be alright
if only you were here

clinging tightly to the rail
staring down at the deep
one plea echoing
rescue me
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05-27-2017, 09:23 PM (This post was last modified: 05-27-2017 09:36 PM by Feywer96.)
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Life is Life is Life
by Feywer Folevado ; 2014

I lay here everyday
Wasting my life away
Sinking deep into the ground
Alone, unseen without a sound.

No one to see
Not a trace around
All alone
Myself I've found.

I run around everynight
Singing in delight
Lifting high into the sky
My dreams start to fly.

Only one to see
How I've become happy
All alone
I'm finally carefree.

When I'm gone
And nothing is left
Look up
And think of me.

I lay here everyday
Passing my time away
Knowing what I should do
I still sit without a clue.

When there's nothing but the wind
When everything's had it's end
Let's endure together this way
Until we find our own place.

Searching alone
I don't know what I'm looking for.
Over and over I ask myself,
Is there anything more?

I lay here all the time
In the grass and sunshine
Feeling below and looking up
I'm right where I should be -

just breathe.

My Poems Express
by Feywer Folevado ; 2013

My poems express
When my heart likes to rest;

And think about things
That only belong in dreams.

I can sit my life away
Wondering each and every day

Why am I here?
What do I do?

Those questions devour me,
Through and through...

I guess we make
our very own way

Carving paths in the field
as we walk away.

Long after I'm gone
You'll look and see

The pathways I've left
In the never ending dream.

Trees without Branches or Root
Magic beating water's brook;

Just the Trunk I'm focused on
The small stream with her songs

Floating on right by
In the corner of everyone's eye

I don't seem so noticable when
I'm the smallest I've been.

When the sun rises each new day
I wake up, look out and start to pray;

Everything is so beautiful
In Nature's relaxing motion;

The air that I breathe
Is her intoxicating potion.

Soaring beyond the clouds,
And behind the Cosmos' curtain

Even then inside myself
I'm always uncertain.

Just open the door,
and let yourself out;

Inside ourselves
a monster roams about.

It eats away our beings
Each and every day

Until there's naught left
But a shell remains.

So free yourself in the Dawn's rays
And let the Sunlight carry you away...

To the palace of dreams
Where the clouds shine golden

And inside the temple of your body
The treasure is what you're holding.

It's always inside ourselves,
What we look for out the window;

We stare right through our reflections.
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