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Practical Potions
09-22-2017, 12:29 AM
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I can't be the only one messing around with remedies and stuff, so here's a thread for us to share what we are working on and what we've made and ideas for stuff Smiling

Cold preventative tea

This one's easy for me to make because everything in the recipe literally grows on my lane but they're pretty common plants in a lot of climates, and you can buy the ingredients somewhere otherwise if you really want to try it.

Blackberries/blackberry leaves (or both)
Haws (from hawthorn, remove seeds)

Around this time of year I gather as much of this shit as I possibly can and drink as much of this tea as humanly possible. I haven't got a guideline for quantities just figure it out for yourself like I do. Also planning on making a syrup out of this stuff by boiling it in a heavy concentration of honey/water til the water is mostly gone. Honey, as well as the rest of the ingredients is also a great preventative as well as being good symptomatic relief, so I'd add it to the tea while it's brewing too.

Muscular relief rub

So I exercise a lot, and this is the particular potion I like to use to speed up the recovery process. Most of my external potions use coconut oil as a base, and to that I'd add black pepper oil and clove oil, in a relatively high concentration, say ten drops of each in a 90 gram batch (3-and-a-bit ounces). The black pepper oil is known to be good for muscular fatigue and the clove is a mild anaesthetic, and it honestly feels a bit like Deep Heat and smells fantastic.

Anti-ageing skin routine - cleanse, tone, moisturise (bit girly but fuck it)

Ok so I haven't made my own cleanser yet, I actually use one from Lush which is all natural and pretty fuckin incredible, pm me if ya wanna know. For toner, once or twice a week I just cut a small bit off one of my Aloe Vera plants and just smear the juice straight on. When you flatten it out, the leaf itself even acts like an applicator. Gets sticky for a while, but as it dries you can really feel it pulling everything tight. Proper job. And aloe vera helps heal and protect from UV damage which is a serious skin ager.
And for moisturiser, coconut oil melted with a few drops of bergamot and rose mixed in. I make the concentration sort of medium strength, so in about ninety grams of coconut I'd put about six drops each of the bergamot and rose, maybe one extra of the bergamot but as with most things, bend it to suit yourself. The rose oil very quickly evens out your skin tone and reduces redness bigtime, but the really genius bit of the formula is the bergamot, which has anti-scarring properties that really do help heal damaged skin and acne scars, and give the potion that true anti-ageing effect along with the excellent moisturising effects of the coconut oil.

Natural, free wormkiller

You know this stuff that grows in shitty car parks and up through the cracks in paths?

This shit kills worms. Seriously. It can save you a lot of money in vet visits and/or medicine. I recommend mixing 10-20 grams (depending on size of pet or person) of this stuff dried and powdered with half the amount of turmeric, in with their food for a few days. The turmeric isn't even 100% necessary but it does help boost the camomile a bit.

That plant also pretty much does everything big camomile does, so, muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, the works. More reasons I need an alembic. It's not just for turning my wine into port I swear!

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