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Quick tips about astral projection
07-11-2017, 03:59 AM
Post: #131
I will need to create some words of power to astral project myself to any desire planet at my words.

When you can do the impossible, the dumb and fearful will call you gods.
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07-11-2017, 07:46 AM
Post: #132
If you're disciplined enough to write down your dreams every morning as soon as you wake up, do that. This will help you to start LD's at night. It's harder than it sounds but beats staying up all night Smiling If that's too much effort then just absorb yourself in books about OBE and LD so it is on your mind. You can also do "reality checks" regularly throughout your day so then when you're asleep you're likely to do it too.

Now once you realise you're dreaming (LD) it's easy. Just will yourself awake and *immediately* exit - which you can do by trying to move or roll over, without actually moving. That's the only way I can describe it sorry Smiling

Once you're out, have fun. The first times will be short because you'll be so excited and think back to your body too much. I don't even look at mine.

This works for me Smiling
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