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09-20-2016, 01:26 AM
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(09-19-2016 10:18 PM)sataniclight Wrote:  What the fuck is wrong with you freaks? You like the quran?

I am against Abrahamic dogma (the prison of the demiurge), but that does not mean I will not read, listen, and learn all I can.

Gnosis comes from all shapes and sizes - if you refuse to even examine the possibility that wisdom exists in that which you don't agree - your growth will be severely limited.

Agree, disagree, hate, love, indifference. But at a minimum read, learn, listen, and analyze - then make your decisions based off your own interpretation and pearl all the wisdom you can out of it before tossing it aside, burning it, putting it back on the shelf.

If nothing else, you can gain better wisdom and insight into its adherents in your attempts to take them all down...

I am the high-magus of the ever-wrong. The more I know, the more I know I don't know - therefore I know nothing.
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09-20-2016, 05:31 AM
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So why was a 4 year old thread neco'd and trolled out of the archives? My spidey senses are tingling.

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09-20-2016, 11:49 AM
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Hail Harambe!
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09-20-2016, 10:08 PM
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I just noticed this now.

When I post I don't look at the dates, just new posts....

I am the high-magus of the ever-wrong. The more I know, the more I know I don't know - therefore I know nothing.
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10-20-2016, 12:27 AM
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I've always wanted to read the quran. I actually downloaded it on my iPad, but I lost it on a plane while on a pilgrimage with my parish.

✝ In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti ☦
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10-20-2016, 12:59 AM
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I was born as a muslim and till now I still pretend to be one, I can read the arabian words but I'm not interested with the meanings lol I always read it daily together with other students at my school tho

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10-20-2016, 01:24 AM (This post was last modified: 10-20-2016 01:36 AM by The Artis Magistra.)
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(01-28-2012 10:36 AM)Crow Wrote:  Here's a copy of the Quran. I'm not a muslim or anything, but I find it an interesting read.

Download link:
Code: has multiple translations to help one studying the Qur'an.

The Qur'an is an extremely powerful magical book. As compared to the Bible which is full of magic that one can read about, the Qur'an itself is supposed to be a living entity, which responds to the reader much more clearly and specifically than the Bible which is just a jumble of stuff. This is also because of the way it is written, because it speaks to the reader and is in the perspective of one speaking to the Prophet, Muhammed.

Its nice that someone named Crow has brought it up. Many people focus too heavily on "the scary brown people" on the TV, who are funded by Western Occultists/Politicians to bring about changes in the regions which they operate and force certain policies as a kind of false flag black operation which is typical to modern politics. Al-Qaeda and then ISIS, neither of which have any familiarity with Islam, and many "real Muslims" who are often non-violent, also have no idea about their own religion.

Quite simply, the Qur'an very clearly comes from the same source as other ancient revelation and in a fashion which is much more recent and clear than any other which makes it outstanding.

You will find every indication, if you pay attention, of what is authoring the text and why, as it states its agenda explicitly.

We have everything in it, the storms, the use of a raven as messenger, the magic of Babylonia and the Zoroastrians through Hauvratat and Ameratat, and the proper identification of Allah as Like Nothing and Magic Itself. We have real Ancient Egyptian symbols and magic such as the White Hand and displays of turning falsehood into truth and truth into falsehood.

Furthermore, the whole Qur'an in Arabic rhymes and flows with a rhythm and was thus considered an amazing feat which also protected it from change or corruption since changing the words would disturb the rhymes.

It is none other than the work of Odin/Hermes/Mercury/Nabu/Marduk and its purpose is stated as a final mass revelation to human beings in order that they might compete and evolve, a little drop of something to add to things.

Muslims take the work for granted because they don't know it is a master key to magic and access to direct relations with power itself, the ghost which haunts all the worlds.

We have a variety of magic in the book itself, prayers, curses, but also magical methods, magical methods mocked, signs and symbols, and explanation of how these things work as well which simplifies everything.

So enjoy the Qur'an, but its doubtful that many will. Engage it as you would engage a living being, because that is what it is supposed to be. The enterprise is demonic or daemonic, in the sense that once one is brought the Qur'an the test has begun (like a chemical test) of manifesting the results. Some will reject it, some will accept it, but few will pierce it in order to see what is inside and allow the blood (insight) to pour forth from it. They will thus throw away a book by Odin, if Odin intends them to, and they will become absorbed in other things. Nothing in that book is untrue, because it can make anything true.

One way to read it or get started with it is as a divining tool. Simply open it up anywhere and see what it says and keep reading from there. When it speaks to you directly, talk back, or just listen, but whatever you do it begins to engage the reader in dialogue. If you find your mind filled with stupid ideas and stereotypes about things, or imagining Allah as some figure rather than the bodiless Shiva or rigorous inspiring action of Odin, then you might already be in a bit of trouble.

(09-19-2016 10:18 PM)sataniclight Wrote:  What the fuck is wrong with you freaks? You like the quran?

Haha. Don't you know who is the greatest Shaitan (Enemy) of all? It isn't Iblis, there is no greater Enemy than the author of the Qur'an. Maybe you're a theistic Satanist and thus a good guy and don't worship Evil Itself. Your resistance to the Qur'an would indicate you're perhaps not quite Satanic enough.

Of all the things the Christians fear and hate the most, it seems to be the Qur'an, and the same with the Wiccans, Witches, and Satanists. Most threatened of all, which is funny especially for Satanists since they are supposed to be attracted to the adversarial. It is also funny considering how close the Qur'an is to the writings of Anton. Of course, bigotry and stupid blind rage fill the Christian hearts of Satanists who are at their core just pagans and atheists (and even Romans didn't consider Pagan a word of praise, but rather meaning something like village bumpkins who moan and understand little).

When a demonic treasure like the Qur'an comes to them, they despise and reject it in favor of their false hope and fantasy.

The Qur'an is a message not of hope, but of misery. It reminds you (had you the senses, ears, eyes, and understanding) of your miserable plight and how you are forever at risk and in torment, never safe, but may have the benefit of just a little less pain and suffering and filth than perhaps others, which can change without reason or justification in a moment, because you're being raped no matter what.

Satanists, and this is what is most amusing about them and others (humans in general) are lovers at heart, and that is why a book of Death and Hate by Sauron or Melkor itself would not attract them at all. They delude themselves with freedom and love nature and love everything when they were put in a box full of sh*t from the beginning.

The Qur'an does not ask us to be happy. It reminds us of the unhappy truth, which leaves us strange, not pleased. The Muslims also often remain blind to what it is saying, maybe because few are meant to be children of Sorrow and unwilling but aware slaves of the Great Daemon/Daimon.

Go ahead, try to escape, I urge you, or will you only dig yourself deeper?
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10-20-2016, 02:11 AM
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Well said, Artis!
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10-20-2016, 02:21 AM (This post was last modified: 10-20-2016 02:28 AM by The Artis Magistra.)
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(10-20-2016 02:11 AM)Aytida Wrote:  Well said, Artis!

Thank you! You have the right background to appreciate what I've said. When you start to view the Qur'an in this way, your classes and reading and personal interest and appreciation of it may develop more. Otherwise, the way people talk about it and frankly misunderstand it would make it bland, just like they make everything else bland!

If you would like to talk about Islam or the Qur'an and Magic in detail, feel free to email me at [email protected] . You may also want to read two books, The Magus and The Picatrix and if you want to go a little further back, perhaps The Vendidad and the Bundahisn.

Islam is considered by Rudolph Steiner to be "Ahrimanic" that is, the religion of Ahriman, which many people compare to the Devil or Satan, but that is only because they make Satan to be some big shot when Satan is just one jinn. Ahriman on the other hand, and who the Christians in their New Testament call "God of this World" and "Power of Death" and understand as The Evil One, is none other than the Only One, as there is no Good, and nothing can save them. The Jews were cursed in the Qur'an for their statement that Allah's hands are fettered, meaning tied or restrained, which many believe that is restrained by Love or by Justice, both of which are concepts made out of nowhere by the Lord of Delusion/Maya, Who can turn things backwards, upside down, or totally different in an instant, as demonstrated to Musa and others and even in our own lives. Just like Noses are invented out of nowhere, Allah is free to do as Allah wills, to cause suffering freely and without justification, or to favor anyone and give them gifts without any justification or reasoning required, the maker of the Laws, the breaker of the Laws, nothing binds the unbound power.

Allah is the first, who is literally like Nothing, Non-Information, but is not Absolute Nothing, since Absolute Nothing can not do anything. To Sleep and to Die is called "Returning to Allah" in other words, to be unconscious, to have no existence, to be like Nothing. Allah has the power that the Christians call the Logos, which means the Command, which we know as Kun Fiya Kun, Be and it Is, and that is in short, the power of Magic, which Allah is itself "The Word was with God, the Word is God". Action, the Power, Allah is Action, it can not be seen just as Light can not be seen, it can only be known by what it reveals, by what it is reflected on and when it is reflected on, that is why the Qur'an compares Allah as light which is invisible, but people always think of a Light Source like the sun, and not the light itself, which can not be seen, if it were seen then nothing else could be seen, everyone would be blind, there would be nothing else to see. We are encompassed by Allah, surrounded in other words, made of, and living by Magic alone and there is nothing but Magic, which is the Manipulation of Information. Information is all that we experience, all that we are, and all we are is an experience generated by Allah, and the Change, the destruction and creation we witness constantly, like a snake turning into a staff and a staff turning into a snake, and what was not now is and what is is now not, is the movement and power of Allah who is Chaos, Change, The Power.

There is the Seen and the Unseen, and the Unseen is before the Seen.
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10-20-2016, 02:34 AM
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Unchanging nature of Quran is dully noted.

" A man cannot serve two masters. "
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