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03-23-2017, 07:26 AM
Post: #121
Islam is a religion of lies. Funny you guys even entertained the desert book. Nothing in it but lies, deception and more lies.
Disgusting book.
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03-23-2017, 08:13 AM
Post: #122
This is true, it is literally that and explicitly explains itself to be that, which is its secret and great achievement in some senses. Most people do not see clearly what it says and means, and Hatred is more revealing than Love in many cases even if those who Hate and speak the Truth do not mean it in the same way.

Some of the things people inadvertantly say about Islam and the Qur'an which offends people are all actually correct or can be very reasonably explained as actually true even if the basis for the people saying it is wrong or their understanding is wrong. Some of those things people opposed to Islam say in the hope of detracting from it or attacking it and which others call lies which can in fact be explained and demonstrated as true in profound and insightful ways is the following:

Islam is Evil and the Religion of Evil brought about by Evil itself or the True Devil.

Islam is from Ahriman or Anga Mainyu and is Ahrimanic.

Islam is Asuric and it is the religion of the Asuras.

Islam is Demonic and the work of the Chief Demon.

Islam is Satanic and the work of the Truest Satan.

Islam is the work of Lucifer (they say this too or use this term, though I understand some who like rhat term would not like to associate it with what they dislike)

Islam is the work of the Darkness and the Quran is a work of Darkness and Spiritual Emptiness

Islam is the religion of Saturn

Islam is the religion of The Destroyer, El Shaddai, Shiva.

Islam is the religion of the Crescent Moon God.

Islam is the Anti-Christ and Anti-Christian.

Islam is the religion of War.

The followers of Islam are hounds of Hell.

Islam is the religion of Hell.

Islam is the religion of the serpent and the Great Dragon.

Islam is the religion of Extra-Terrestrials.

Islam is the religion of lies and deception.

Allah is Nothing.

Allah is Chaos.

Allah is Evil.

Allah is Rape and the God of Rape and Force and Theft and Suffering and Hells and Death.

Allah is responsible for all evil and evil acts.

Allah is the God of Terror, Fear, Hate, and Terrorism and Violence, Crime and Deviance.

The followers of Allah or Chosen become animalistic or animal men, beast men, werewolves.

Allah is a trickster and lie teller.

The Qur'an is a book of curses and black magic and is itself a curse, even reading it one becomes cursed.

Allah is an enslaver and victimizer and torturer and the intention of Allah is to bind and enslave people.

The Cube represents a number of things, all bad.

The Muslims are Swines, Dogs, Wolves, Foxes, Snakes, Frogs, and Reptiles, Spiders and Scorpions, devils and demons, Assyrians and Babylonians and Persians and Africans.

These are some of the intended to be offensive, hostile things which are sometimes said and implied since early times until modern times. Some less known things that are present are that black ravens are associated with Islam and Rahman (Rimmon) as the messengers of Death/Allah/The Thunderer and that Giants and Titans and Nature and Chaos and oddity or the unnatural or abberant were associated with Saracens as the Chief Paynim Foe or representation of Pagan Evil and that those secretly consorting with beasts and beast men in the realm of Chaos such as forests and Death such as caves were making pacts with the Evil One or Foul Spirit. Such a pact exists also in the Qur'an explicitly and is explained in detail.

The Qur'an also states openly that Allah is Black Magic itself, that no magical act occurs except by Allah who also explicitly states that it is the source of evil and suffering and war and Death itself.

The New Testament calls the Power of Death the Devil and associates it with Evil or Harm and medieval people took the Devil as the coordinator and actor in all cases of madness and malign magic and demonic activity which the Qur'an confirms in Allah's alotting of Shaitans.

The part people may have difficulty with is that the Bible also says some very similar things and credits the God of the old testament as the very same coordinator of devils and doer of evil.
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03-23-2017, 08:17 AM
Post: #123
I dont really care what others say about it as long as there is sone use from it. Be it RPG, magic, or just to write stories. Its only part of a whole for some.

[Image: bear%203.png]
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03-23-2017, 08:28 AM
Post: #124
There are many uses for it, even against it, it is like anything else a potential device.
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