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So how you do handle the work environment yourself?
07-23-2017, 08:08 AM (This post was last modified: 07-23-2017 08:22 AM by Calicifer.)
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As far as I could remember, work was a taboo for me. Since childhood I had a big issue with working for the living. I'm lucky that I'm a man which can choose whatever to work or not for many years still and only brighten its own future. Yet, regardless, it is inevitable and one day it will be all over which doesn't fill me with a lot of hope. I simply cannot function when working, I'm in constant state of spiritual pain which affects everything that I do. How I think, how I behave, where I aim.

The issue with the work itself, at least for that temporary one is not a singular. It is countless many things put together. All often end up in one singular point of me being a raven which I will explain soon. For example, yesterday I needed to go out 5 minutes earlier to shop for grocceries before mall closes as a proper gentelmen. I needed to use staffed parts of the store, like asking for cake and etc. Thus, I thought it was not a big deal. Unfortunately, I was tutored by manager of how it is supposed to be my work and I cannot leave early. Of course, I played dumb that time, but that insulted me deeply. Not that I did not knew their stance before hand, but still. So, fine, work ends up at 9:50 as you wish.

So, today I took up several hobbies to do during my long day. During workday I entertain myself with various things. I'm learning how to pain, I read quite a lot. I couldn't make through the day without feeding my mind. As all intelligent animals, they get destructive unless mentally stimulated, same as me, I could simply not get through my day without reading about morality from leading experts. One hour short break is more than enough for it. For the soul I need something to help me to express myself. I started to paint. I still learning how to do it properly, especially with poor hideout spot environment which I have, but I will adapt. So, this is another break which I have to fit into my day. Oh, in the end, I simply could not finish the day without exercise. I'm on legs all day, so I work on my upper body a little too. After workout I go to commercial freezer to quickly cool off. That is sooo sweet. Of course, there typical one hour lunch break, that is separate time for which I do not get paid, so I avoid putting my paid hobbies into said time. And if at the end of the day I feel tired, I always go to lay down or take a nap. I'm aging and I must to watch myself. Not to strain myself needlessly.

I certainly did not invented all said activities in workplace out of spite from yesterday not having my 5 minutes to shop as a proper man. Don't be silly! But regardless, they make day bearable, because I do have little time for myself. Funnily enough, I somehow manage to do all expected workload too! I know, I know, I'm amazing. Of course, we have an understanding with the management. I keep out of their eyes as much as possible and avoid being pain in the ass with always asking new work and I intelligently distribute my own time as to remain mentally stable enough not to kill everybody out there. It is win-win for everybody, won't you agree?

I was advised before to meditate, get in touch with my spirit guides. I do not need to be asked to do such a thing. It was done before. It is funny, when I pray, funny things tend to happen. From cars alarms going hywire or bug falling on my head. Always in the crucial moment during the prayer when I mention something significant, like name and so on. Regardless, big L responded next day as always. I often attribute said thing to him, because of how charming I become with the girls. I still do not know that it is, aura around me changes accordingly and I become even more beloved.

So, yesterday and today there was fundamental shift. All the issues are gone, like foot pain. Day literally flies by. I just start to work and here is lunch. I get bored and I look it is around 8 pm. and soon I'm out. But the most amazing thing is of how just utterly fabulous I started to feel. I'm literally smiling all the time during my workday. I feel so amazing, being the sun in itself. Everything around me is wonderful, my intellect, my body, my spirit. I'm beautiful in every sense of the word and I radiate said energy to all around me for they too need to appreciate my beauty. Even if person were hostile or simply did not liked me, they are soon won over by sheer overwhelming awesome nature of my. I'm in the constant state of natural high right now when I'm at work. It is very hard to be whiny little bitch when you are on drugs all the time, but I try my best to still complain. Even lack of sleep does not affect my wonderful state of mind. I exercise a lot, I take my opportunities and at home, I extend my free time at the cost of little bit of sleep.

Anyways, there is very interesting tendency which today I had noticed. Job which I got is completely bogus. They do not have anything similar really outside of me. When I came for interview, director, I felt, that she got inspired to try out new management methods, be efficient, but as with all human endeavour, it ends up with poor implementation of an idea. I have non of responsibilities and part of the work. I cannot be held responsible for any part really if it is done poorly, nobody is interested in me and nobody really bosses me around. I'm ghost in the machine in some sense. This made me wonder if job was not engineered by me. Heck, I even can steal freely there and I had done it and I won't have to account for missing goods as other people attached to various sectors.

Such things are happening all around me and my family from my noble line, lol. My father for example was sent to Afghanistan. Yet, knowing how messy human beurocracy is, his mates, around 70 people were all sent to hostile regions to fight and die, but only he somehow slipped through the gaps and ended up valiantly protecting all the wine, beer and meat reserves of the army, lol. He just dissapeared from the papers and he had hided as a guest in the hut where officers came to party. For our family, the greatest issue in the war is obesity! So, he spent an year or so there, guarding all the valuable food assets, chilling out until one time he got careless and drawn attention and ire of an officer. He was supposed to be punished, but we being as charming family as we are, just talked out way out of punishment. So, in the end, my father, the hero of the Motherland returned to his active duty where he was supposed to, only for everybody to be sent back home. Duty well done, he returned home.

Such mishaps seems to be happening to our bloodline from time to time. It is funny to observe it. Though, I was told that our meteoric rise was started with the help of the Lucifer. First of our kind not only was adopted, but his life is surrounded by myths and information about him is extremely fuzzy. Are people supposed to live for 111 years in middle ages and nobody even mention such a thing as uncommon? It is hilarious to see how such glaring illeguralities are completely missed and certain facts seem to be self consuming and disguising for the uninitiated. I have nothing to confirm said rumors which I was told. Yet, if that is true when I do nothing, but repeating the history and thus I'm welcomed as long lost son of the family line which always were at his side.
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07-23-2017, 02:26 PM (This post was last modified: 08-14-2017 12:05 AM by Arkadius-Rash.)
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My first job I tried to put my co-workers head in the chalupa fryer, second and third was gravy, 4th i "jammed" the machine and had my manager put his hand back in to see what was wrong and oops all I had to do was turn it back on.. shoulda
Told Him to take his hand out first silly me Wink umm last few after that were good, then demolished job I "forgot" to turn the breakers off before someone went to remove the wires and my construction job a bag of tiles somehow appeared behind my boss' foot *scratches his jead* people are accident prone Wink
(No one got SERIOUSLY) injured
I cope well but they got serious anger issues Angel

In order to Hear, we must Listen; In order to See, we must Look; and in order to Understand we must Want To.
Nature is the teacher of art..
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07-23-2017, 04:43 PM
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Last job i had was just subbing as a temp weekend dishwasher. By the end of two week i was also cooking, doing inventory, prep work, and more. The dude wanted me to do even more and tried to offer me incentives. The problem was the place was an utter dump and his paying me was UTT and killing him. 10$ UTT In cash each night working 10am to 1-3 am the next day.... Yeah serious $$$. What was killing the job was lack of customers and when it was payment every 3rd day i bailed. He lost the restaurant from bankruptcy and finally failed inspections. Yeah i saved his ass twice on those.

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07-23-2017, 10:03 PM (This post was last modified: 07-23-2017 10:12 PM by Homicide.)
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motherfuck your 9 to 5, sell dope and get hi

noo really i cannot and will not and don't have to do that, life is series off choices.
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07-24-2017, 02:35 AM
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I am a magician so I create the workplace I want. Any magician working a job they hate is cheating themselves out of a work of joy and love.

Your work is a large part of who you are and how you spend your time. It is a real opportunity to do something with your life and a real opportunity to make a change in the lives of others or to create the lifestyle you want. A real magician sees this and doesnt neglect the opportunity.

I wanted to help other people so I learned how to provide effective healing services. I love nature and I also find nature to be a powerful teacher and healer so I decided to do my healing work outside. Some of my other passions include music, spirituality and cooking. I created my own job where I take people on spiritual healing journeys through nature where I use nature, music and call on the spirits to help people heal. Afterwards I cook them a big meal to help us all ground the experience. Doing this I spend the day in nature playing music and helping people while being close to my spiritual practice. It is a dream come true - I dream I manifested for myself s a magician.

The other parts of my job include hosting retreats in Peru and writing books on spiritual healing. More joys and passions of mine.

Once I realized what I wanted to do for my work it took me a few years to manifest it to the point where it can support me and my family, and it was totally worth the work. To me, this is real magic - knowing what kind of life you want and then creating it in a way that benefits not only yourself but others.

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07-24-2017, 07:53 AM (This post was last modified: 07-24-2017 07:57 AM by Calicifer.)
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Well, I'm there but a passing guest and I almost done half of my time. It passed so fast, probably because it was and is such a rollecoaster of emotions and experiences. Today I had interesting conversation which was quite pleasant to me. When I said to fellow employee who I'm, she just gestured to me that I'm way above everyone here. It is true, I'm even better than directors at this place. The sad thing is, where should I go? All paths are open to me, I can do anything I want in life and yet, there isn't anything I desire.

I was dissapointed that manager does not even pay any attention to me. I try so hard to imitate work which I do. It takes me more effort to pretend to work than to actually do that work! Yet, it is all for naught. My instincts was right, at first I did not recognized her as manager, despite her role as such. I need to behave as I did before and completely ignore that bitch! If she cannot manage me, I will not put an effort in pretending to work and I will do as before, just go to do my own thing.

I found many activities which I could and can do during my workday. I paint, I read, I exercise. It takes care of the bulk of the day. I also invent various games, like a Raven I started to hide food all over the mall. I find something nice to buy, so in order to prevent those greedy, greedy shoppers of getting it first, I hide goods inside of shop. Sometimes I try to cheat cook lady out of second dish. It is free and I will have access to as many portions as I will wish, but it isn't fun. I try to snap one more portion of that shitty food and later to try and get away with it. It worked previous time when I had invented some bullshit story, lol. I often just take a walk, going around and around for no need. It is fun to observe things, but I'm on legs all day. So, I just sit down on my ass in the middle of nation's biggest shopping mall. I make up an excuse for that of course and I work like some monk meditating, lol. One of the managers even saw me and just smiled out of my unusual habits. It pays off really to have a boyish charm, I can get with more and nobody suspects a thing.

Though, it is third day without proper sleep. I slept like 10 hours for 3 days and 4'th will be the same. Lucifer had helped me a lot and I had transformed myself into image which I always desired to. I'm high all the time now. It feels amazing and I cannot stop loving myself. Also, there are tons of mishaps with girls unsurprisignly. This feeling of euphoria overpowers my insomnia and only at the start and end of the day I can feel its effects more. Yet, I still can function without undiminished sensory information which is nice.
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07-25-2017, 05:43 AM
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Today I was singing this whole day. It is very fitting, I guess.

It reflects my attitude to work better than thousands of words. At least my kidneys stopped hurting. Now all organs do not complain, but there are scratch marks all over me. Heck, I woke up with some blood on my chest, God knows from where it came to be, lol. Said marks appear and dissapear from time to time, they are something which emo would do with a razor to itself in order to get attention. Thank you body, you know that I want to die and thanks for slicing my hands for me.
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07-26-2017, 01:31 AM
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I was gonna post but Travsha always has a way with words Wink
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07-26-2017, 02:24 AM
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I hate work environments and can't relax in them. I think that is why my sigils to get jobs have never worked. Sometimes when drawing them I have seen a vision of the mental obstacle in the way. That must be the equivalent of those of you who do a divination before casting a spell.

See my blog for micro-fiction, poems, a few weird articles and links to my books:
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07-26-2017, 04:13 AM (This post was last modified: 07-26-2017 04:34 AM by Calicifer.)
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Yes, but here is an issue, the work I want is not meant for my social class. Do you know who are my friends now? I threw away, rejected people who came out of "coincidence" into my life and I sought different friends who did came into my life. I have friends who could easily work at Gold Sachman's with how much talent they have in making money. They are just but a student and still are counting their own wealth in ten of thousands of euros. A person just invest into businesses and makes a living this way. His work is rather academic and charitable. He writes articles, maintains sites for he does not need to work. Just from time to time handle his business. For him depression and economically hard times are most profitable. He is immune to all the shit we have to deal and he is talented enough to make huge profits out of anything he does. Other is a girl which comes from wealthy multimilonerie family. She manages a sports team for her "hobby" and is financial consultant as her main job. Other dude travels around the world, exercises, but never works. He hosts various programs like learning English to earn little bit of cash, but his major source of income is networking and doing business. Through meetings and arrangements. These are my friends with whom I choose to associate. I choose not to be friends with people which I was ought to go. So tell me, how I can realistically become like them? Choose to go where they are at now? This is where I was supposed to be born in. Not in this worthless layer of society.

The only thing I can do is to ensure that my children could have such a future by raising the wealth level of my family that they would have at least a shot at such a life. As for me, the only thing I can hope to achieve that is by the favor of Gods. No amount of personal luck, skill, dedication and education will bring me there unless fate will open prosperous avenues for me to follow through. It is good that stars promises me great wealth in the near future and wealthy wife, but I always had problems in having faith. I cannot live on empty promises and hopes and thus it does little to comfort me and acts rather as a mockery of that I do not have nor I will ever get.

As for now, I use this strategy to get what I want.

I will whine and whine, complain and complain without a stop to all the Gods and spirits which I know. Eventually they will get so annoyed that they will just give me that I want. They won't do anything against me, because then my whining raises from excessive levels to insuferiable and nobody really wants to be stuck with my soul in eternity, lol. This is how I will get my immortality. I will be so annoying to everyone that Gods unanimously will agree to give me eternal life, just to keep me and my whining as far away as possible. After all, hell used to be a nice place before I got there. Wink
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