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So how you do handle the work environment yourself?
07-27-2017, 08:33 PM
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I'm working in a shop at the moment, managing the bakery section 5 days and working in the sandwich/salad section two days a week (I'm there 6 days a week), both of which I generally enjoy but my bosses are a pain in the ass and really piss me off regularly :/ can't get all the proper ingredients for boss fix powder over here either hahaha Tounge
But it's just a stepping stone, I'm a qualified outdoor instructor but all the outdoor centres around here are in the middle of fuck nowhere so I need a car :/
Eventually the plan is to buy a farm with my man and either settle for homesteading as a lifestyle, selling occult products and candles and stuff that I grow and make on the side, or really take a risk and set up as a petting farm (for which I have a bunch of really awesome ideas).
Just gotta get through the shite before I really settle into the life I want to lead. Pain in the arse really hahaha

A pebble at the source of the Nile and all the world is changed.
Precision beats power, and timing beats speed.
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08-11-2017, 08:07 AM
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Well, I learned to cope with it nowadays. I walk to my workplace. I prefer that since it takes me roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes total of good marching which adds up. Also, entire day on legs it helps you with your exercise needs. I usually take long reading brakes. I managed to read 102 pages long work on structural deficiency of Nato forces during cold war in two days easily. Hmmm, I need to bring there several books since you know, my workday is pretty long. I also love to take naps there. I sometimes even fall asleep, take such power naps several times per day. Though, I hate then they attach me to other people since then I have to work properly for 2/3 of my workday. Only then they leave at 6 pm. I can then completely forget about working for rest of 4 hours and just do whatever as long as I'm clever about it.
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08-12-2017, 10:21 AM
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A couple times a week i bike out about 12 miles to the lakeside and do garden work for this old granny. Lots of hills too so my single speed bike uses a lot of muscle. When your basket is hauling 20 -30 lbs of gear it gets a but tiring but well worth it.

She insist on paying 10$ UTT. I tell her she doesnt need to but she insisted today. It was a short 3 hours today compared to the 5 hours hauling her old lumber on wednesday.

It helps her out and relieves her stress and avalanche feeling of everything collapsing. Thats reward enough. She owes 5 hours (wednesday) but im hardly caring if she pays or not. We decided twice a week since i caretake my parents most days doing errands by bike for them.

Yeah, the duckers has a soft spot for helping. I use that self empowering will to help others that really need it.

Im not all arrogant bad duck!
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08-13-2017, 01:01 AM
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If only one could appreciate the good you do for another. Far too often you are taken for granted, abused and thrown away for it. Though, USA was always like this. Satan worshiping society. Americans care very little about such things as compassion, fair chance at life, fair treatment, public laws and many more things. I thank God that I was born in post communist Eastern European nation rather in that hellhole. We are living in wonderland surrounded by unmatched wealth and possibilities. Americans on the other hand are more comparable to third world countries rather than anything else.
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08-13-2017, 09:36 AM
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Eh... I hardly worry about it. Now if they breach my sanctuary.....that's a different matter.
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08-27-2017, 10:52 AM
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Well, I adapted. Yesterday I asked my boss where I was needed. I told that I can do that. Went with all the energy to the hall and then looked for discounted goods if there anything worth grabbing, placed some cans of energy drink in the freezer, hidden where it is not supposed to be in order to buy it later cold and proper at the end of my day and I valiantly went back and took the nap. Several of them. I also play a lot on my mobile phone. There is only 4 days of shift work left, but even that is pain in the ass. Though, I do enjoy eating people's cakes which they unwisely leave in the fridge. I also enjoy eating everything from storage area. Tasting out different ice creams and fruits. I cannot really complain, I barely work there. rest for most of my day and I'm looking constantly looking with that I can get away with now and the funny thing is, nobody suspects a thing for I know how to play their game. When to work and when to dissappear. Those fools thought that I can as all the rest work without constant supervision. Ha!

This is how I work and receive quite good pay as well. It is almost a shame to leave my employment, some people will be missing me there. Well, all bad things must eventually end and I'm simply not challenged there. My mind is not put to good use and nature of said work does not respect my time.
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09-07-2017, 09:58 PM
Post: #17
You should try doing your job. If it's challenging then it's probably good for you.
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