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Sports Betting?
03-20-2017, 05:14 PM (This post was last modified: 03-20-2017 05:59 PM by Wolfgangus.)
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Good Topic

I have been betting, and more recently investing (there is a big difference between both concepts) since more or less 2013.

Started with NFL, just money line, had an almost equal share of victories and losses. Then started taking advantage of the over/under options and that improved my performance.

The thing with bets is that usually when using the Sportsbook profit calculator people get greedy or think they can get lucky, and that is the start of their downfall.

Right now I'm mainly focused on European soccer, since it provides a very wide time span to profit, the season lasts around 8-9 months, and multiple tournaments are played (local leagues, local cups, UEFACL, UEFAEL). Despite being a long season you have teams that are fairly predictable in their average performance.

As other members have mentioned, it takes time, you need to have your fixed sources of information, to check injuries, team performance etc but you can't be held hostage by the numbers, some people get really confused and obsessed with stats and that mentally backfires, sometimes a simple approach is better...

A friend of mine placed some bets with Betfair against the tie, had initial success, but eventually collapsed, I have noted that usually ties represent 10-30 % of matches played in the leagues I follow (Ligue 1, La Liga, EPL, Bundesliga, Calcio)

With sports betting is not about winning, but winning consistently. If you would like to make this your main source of income, there's a price to be paid=spend a considerable amount of hours reading/watching sports.

Also you need to figure out what type of player you're gonna be, some bettors don't have a life, and what they win in one day, they lose it on another one, if you win, take some money out and live a little, don't become a zombie-bettor.

Betting is not only about stats, is also about emotions and knowing yourself.

Recently I started applying a new betting method, began in February with $ 25, and currently have $ 1,800 ($ 2,100, but I withdrew $ 300 for some expenses).
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