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Summoning or conjuring fictional magical tools.
01-12-2017, 09:54 AM
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(01-12-2017 03:52 AM)amxha Wrote:  It sounds more like "pop culture magic" than chaos magic to me.
Chaos magic draws on traditional elements and uses them in a way that the individual mage finds most efficient,
sometimes taking the shape of something that isn't quite the 'standard' way of working.
EDIT: I think the term is used so loosely that we apply it to any magic working that's just completely outside of a tradition.
If you're just trying to empower objects from pop culture things like Harry Potter, I think its closer to noetics and energy work than anything.
The 'thought is magic' ideology is getting stronger and stronger these days... and I find it a little worrisome because it contributes to a lot of poor long-term consequences for many practitioners I interact with in social groups besides this forum.

However, say that besides only using a sigil for the invisibility cloak experiment, you actually used or applied traditional thought and magic to the concept.
ie. Empowering the sigil with the powers and influences of Venus, the Sun, and Jupiter since this triad is used (in the GKOS) for works concerning invisibility;
Maybe performing the working on the Day of Venus in the Hour of the Sun, or vice versa, or consistently empowering the sigil on the corresponding planetary days and hours (Day of Sun in Hour of Sun, Day of Jupiter in Hour of Jupiter, etc.) and it'd be some chaos-celestial magic that packs a real punch.

Of course, I'm on a celestial magic kick so I'm sort of biased, but even I use the planets in a "chaote" sort of way as well,
thanks to understanding all the trad symbolism and how the powers are called down.

I really don't like pop culture magick... I'd much rather call this chaos magick. Though you may be right idk. Lol

Anyway thanks for your input!
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