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The Black Watchmen
10-13-2016, 01:26 AM
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Hey has anyone played the computer game called The Black Watchmen? I started playing last week and its a mix of code breaking, secret societies, conspiracies, mysteries and the like. The developers also have a game about dreams in which you have to solve puzzles creating what they call 'sigils'. Its pretty cool!
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10-22-2016, 05:54 PM
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Cool, thank you for letting us know. I'm more into my own games I think, direct communication and access to information and intercourse with people without the delay or conceits of having to play through things or whatever, I'd just want them to spit it out. Likewise, I have no interest in lengthy steps or going up a ladder in organizations, or whatever else (maybe that is why I won't go far, because I'm averse to belts and ranks and measured progress as determined by superiors). So anyone who says to me "you can't skip it, you have to buy all the courses in order, and pay all the fees, and get this many points, and then you can go up in rank, and then you have to do more stuff", I just really don't care for all that, but it seems to be what some people prefer. So just like with magic, I ruin games by hacking them or if it is a multiplayer experience (like this forum), I end up talking, teaching, and joking with people, making my own game within the game, rather than playing what was handed to me. Similarly, when a deck of cards are handed to me, I like to design my own games with them, but often people fuss about this, and I consider them nerds for doing so, especially when they say "those aren't the rules! You can't do that!" when I might just be learning and want to make a reversal of a move for not knowing a rule or something.

So I'd happily extract the art from the games, the information, whatever I can, but being forced to "play through" some lengthy process is annoying to me. I can skip it because I can surely create better anyway.

In school, and in life, I cheat at everything. I used to be the only one who sat at the teacher's desk with a briefcase because of my charm, I get away with things that other people can't. In fact, some would say, it seems rather like magic!

Why should I be treated better than everyone else? Well I can make up lots of reasons for it, but really it has to do with nothing at all.

That is why I don't like playing video games, going to school, or working. I like doing what I like doing, which is never difficult! I dislike doing what I dislike doing, which is anything other than what I like doing, anything which takes time and effort while not being enjoyable.

You might feel the same way too, if you really examined things. Then you might also think, how you might use the time you have with your body, towards making life full of pleasure, and more free of pains. What greater game could there be to play, what better use of your time, than to focus on how to make your time full of pleasure, play, and enjoyment rather than painstaking process? If the process to achieve this is painstaking, see if it is will take so long that it might be considered a waste.

For example, if someone has 50 years to live, and spends 49 of them struggling and 1 of them in pleasure, would that be considered a life well lived? Well perhaps it is better than a life with no pleasure at all, but how about a life of 50 years pleasure, 1 year of pain? In that one year of pain though, all that pleasure might be forgotten.

When the rock star looks back, all they have are broken and fragmented memories, they have no access to any of those things, and in many cases their lifestyle has deteriorated them more rapidly than may have been necessary.

Every year, your function might best be to focus on making and keeping your life good. That may include playing this game, because you seem to have been inspired by it or enjoyed it and were kind enough to share it with us all, but I thought I might bring up some other things to make us all think and consider, so that this isn't just an advertisement for an application or whatever.
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