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The God's Laws. My Ethics & Practice. How To Get To Heaven / Paradise Now & Later.
04-16-2018, 07:11 PM
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This thread is to list out the very many ethical standards from around the world and religious laws for people to study and look into.

Human life had everything to do with human religion which had everything to do with human law and all these things were completely holistic with what was magic even in the past.

People make constant irritating nuanced distinctions now adays about every single word.

Magic, Religion, Law, Culture, Life, Poetry, Art, these were all just joined together as part of human life, there weren't all these neat categories, prayers were legalistic petitions, religion was magical practice, and no one believed in New Age silliness or Pseudo Science Explanations or Justifications or Psychologizing everything.

Anyway, first I'll briefly discuss my own Ethics. Most of these religious laws I follow, some I don't, for example some of the rules for Buddhist Monks and Asceticism or Jain ones, or specific weird rules here and there, usually rules regarding dress or symbolic outfits and stuff which I find are silly or too extreme or baseless and false.

The very basic rules of being moral and ethical, not causing pain and harm upon innocents or animals or anything, to not steal and cheat and knowingly con and deceive, etc, are all followed by me.

In the past, it was not uncommon to believe piety was a sort of miracle and magic cultivation process, and that good people who do good are more prone to miraculous things and special events occurring for them.

The unjust and evil would still try to justify their wickedness by The Power or Judgment of The Ultimate Power or some sort of appeal and justification and explanation, and everything went through God.

Now people in modern times believe that human history and thought was made up by human history and thought. In my philosophy, The Ultimate Power brought about all these laws and understandings and practices, good and bad, rotten and corrupt and just, all of it, down to the thoughts and justifications people made up or their punishments and practices, which doesn't necessarily mean all that was good or even "neutral", but could've even been to make them examples of evilness in the stories, such as the common practice of infanticide by some cultures or overly violent and extreme causing of suffering or punishments or things now deemed perverted or unjust by standards today.

So my basic rules or qualms are, do not harm or cause suffering upon the innocent or unjustly. Do not lie and spread miscalculations and disease. Do not lie about The One Power known clearly and explained easily by clear reasoning in a variety of ways. Do not traumatize or molest or involve yourself with others without being ethically and morally obligated to be just, kind, merciful, caring, and responsible, such as regarding women and marriage, chivalrous duty, rather than f*ckin' around and sullying women and being irresponsible and polluting the world with trauma and break ups and intimacy without care or responsibility which annoys and agitates and distresses future people too, and not to cheat snd fornicate and hurt feelings or not support financially or whatever else.

My religious views and standards are completely well reasoned and are very conservative, I am very much a religious person and magic to me is religion, I do not differentiate, and I don't consider someone who lights a candle for money to be as deeply religious as someone whose whole life is magic and magical practice and religiousity.

Now it was believed by most people around the whole world, that during one's life, you are monitored and guided and communicated certain things, and expected to be righteous to profit, and that if you sin, you are punished in this life and after you die.

This is not a Judeo-Christian innovation, it was practically the whole world that m had this notion, they also worshipped and cleansed similarly, so that roughly there has only been One Human Religion in general with the same basic ideas that would go into various convoluted culture specific nuanced practices and rites, stemming from similar ideas and being basically the same in its origins and developments before straying off into unique mutations.

People were believed to be tested all their lives, even in strange ways like with animals or servants or encounters.

Ancient people also very often strongly believed in Fate and that God The Power was controlling and writing all that occurs and destiny, and controls life and death, and judgment, punishment and paradise.

The Ancients around the world often had ideas of better states of existence for those who were deemed just and good and loveable, and cursed punished states for the evil folk who spent their lives manifest as villains, even if in secret.

This very simple religion, is my religion as well, and one which I hope for and believe and take precautions against being caught with nothing to show in the way of constantly being kindly and good in real life to all creatures and in all interactions and worshiping and thinking religiously all day every day no matter where I am and what I am doing, besides formal worship and fasting and religious practices.

These are also a real original part of magical practice which only fell out rather recently when magic became the stuff of really deeply corrupt, gross, unethical Modern people who hate religion but are still lured to religion by magical talk and themes.

I will find and copy paste lots of links over time hopefully.

It is the fact that I'm a religious extremist, fundamentalist, fanatic, and religion and magic are one thing to me, that I have a lot of not so hidden disdain for people who are not of the same religious mentality or practice, who are themselves corrupt and top it off with being illogical as well as lying and misleading. I have a lot of deep and total hatred for the "Modern" magical community who basically defecates obnoxiously over all this very real and stil practiced ancient religion of magic and spirituality and worship.

1. Be utterly and extremely ethical and chivalrous and polite and just tempered with mercy and kindness and never be cruel. Constantly ask for forgiveness.
2.Worship throughout the day formally at the 6 periods at least.
3. Fight and speak out and work against Evil and Evilness and disease within reason while you can.
4. Keep yourself ritually clean at all times possible and wholly bodily clean and before formal worship.
5. Fast and Restrain Yourself and be controlled and straightforward.
6. Do not go into extremes or asceticism or damaging yourself or being cruel to yourself or others or animals or going on unreasonable killing sprees or performing wasteful ignorant sacrifices.
7. Help those in need, feed the poor, practice kindness, be an all around excellent good person and take every opportunity to spread goodness and encourage others in goodness.
8. Avoid all immorality, evil, harming the innocent, injustice, theft, traumatizing, fornication, cheating, adultery, be utterly blameless and innocent and pure and even then still ask for forgiveness.
9. Claim God has Total Power and Control and Deny any other power but The Greatest Over All.
10. Pray for good and the best for yourself and those you live and overall, pray for justice and goodness and righteousness, do not pray for twisted evilness and a troubled despicable world or experience or existence, pray for paradise and to be led aright, pray to be spared from being evildoers and weak scummy dirty people who don't even know better and insist on wickedness.
11. Adjust your life to be utterly good and better and best and away from sin and vileness, and make your entire existence here as heavenly and ideal and righteous as you possibly can make it in what ways you can in all interactions you have or all things which come your way like a test to be kind to ants or not be callously cruel and heartless or lack empathy even towards creatures, insects, inanimate objects which are not harming you. Everything you do should be well justified and most excellent and noble. Try your very best to worship The God and attain l the paradise and highest achievements.

So these are some of the laws that nations and peoples and groups took to themselves in the hope of pleasure and rewards hereafter:
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04-17-2018, 06:51 PM
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04-17-2018, 07:34 PM
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(04-17-2018 06:51 PM)smokevision Wrote:  Lol..........

It would even be better if you really laughed hard about it like I do!
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04-17-2018, 07:50 PM
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The thing is, when you play the role of the Loki, people will hate and despise you as back then people did the Loki for the very same reasons.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences, I'm always interested in hearing them out. Feel free to PM me.
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