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The Human Soul
05-18-2017, 01:51 AM (This post was last modified: 05-18-2017 02:13 AM by Sorceress.)
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When you journey, have an NDE, OOB, or astral project, you are "you".
You're your etheric body or your light. You dont leave it behind.

If the Etheric body is considered the "spirit body", "aura" or "body of light", and the light produced in a biological system is called biophotons, then that makes photons what the soul/conscious is...

Photons have no mass, but they have energy. A photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of the electromagnetic field including electromagnetic radiation such as light. Light is electromagnetic radiation.

One of the surest principles of science is that energy never dies; it can neither be created nor destroyed but can be changed from one form to another.

Its not possible that our soul or consciousness ever die. It also makes everyone immortal.

Math I did. Thought Id share.
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05-18-2017, 03:34 AM (This post was last modified: 05-18-2017 03:38 AM by Calicifer.)
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Just a small thing. For general reading if you are interested.

In any case, you kindled my interest in physics once again and I thank you for that. For you had reminded a simple vow which I made in childhood. That either I think for myself or others shall think for me. Thus, I should be ever weary and understand things myself rather than letting vague understanding and intellectual laziness to cloud my judgment.
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05-18-2017, 08:46 AM (This post was last modified: 05-18-2017 08:48 AM by Sorceress.)
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Do you know of any websites that you can freely post and share information without someone attacking or trolling, ...then claiming intelligence? Another site that may be politically incorrect, but correct?

Seems there's so many good threads closed because of this and others like you. Its a shame.

If your really curious again Ill give you my site link and make you eat those words quickly.

Also, didnt you post in another thread you killed your father? Kind of creepy and I have a high creep scale.. Maybe you got the math wrong.
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05-18-2017, 09:51 AM (This post was last modified: 05-18-2017 12:15 PM by Sorceress.)
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In general relativity, gravity affects anything with energy. While light doesn't have rest-mass, it still has energy, and is thus affected by gravity.

If gravity is the end result of relativistic effects of repetitive oscillations brought about by the strong force in nucleons, then gravity would not be a separate force of nature as has been supposed. And since it would be the indirect effect of another force, gravity would be expressed only as an indirect field effect, and thus would have no quantum effect of its own. So there would be no separate particle of interaction which carries gravity. And so, there would be no gravitons, because gravity would be only a curvature of space comparable to the relativistic effects of motion.

So light is effected by gravity and oscillations.
Biophotons are our light.

Biophotons (from the Greek βίος meaning "life" and φῶς meaning "light") are photons of light in the ultraviolet and low visible light range that are produced by a biological system. They are non-thermal in origin, and the emission of biophotons is technically a type of bioluminescence, though bioluminescence is generally reserved for higher luminance luciferin/luciferase systems.

Magic calls this our etheric body

The photon has zero rest mass and always moves at the speed of light within a vacuum.
(Faster than the moons horse) Photons are currently best explained by quantum mechanics and exhibit wave–particle duality, exhibiting properties of both waves and particles. Niels Bohr regarded the "duality paradox" as a fundamental or metaphysical fact of nature. A photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of the electromagnetic field including electromagnetic radiation such as light, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force (even when static via virtual photons).

If oscillations stop, gravity can no longer hold our light.

Gravity is so weak at the atomic and subatomic level because the masses of atoms and subatomic particles are so small. It is strong on the planetary scale because the masses of planets are so large.

Electromagnetism dominates at the atomic and subatomic levels.
But on the planetary level it’s the other way around.

The brain is electric.
A neuron is an electrically excitable cell that processes and transmits information through electrical and chemical signals.

Faradays law - When there is a change in electric a vortex is created.
A seizure is abnormal electrical activity in the brain

If gravity isn’t holding our light, and there is a change in electrical activity in the brain, your goes through this vortex.

“Duality paradox”

So this makes sense that its not uncommon for a person with epilepsy -

BTw I dont know physics correct. I only go by what they tell me, then back track it all I can.

Not oscillations stop, oscillations change greatly or stop.
Harmonic to not harmonic.

Explains this too. The change in electric and vortex you go through - [Image: eeg-graph.jpg]

The change in electric is a cymatic frequency that generates geometrical patters and vortexes.

Metatrons cube.
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05-18-2017, 06:16 PM (This post was last modified: 05-18-2017 06:30 PM by Sorceress.)
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Quantum, before the witch hunters came around.... It was called raising the serpent.
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05-18-2017, 06:26 PM (This post was last modified: 05-18-2017 06:28 PM by Calicifer.)
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It is always nice to see that you are capable of biting people deeply. That on the other hand is not my intention. The thing is that you throw a lot of random scientific principles around with no coherent logic around them. Later you use various terms as "electric" and while it can be technically correct on some distant level, it is completely useless in trying to define anything. You take that you like from science and weaponize it for your ideas in which those principles were never intent to be used. Furthermore, you start making awfully a lot of mistakes when you start going from repeating principles of nature or in truth, just mere theories which in a new field of science are bound to be wrong in some way anyways. You on the other hand are symptom of something far bigger and wrong in our society. Despite everything, this phenomena is nothing new.

I have to deal with a sea of lies and ignorance every day. Just today this rubbish was posted:

In a typical fashion of humanity. Everything is wrong with it. From entity itself to stories being told. This is that happens than anyone can create content and thus create archetypes which they which to see. It saddens me to see Jehova right. Our thinking being trampled by pigs, being used at the lowest possible level. Instead of enlightening ourselves, we gleefully glide back into darkness, accepting ideas and fiction which makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside instead of retaining critical mind and being small and humble inside, "we" decide to redefine understanding of the world ourselves and with little more than personal opinions we proclaim to found the answer.

Remember, there is a very good reason that theories as these are not accepted academically nor are speakers invited to any respectable gatherings.
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05-18-2017, 06:31 PM (This post was last modified: 05-18-2017 07:04 PM by Sorceress.)
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Im positive I would not be going t any politically correct gathering as well.

You never came out of darkness sweetie... You cant even hide that. Wink

I got a bunch more but theyll frown upon me posting them here.

~ The difference from a WTF moment and understanding quantum magic.

God, lightning and me.

God damn neopagans...
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